VP2: Who is the other vampire?

I’m obviously out of my blogging touch nowadays, but nothing’s gonna stop me from lapping this up!

OCN has released a 2nd poster and teaser of Vampire Prosecutor S2. Was hoping for some shed of light on the other characters (especially Yoo Jung In), but what got me pumped up and excited was none other than the appearance of Prosecutor Min’s new vampire nemesis at the end! Who the hell is the guy?!!!!!!

Whoever he is, he seems like a HOTTIE himself. And will probably give our Prosecutor Min a run of his money in terms of looks, charisma and powers. But knowing our gomsanim, he’s not gonna let him steal his limelight. His arrogance and confidence still very much there!

Their duel begins 9th September 2012 (finally, an air date!).

credits: OCN / krdrama.com/ @ Youtube


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