Joseph Chang Sizzles Hotness in ELLE

First, a round of congratulatory applause to Joseph Chang for having bagged the Best Actor Award for Girlfriend. Boyfriend. in the recently held 14th Taipei Film Fest. 🙂 Its his first significant award in his 10-year acting career, and a huge one too. I am happy and proud of his success, and I can imagine the happiness excitement and shock of his life when he was awarded the prized trophy (apparently he was so dazed and surprised that he said so little on stage, as usual the taciturn JC we know). He plays Chen Zhong Liang, a quiet and reticent individual who forges a lifetime friendship with Kwai Lun Mei and Rhyduan Vaughan’s characters in the film. And the overall response of the judges to his performance: “JC was able to convey a character who had little dialogue with so many layers and nailed those inner emotional restraints right on spot.”

Why am I not surprised? He’s meant for intense and deep, those acted without words and just mere expressions and inner acting. This role gave him the opportunity to shine, to which he thanked the director with utmost gratitude, for having insisted and persisted on having him play the role (JC initially wanted to play Rhydian’s character). Apparently he had such a difficult time withdrawing from his character that he’d called the director several times to vent his frustration after filming wrapped. 


I initially thought JC’s character was going to have a thing with KLM’s character, but I was WRONGGG! hahha, if you’re familiar with JC’s movie credentials, you’d know immediately what I’m talking about. Apparently, Ah Liang is a character with gay tendencies, who (I presume) harbors some complicated feelings for his buddy played by Rhydian in the film, who in turn falls in love with his playmate played KLM. 

JC oh JC, you’re one hot blooded man, but why are you’re being typecast to play such characters? Not that I mind of course, as long as the character is meaty and deep, performance is solid, and gets you a Best Actor Award. But heck, it’s your 3rd time, you need to come back! haha

Meanwhile, JC looking hot and burnin’ for ELLE:

Damn you hotness, can I be the Washing Machine?!!!

credits: JC baidu bar/ ELLE / photo as tagged


9 thoughts on “Joseph Chang Sizzles Hotness in ELLE”

  1. Congratulations Joseph! And thank you Ripgal! Without you I’d never know these wonderful tidbits about such a prolific, understated actor.
    The camera loves him and all I can do is thank God for the perks of globalization. 😉

    1. No probs chinggu. He’s probably the only TW actor I love right now, now even more so after such rave and positive reviews of his performance in GF.BF. I’ve seen bits and pieces of GF.BF. BTS and interviews, and I think we’re definitely in for some really really good acting from the man.

  2. Ripgal!!!u never fail to deliver!! Thank u! Without u,wouldn’t hv gotten such gd news n updates on my fav man(still!!) n thanks for those eye candy snaps of our hunk..o wow..he just keeps looking better..hopefully he will b in a new drama soon..hey,meanwhile u watching Big?kinda taken up wth gong yoo dis moment..but nothing near dat lustful ,adrenalin -pumping mouth -drying,pulse -racing, stomach -churning n heart- stopping feeling JC evokes even just by being silent!!love ya n JC!!

  3. Awww… that’s so might sweet of you. Now I know what to do when I miss you, just roll up a post with JC goodies and there you’ll be. ^^ FYI JC is currently filming a called movie Lost or something, no news or nothing about him coming back to the small screens. For some reason I think he’s more suited for the big screens and how it works. The way he acts just transcends drama boundaries in which he’s able to give more and his all. I wouldn’t mind if he stays there and never come back, but then if he does, I’m all hands mind and body! *perv me*

  4. ripgal, you da best! thanks so much for the update. i am a non-mandarin speaker and otherwise won’t have any update on joseph if not for you. thank you thank you thank you. more of him, please? 😉

    1. Thanks and welcome, it’s nothing much. ^^ I’ll try to update as much as I can for ya all, JC isn’t a very high profile actor or celebrity so there isn’t much of him in the news save for news features on his GFBF promotion activities these days. If I come across a good interview or some sort, I’ll be sure to let you all know. 🙂

  5. Thanks Ripgal!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!
    He’s damn good actor!!!!!! My most favorite Taiwanese movie star. My godness, he should be awarded earlier since 2006-Eternal summer. I love this guy too much and appreciate his real talent. A truly artist in all meanings. I’ve watched so many of his projects & all I can tell is he was born to be a super star.
    Looking forward to this coming August & November Golden Horse Award.
    Wish him win Best Actor in Golden Horse Award 2012!
    For sure that GF.BF is definitely his breakthrough performance & more awards to come from now hehe.

    The LOST SOUL project, wow, just look at the profile of director & casts, next year is going to be another remarkable breakthrough performance in his career. To be able to work with acclaimed director Chung Mong Hong & Hongkong legendary Jimmy Wang Yu, he’s BIG enough in the industry.

    Love the fact that he stays humble, simple, hard-working & is serious about his acting career.
    I remember once he said that he really really loves acting & through all the characters that he portrait he could learn a lot about life and he thinks it’s very enjoyable.
    He’s unique & with his incredible acting chops, this man will be Taiwan & Asia Pride in the near future. Gosh, I’m dreaming of one day he will win best actor award in international film festival haha. Why not?? He’s already voted the best international actor in Asia for his role in Prince of Tears, Green Planet Movie Awards, one of Hollywood’s largest film award programs with 100 Viewers’ Choice Awards being selected by film lovers, critics and movie viewers from around the world.

    Again, thanks a bunch Ripgal xoxo. Do share more infor related to Joseph.

    1. ^Thanks Thak, I think you’re even more updated and ardent a JC fan than I am. You’ve seen all of his movies while I’ve only seen his Eternal Summer (in which he gave a brilliantly understated performance and should have got him a Best New Actor award). Where did you get his other movies? I’ve had quite a difficult time finding a full and complete DL link for his stuff.. and I don’t do BT (which may be the source of everything). =(

  6. Hi Ripgal, I watched most of his movies in YouTube and Tudou. I think you can find all in Tudou. I love this man that’s why even I don’t speak & understand Mandarin that much, still I try to search for his movies. I’m indeed his loyal fan haha.You should watch Prince of Tears, My so called love and Au Revoir Taipei. In Au Revoir Taipei, he’s not the main cast but his screen presence is very cute & refreshing, so different with other of his movies.
    In My so call love, OMG, he’s damn hot haha. Try to search for it, you will believe on what I’m saying now :)\(^o^)/

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