Song Joong Ki, the Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki playing a werewolf? A WEREWOLF?!! I thought only Hollywood are into whimsical stuff, who knew. Who needs Edward or Jacob now? Who needs a RobPatz or Taylor? I’d freaking take cutiepie turned beastly SJK anytime, NO.CONTENTION. ❤

Not much of a Twilight fan, nor do I love vampire/werevolve related films in particular, but I do love an interesting story/plot put together by some delicious good looking actors who can act to save their lives. No question about Park Bo Young, she’s proven how much she could do as an actress (check out her fantastic Speedy Scandal). And SJK? Need I say anything more? Boy’s rise to leading man status has been due for too long, but am super glad he’s being given good opportunities now.

Check out the awesome trailer of The Werewolf Boy (with English subs):

The Werewolf Boy has been invited to participate and will be screened in the upcoming Toronto International Film Fest. If marketed right and film turns out to be good (which I’m hopeful that it will), imagine the kind of exposure that would land on both actors. I already feel proud of both young uns! 😀

Trailer looks might yummy from the get go, already love the soothing BGM, the tasteful and whimsical visuals, and the “love attraction” between the werewolf boy and the girl. More importantly, I’m already having some hots for the wolf! How can a wolf look so cutish adorable and provocative at the same time? That’s SJK for you!

Have a look into the official synopsis here.

A Werewolf Boy premiers  this coming September (YAY, just right in time – along with Nice Guy!!!).

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4 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki, the Werewolf Boy”

  1. I do love me my Joong-ki oppa. ^_^ I’ve been waiting for this one for what seems like years. And even though I hate melos, I’m going to watch Nice Guy no matter how much it devolves into a crying/angst fest, just for my SJK. ~chews fingernails in impatient anticipation~

  2. While SJK didn’t quite drop the face off the earth to film this, it felt that way, at times, because it’s been a ultra-super-secretive project (whenever there was a leak, it didn’t take long to be shut down) with nary a peep from the filmmakers. But now that I’ve seen it unveiled (even if it’s TIFF who took the lead here, the filmmakers wanted to sit on it a bit longer, from what I’ve heard), I can understand all the secrecy. And I’m really, really, REALLY happy for SJK. (Not to take anything away from Park Bo-Young who looks really good here nor director Jo Sung-Hee whose credentials and talent are what motivated TIFF to take an interest in his first commercial film).

    1. Yeah, this film was totally flying under the radar up until now. I didn’t even know until I saw the poster and the trailer. :/ My expectations are rising day by day, SJK’s got the “wolf” parts all covered brilliantly in the trailer, I cannot wait to experience the fierce and aggressive SJK on the big screen!

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