SHERLOCK-ed. And want MOAR T_T

I’d been dreading this, the long and dreadful wait for Season 3 of BBC Sherlock! T_T Been pretty late into the game but damn when I hopped on to the wagon, I knew it was so going to be forever. F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Such an ingenious wicked combination of intellect wit and endearment, how am I going watch other investigation procedural dramas without pitting them against the benchmark and threshold set by this brilliance?

Okay, it’s not exactly genius genius because Sherlock is a genius and he solves crimes miraculously (we know things don’t happen that way in RL), but the amount of intellect and heart put into the cases, characters and their dynamics – unbelievably believable and felt.  I don’t need to see thru logics or reason to believe in the characters, I feel them as I feel a living body and case exist and happen before my eyes. Ahhhhh, awesomeness has never felt this gratifying.

The moment the ending credits rolled at the end of Ep 3 of The Fall of Reichenbach, I cried a river. The stalled moment – between Sherlock and Watson at the very end, my gosh it was one of the best and most heartbreaking bromance moment I’d ever ever seen in my entire life! Robert Downey Jr what? Jude Law what? They’re hot alright, and have insane chemistry alright in the movies (tho the 2nd installment bored me to death). But this team is  glorified unmatchable, Benedict and Martin totally fried the former alive and alive all over. Their interactions, whether out of pitting sarcasm or genuine concern for each other – so not worthy I am, so not worthy! This is how bromance should be done, so genuine and real and heartfelt and just downright lovely from surface to the core, no matter the amount of bickering and countless putting down of or teasing of each other. They just take over and command the screen the moment they come on. Can never have enough, and in fact don’t ever want to have enough – I want MOARRRRRR!!

Sherlock S1 and S2 – a total of 6 eps and 6 cases, but just had SO MUCH to tell, and was done wonderfully, from writing to the direction and even down to the score. So perfectly meshed, with little surprises entangled in between, not forgetting tinges of endearment between characters. 6 episodes felt awfully inadequate to me (because I want MOARRRR), but yet I felt they’d told every story in the perfect succinct amount of time given. No more no less, I couldn’t have asked for more. No doubt there had been some lazy inconveniences in the resolution parts, but heck, no drama is perfect and the more for crime procedural stuff. Stephen Moffat, Mark Gattis and whoever had a hand in these episodes (especially the 2nd season with genius Moriarty trolling Sherlock), you all have my utter bow of unworthiness. All the intricacy and details, darn, that’s what you call RESEARCH on crime and investigation done right. You want intelligence, you’ve got that. You want grit, you’ve got that. You want wicked, you’ve got that. Realism, may be not, but you’ve got to have a heart of steel against awesomeness if you didn’t enjoy this.

Not going to go into details or analysis, I feel I don’t have the right words for it right now. Heart is still heavy from Sherlock and Watson’s last encounter. T____T Here’s one of too many amazing and wonderful Sherlock/Watson MVs I’ve found (with spoilers I’m afraid).

If crime and procedural isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to re-consider for the BROMANCE.

Still tearing.  T_________T

credits: photo as tagged / youtube vid maker


6 thoughts on “SHERLOCK-ed. And want MOAR T_T”

  1. I know~ I didnt have the words to talk about this show either. I feel like anything I say would just come out jfgh$&!@*#jdfg fangirl gibberish in comparision to the intellectuality of the show. The long way is totally worth it though. I’m so glad someone out there still have the guts to craft quality shows instead of quick cash cows.

    1. Absolutely, some moments really hit me hard that I had no words o_0! So geniusly crafted and planned out I was like WOAH, didn’t see that coming at all. The cases were fun and enjoyable to watch, but nothing tops watching Sherlock and Watson together. Pure LOVEEEE!~

  2. bring back fond memories of watching this BBC’s series! the sherlock-ed thing was soooo damn smart it probably became the most memorable plot out of all scenes from Sherlock for me. and i can just watch the virtual Sherlock and Watson tweet each other and giggle at the computer screen.

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