What an awesome and endearing lil story about life and the things that come with it. It’s not always a bed of roses, good things happen, and so do bad ones. Having cancer might just be the worst thing that can ever happen to a person, let alone, a young healthy 20 plus year old. I can never imagine myself dealing with such what I would call a plague, to my body soul and mind. I don’t think I would truly understand unless it happens to me. I knew the film was intended to be an inspiring and motivating one, and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I expected nothing less. It gave me all that I’d wanted from a film about dealing with sickness. It didn’t stretch the moodiness or solemness to far, neither did it over-do the “be-positive” element too much. The film had a great balance of both, and nailed it’s heart perfectly. I watched this on DVD, choked in laughter a couple of times, covered my eyes in embarrassment in some, cried my eyes out moved. It’s not a film that’s gonna make you go WOW dumbfounded by its originality or intellect, it’s not going to make you remember it for long TBH (it feels very chick-flic some but yet it’s not), it has Seth Rogen take that (don’t think many would expect a lot from him, noone can take him seriously!). But all that aside, this film has an ability to resonate and connect with people who know, who understand and who care.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt nailed his role perfectly – as the cancer-shock stricken lad. His portrayal of inner conflict was natural, never over-wrought or emotionally overblown. No overacting or underacting, he was totally game and spot on in here. I have never been this impressed by him, and just so you know, I’ve just changed my twitter profile picture .. yeap to this guy! 😛

Have a trailer:



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