Vampire Prosecutor Season 2: Character Stills + Official Teaser

Anyone remember our suave, arrogant and clairvoyant Vampire Prosecutor  Min Tae Yeon? Who kicked asses and sucked blood out of our guts and vessels about 8 months back? Who melted hearts in spite of his icy cool personality?

You’re no doubt absolutely on the right track, our Vampire Prosecutor is coming back!

Man-liner, check. Trademark stare, check. His favourite lighter, check. Oh but waitttttt, where is his precious neck scarf? The one that he couldn’t live without in the earlier season? I hope he continues to wear it in this season, tho it’s kinda fugly and out of trend ya know, it kinda makes him more human looking.

OCN just released an as usual short but intriguing enough official teaser and some character stills to quench our thirst. I’m gonna say it,  my interest is piqued, and anticipation heightened. I cannot wait to see Prosecutor Min kick more asses and suck more bad blood, and hopefully, get more chummy with his sidekick cum love interest (?) Yoo Jung In (Lee Young Ah). Season 1 ended with a vague conclusion to his mystery about his sister, hopefully Season 2 will clarify stuff that we were not made known of earlier, and give us better cases to deal with (Season 1 was good, but some cases were resolved a bit too conveniently).


Love the slick look on all of the characters. Our Prosecutor Min looks as pompous aired as before, but it’s Jung In who’s got my attention here. She looks prettier and more assured, with an air of confidence never quite there in the earlier season. Lee Young Ah is rocking the look spot on. Lee Won Jong, he’s good, has always been and will definitely rawk his character the same. I have no idea who this veteran actor Lee Kyeong Young is, but apparently VP2 is his first drama in  his 15-yr acting career, and he’ll play the chief of the prosecutor’s department or something (prob replacing the former chief).

Drama is totally going to run on Yeon Jung Hoon‘s charisma for sure, he was the soul and heart of the earlier season, and I’m sure it’s gonna be no different here. But it looks like he’s gonna face some serious contention from a new villain in the form a hottie new vampire (all the more for more eyecandy YUMMMMM)? I’m not sure if Jang Hyun Seung (who played his chief cum culprit of all Vampire in the earlier season) will come back, but at least we’ve got a new villain to spice things up. And he happens to be the total opposite of our Prosecutor Min (if I’m not wrong from the teaser, the guy loves white eh?).

Season 2 premiers this coming September with no confirmed air date as of yet.

credits: BannyMaomao @ / @ youtube


15 thoughts on “Vampire Prosecutor Season 2: Character Stills + Official Teaser”

  1. I like Lee Young-ah’s look for this season much better. The longer hair makes her look more mature, which will make me feel better – last season, I liked her and Tae-yeon together in theory, but she just looked so young, it was a leeeeeettle squicky for me. Now I have no reservations. I’d love it if this season dealt more with her backstory, as well.

    Who am I kidding? I almost don’t care WHAT they do, I just can’t wait for this drama!

    1. Yeap love her long hair too! She looks more feminine and mature, just the right match for our Min Tae Yeon. A look into her history would be awesome, that is if her papa Kim Eung Soo’s coming back. But of all, I pray for some tad hinty romance? I don’t need a full blown outright love story or anything, just give me some fluttery moments, however scarce. 🙂

  2. OMGGGGGG can’t wait!!! i thought it was coming out right after gods quiz 3 o well i guess i can wait a little longer ! I hope it will continue to be just as awesome and interesting as the last season. Been waiting for this!! I love the main leads hair and style!!! hopefully the romance between the two main characters is still there. CANT WAIT!! September come faster!!!!

  3. Wait who is the 2nd (the girl) and bottom/last pic? Are they replacements? 😦 Or merely new characters? Hopefully all the main, old characters return :/

    1. Looks like LYA’s aakeover has taken some peepz by surprise! The girl is actually Jung In, the bubbly and spunky assistant prosecutor to Prosecutor Min in the 1st season. Obviously she’s gearing for a more mature look in here, makes me think if she’s got some reason behind it.. perhaps she was influenced by Min’s disappearance to do better? hmmm…

      The last one’s a new character, think he’ll be replacing the chief’s position in the first.

      1. YEASSS! So long as the main trio is in tact, I’m one happy camper :)))

        Replacing the chief? It’s been so long since I’ve sen this drama; I don’t even remember what the old chief looked like 😐

        Only drama sequel I’m excited more than this is IRIS 2. Speaking of which, you wouldn’t by any chance know approximately when IRIS 2 will air, would you? Or was the sequel just a rumor? 😦

    1. I am about to faint from this news!!!! Thank you sooo much for the update! Where is this pic from? Its a still/bts pic from season 2 right! Where was it released and are there more?!!!! Im clearly too excited!

      1. Yeap it’s a VP2 BTS, not sure abt the original source but I got it from a Chinese drama discussion board. Will update if more are released. ^^

  4. I’m anxiously waiting to see Vampire Prosecutor 2. However, I want to clear up misconception about the new cast member, Lee Kyeong Young, “TV comeback”. The veteran movie actor exclusively starred in movies for the past 15 years. So he is not making your typical TV comeback. When a working movie actor decides to do a television drama instead of a movie, it’s the world’s cue that the drama will be phenomenal.

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