Kim Hyung Joon’s “ESCAPE” MV 2nd Teaser + Posters: Kang Ji Hwan

That’s what you call a heartbreaking outburst and outpour of emotions. Tears, snot and whatnot, crying is not about looking good or natural. Your face crumpled and squished, you look nothing near pretty. And you can’t deny that Kang Ji Hwan does it best when it comes to giving it his all in the crying department. When he breaks loose, he does it like an unrestrained crybaby. He doesn’t look good at it at all IMO. But that’s how it’s supposed to be.

KJH has been keeping a fairly low profile since forever, I think ever since he joined his new company (all the hooha about his contract dispute remember? I think I’d posted about it abt 2 years back.)? He’s appeared in projects here and there, but overall he’s been pretty low key about making appearances. Kinda miss him in the limelight TBH. But it’s probably better for him and his new (current) management.

That’s it, no other country can possibly top Korean in making music videos. They’re almost good enough to be independent movies on their own accord, with top celeb stars, exquisite filming locations and beautiful visual touches to complete the whole picture. I know Korea’s into perfect packaging and all, but the heights they’re going to, I’m in awe. They release posters, teasers, do press cons for a single MV and song o_0 but heck, what is there to complain?! We’ve got all the eye-candy we want, a heart-breaking story to milk our tears, and a good song to accompany the whole thing. Hell even if the song sucks we’d probably end up watching and wanting more, like wish for it to be made into a full movie instead?

The recent posters released for Kim Hyung Joon‘s ESCAPE MV focus pretty much on my beloved KJH and KJH ONLY! I love the vibrancy of the colors used in them, with some undertones of melodrama imbued. KJH’s totally killing those overwrought emotions in them, no doubt I’ll be crying buckets when MV’s out.

I know the MV focuses on 3 characters, but as always, it’s KJH who’s the pull for me in here. Have a look at the 2nd teaser which has just been released, an all KJH focused video for your to savour!

The earlier teaser:

Accordingly the MV will be released in the form of a mini-drama, featuring Kim Hyung Joon (his songs), Lee Ki Woo and KJH. No specific release date yet, but July is the month.

Can’t wait!

credits: / @ Youtube / KJH baidu bar


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyung Joon’s “ESCAPE” MV 2nd Teaser + Posters: Kang Ji Hwan”

  1. Why not a one epi drama special because it looks engaging?

    Yeah, I miss KJH too.

    Thanks for the news. I do not watch MVs (unless I smh catch one that’s humorous), but if this goes for a mini-drama, I’m definitely IN.

    1. Hmmm I think the mini drama version will prob be a short 30 min video or something, enough to feature all of KHJ’s songs in his ESCAPE album? But then that alone would be enough to get me interested. A full half hour of KJH hotness, what’s not to love? 😛

  2. this guy owns my heart as well….wuri KJH i miss u much tooo…please pick a drama soon……….wahhhhhhhhh

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