Lee Da Hae’s Arnaldo Bassini Fall ’12 Collection

Arhh, I’m such a horrible LDH fan. 😦 I’ll just say it, it pains me but I have to. So I checked out the first 15 mins of Love Actually. Having not expected anything out of it knowing it’s plain idol drama in the making, I went in…. and ended up disappointed. Like very disappointed disappointed? Maybe it’s not my type of drama nowadays, and having perfect precious gems like Reply 1997 doesn’t help either. LA began with major LDH-OTT unbearable that I couldn’t stand! I thought her cutesy and quirky in the first few were OK, very MG Yoo Rin-ish I didn’t mind ( I loved YR a lot), but when she started to get all emotional and teary, things took turn for the…worst! She looked like a lost cause, obviously trying to hard to make and push thru her emotional scenes. Not that she’s the only to blame, the plot really didn’t have much to offer in the beginning to make me feel for her character… but bigSIGHS, I’d expected something moreless decent and not just OTT-ness gone overboard. I mean I love the girl, but really, can’t bring myself to sugarcoat to make myself feel better. If the biggest critic of hers I am can’t bring myself to sit thru 15 mins, I wonder how for others who love her the same?! o_0 I dropped the drama in a zippy, and didn’t even bother to get to Joe Cheng or Li Yi Feng scenes. I heard there are plenty of fanservice smoochy kissing scenes in the drama, honestly am a bit intrigued, tempted to watch just to see if they have any good electrifying chemistry. But right now…no thanks.

I’ll just indulge in her pretty for Arnaldo Bassini’s 2012 Fall Collection instead.

LDH has been modelling for Arnaldo Bassini for quite some time now. As an avid follower of hers, I can say AB’s one of the very few clothing lines she’s stuck with loyally these years (or maybe it’s the other way round). She’s got her share of endorsements and CFs, but she doesn’t get many in the clothing or modelling line, not even many opportunities in mainstream fashion spreads like SINGLES, VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN..etc. I don’t know whether it’s that she’s never been considered by the mags, or it’s just that she’s not cut out, or she doesn’t really bother? :/ Because it’s kind of a dream and wish of mine to see her pull off some really unique tasteful shots or clothes for once. You know the type that Gong Hyo Jin or Yoon Eun Hye does all the time (cos they’re just brilliant models?). She’s always doll-like perfect and pretty it kinda makes her shots bit bland and boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her AB spreads a lot (albeit some of her pretty typical and mundane expressions). Even more in this collection, I think she exudes a lot of class and elegance in them. The clothes even look understated in her.

There are so many things that I’d like for LDH unni. I want her to really find a niche in her acting, go further and not just stay content with what she’s capable of doing. I want her to do a film for once, try stay low with a supporting character in which she can shine with all the same. I want her to work with really good writers and directors, those who are able to control and reign her in, not let her just get away with her OTT tendencies. But of all, I want the girl to first eat up!! In all honesty, I really think she’s too thin bordering tad unhealthy. Maybe not as bad as Jung Ryeo Won used to be, but still, some curves do no harm girl. I bet with some fat she’d look even more gorgeous and appealing in the clothes. It’d accentuate her features more and make her look more voluptuous. Right now she’s just pretty pretty.

However that’s not to stay that I don’t like any of her shots here, the last 3 below are my favorite shot of hers. Not that they’re any unique or groundbreaking, but I consider them the best I’ve seen of hers in ages. They show her being confident and natural without much effort, which is not something that she’s generally good at IMO.

LDH’s currently back in Korea now after as series of LA promotions in China. She did mention that she’d be picking a project in Korea (no mention of it being film or drama but I hope it’s a film! Please!!!!!) in the near future before returning to China to continue with her overseas venture. I hope she gets a good rest and start work in no time! Hwaiting!

credits: LDH baidu bar / AB site


2 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae’s Arnaldo Bassini Fall ’12 Collection”

  1. *sobs for the girl for LA* But at least chinese fans ain’t as critical as us… They are easy to please… *Looks at the horrendous amount of bad productions in China.*

    But gosh, LDH looks gorgeous for AB. *saves all the pics*
    And i totally agree with you. She looked gorgeous when she wasn’t that thin… Like during her MG days. LDH has been having horrible projects in the recent years, and the world has been cruel in judging her. It’s sad how LDH hasn’t had any solid and successful projects in the recent years… About her performance in LA, i can actually imagine. LDH hasn’t been good with her emotional scenes for the past few years.. she tries to hard with her crying scenes at times, making it look forced. (I didn’t watch ripley so i don’t think I’m making a fair statement)… It’s a pity since she was just so gorgeous with her crying scenes in Green rose. I miss LDH of My Girl. Oh well, whatever the case, i really hope the girl will get her well deserved success again.

    Haha, I feel so bad, because i used to be so hardcore for her, but lol, now… i’m not really loyal to any celebrity, so…. LDH is no exception. But she’s definitely till date, the female celebrity that i’ve fangirled most about. HAHAHAHA. I still rmb those days we hopped around in the LDH and LDW thread(were you at the LDW one too?), and fangirled all day. It’s nice she still has super loyal and hardcore fans like you!

    Hoping she does a movie soon too~! And hope she gets a really good offer.
    Let’s just wish the best for her:)

    1. I’ve seen most if not all of her projects up until now, so I kinda know what she’s capable of doing. And sadly OTT is one of them. LDH’s really good with emotional scenes, that we know. But like you said, most of her emotional scenes in the recent years have been more forced and unnatural (it’s like she tries to hard to push for them to look real and convincing, if she can just relax and let it flow, she can be really really good; now that requires a very good director with control). However, I’m not discounting some of the great moments I’ve seen in her post MG projects. I don’t think they were all failures, I loved Chuno (she really blew my mind in some of the scenes but Jang Hyuk stole the show), adored Robbers, and was somewhat OK with Ripley, writing sucked.. What she needs is an intervention – take a break from rom-coms and melo for once – do something different, go the Kim Ok Bin route, venture into films, I’m sure she’ll see a different world of acting altogether. It’s not just about “looking pretty and convincing”.

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