Choi Daniel going for gruff in “The Traffickers”

Oh how I miss you toy boy Daniel. When are you coming back to drama? WHEN WHEN WHEN?!

Well he did appear in the first 2 episodes of Ghost, of which his character Park Ki Young is the main focus but instead is played by hottie So Ji Sub (due to some magical face-off transformation that can only happen in dramas). I’m sad he didn’t get much screen time and was left off after 2 eps because while his performance wasn’t memorable (just decent and nothing to call home), he’d certainly struck a better acting impression than main lead SJS, who has been coasting with his usual deadpan and lifeless acting thus far. But it’s probably a good thing, as Ghost isn’t really hitting any buttons right for me (even after 16 eps) – procedural usually makes me adrenaline rush but this.. I just think it’s too technical for me, with too many manufactured and “fake” conveniences coupled with very under par acting from the actors (yes even SJS).

Moving on to film might do him great, I once said that he might be able to pull off a darker or meatier role (at least not his usual nicey naughty or annoying childish roles) if he wants to and gives it a shot. Tho he may not be the lead in the coming “The Traffickers” along side Im Chang Jung, it looks like his character may be partly relevant and will show a gruffer and more intense side of his acting?

Check out the main poster and trailer below:

The Traffickers aka The Conspirators is a thriller themed film revolving around organ trafficking and tells of the chaotic happenings on a cruise ship carrying Korean passengers heading towards China. There is no specific plot synopsis as of yet as well as a brief on both ICJ and Daniel’s characters, but the trailer does seem to indicate it’s more than just a normal holiday cruise.


credits: Choi Daniel baidu bar / @ Youtube


3 thoughts on “Choi Daniel going for gruff in “The Traffickers””

  1. LOL… I didn’t know Ghost is that bad, Maybe It’s a good thing I’m not continuing watching Ghost…. But who knows when I miss SJS one day,
    How I miss SJS’s brilliant acting like in MISA…

    1. I don’t think it’s bad as in unwatchable, it’s decent if you’re willing to forgo the stretchable beyond belief elements in it. And if you’re into computer hacking and stuff, it may be your thing.

      Re: SJS, I think his acting has gone stagnant ever since MISA (he was phenomenal in it), but he has been riding on the same acting in the same/similar type of roles since forever. Don’t think it’s doing his career good because it limits his range (or perhaps he didn’t have much to begin with, MISA just tapped on what he does best). But I wish he could do more emotion than just dull uninterested and I’ll say it, sometimes stoic.

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