SK Telecom nails Shin Ha Kyun and Hwang Jung Min

Apparently the B/W hotness galore is never-ending for me. First Chen Kun, then JC, now I have none other than 2 of my fav ajussshis Shin Ha Kyun and Hwang Jung Min to feast on. Life doesn’t get any better than that, who cares about the howling storm and thunder outside?

SK Telecom nailed some big fishes this time. It’s a humongous feat from the obvious front. Not only are SHK and HJM one of the most well respected actors of our generation, they are also really really good ones (with loads of charisma to boot) who almost always do their projects (good or crappy alike) justice. They’re not the type of star-buzzed and craving celebrity who love to make a spectacle of themselves and rarely come to the CF or advertisement front just to earn bucks. But dramas films CFs or whatever, it still puts me into a delirious happy mood seeing them go all out in whatever they do.

Check out both men in SKT’s new 15s ad below:

Aren’t they just plainnnnn ADORABLE? <33

HJM is killing those expressions (as usual he always does) while my beloved SHK is having fun with his Dr. LKH traits. All of a sudden I’m having flashbacks and recalls of LKH in BRAIN, and how much I fell dead head over heels for him despite his callously unlikeable personality. All of a sudden I miss SHK on screen. Pretty please, when are you coming back to drama?!

I came across some funny comments about SHK looking visibly old with his facial lines and all. LOL But wadaheck, that’s the beauty of ageism man, you don’t resort to surgical or botox to re-enhance your natural look, you carry yourself with confidence and knowledge that growing old is part of life. I must admit I noticed the signs of their older age immediately right off the bat, but I love them for who they are, and how they’re so comfy being themselves on screen.

Can’t wait until they come back with their next projects!

credits: nate / naver/ SHK baidu bar / @ Youtube


3 thoughts on “SK Telecom nails Shin Ha Kyun and Hwang Jung Min”

    1. No you definitely not the ONLY one. 😉 But I wouldn’t classify him as handsome, perhaps more to good looking, appealing or charismatic in his very own way?

      1. Maybe Because I love his looks i find him handsome…. I love him not only of his acting, but his looks as well .. LOL
        He is my ajusshi crush..

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