Watching Faith for all the wrong reasons?

I’m obviously on the wrong bandwagon here,  I should be rooting for and shipping Choi Young X Eun Soo like a mad fangirl (they’re so pretty together, who won’t?), but I’m indifferent. They’re just OK to me, and I can live without their romance build-up honestly. I’m still watching Faith religiously (I watch right after download finishes), but with weird and mixed feelings. The direction and editing still suck horrible, the writing…some parts I abhorr with a passion, some parts I love like mad, the overall production, utterly MEH to me. The music? Don’t even get me started on the random and ridiculous cue ups in certain scenes.

I don’t think many are on my ship, but wadaheck, I’m fine sailing on this alone. 😀

Faith is not about a Great Doctor from the heavens obviously, it’s a drama about building trust with and literally speaking, having faith in someone that you trust or someone that you want to trust. I wish the writer could deliver her message in a better or more subtle way, given the potential premise of this theme, but I have already come to terms that she’s lost her magic for good. Sighs.

After 8 eps, a few reasons as to why I’m magically drawn to this crappy show:

1. The King;

2. The King and the Queen;

3. The King and Choi Young.

Obviously a far cry from the rest of the LMHot world who are going cray cray over his character, story and romance with Eun Soo. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lee Min Ho, think he’s got some potential in him, and really honestly think he’s perfectly matched for a warrior role like Choi Young.. but sadly, I spoke too soon of him in my earlier post. He’s still not giving it his all and he’s trying, but it shows. A bit too painfully. Perhaps it’s his characterisation, which isn’t convincing me good enough. I know his intentions and I understand his actions, but the performance isn’t making me believe in him entirely. He’s there, but yet not quite there yet? If you get me.

You’d have noticed, the common denominator in the 3 pictures I’ve used in my entry. YES, Ryu Duk Hwan‘s King Gong Min. Who in the right mind would pass on Choi Young? I mean, the shallow me definitely wouldn’t, and the main reason I hung on after Ep 2, was none other than LMH playing hot warrior himself! But strange things do happen once in a blue moon – instead of being smitten dead by CY, I am hopelessly attracted and drawn to the King. It’s serious, it’s making me heart going all swoony and fluttery inside. <33 And he’s not even a likeable character to begin with!

If there’s one successful penning of a character and delivery of such in this drama, it has to be King Gong Min. Ryu Duk Hwan is fantastic in his portrayal of the insecure King, restrained when needed, explosive when required,  has all the emotions nailed right with layers that you could totally feel just from his gestures, mannerisms and eyes. He has a very dialed down gravitas which sinks in well with his inferior character, a King who seeks to be acknowledged and to be recognised as worthy. I like the mild childishness and defiance he incorporates into Gong Min, he’s just like a kid vying for attention, wanting to be accepted by everyone. The character isn’t likeable, but isn’t resentful or hateful either. In fact RDH gives him so much layers it’s easy to empathise with the plight and insecurity he has to put through. I for one do not think the drama would be the same without this character and RDH’s performance. Honestly.

Their scenes might only take up a few a minutes in each episode, but have it from me, they’re the main reason why I’m not letting this drama go off my plate. And when I said earlier I loved some parts of the writing, it’s theirs (together with King and CY’s parts). I love the structure and dynamic of their relationship, it’s bitter and yet it’s sweet, it’s sad but yet I find my heart hoping for them to reach a consensus soon. You could see, and feel right from the actors’ performances that their characters are meant for each other, are fond of each other and yet always cannot let go of their dignity to come to a point of agreement. RDH and Park Se Young have great chemistry together, and their performances compliment each others’ perfectly well. Their rapport is premised upon tension and growing understanding of each other through adversity and argument. I love them. *they have to make babies! but I read that history isn’t quite on the same page as I am sighs*

King and Choi Young scenes also make me happy, reason being, my interest in his motivations and actions is heightened because of his obligations and promises made to the King. I love that the King is insecure but isn’t afraid to show it to CY, and I love that CY is always honest and straightforward. They might not have the best bromance, friendship or relationship ever, given the difference in status, but the fondness is definitely there, and is continuing to grow bigger and bigger as the drama progresses. The other thing done right here, giving relationships more meaning and depth, giving us viewers something to look out for. Drama might be crappy elsewhere, but when it comes certain relationships and dynamics, you can’t miss out the writer’s intentions. Faith.

Ending of Ep 8, most probably the best episode ending amongst all eps aired thus far. When Gong Min declared himself before his subordinates, my heart jumped like crazy. It was heart-thrilling and riveting, and in spite of the shabby costumes and setting, RDH killed his parts and blew everything out of the water. No submissiveness, passiveness, insecurity, everything replaced by a newfound confidence and dominance. And to add to the awesomeness of the scene, his Queen Princess Noguk was there to witness his growth and first step into greatness.

People may not understand my indifference to CY and Eun Soo’s relationship, which is supposed to be the main draw of the drama. But heck, I don’t care, who cares. haha. Just give me my King scenes with his Queen and CY, and I’m good.

Scoured the internet (really and literally) for King/Queen/CY goodies, but to no avail, everything focused on LMHot (unsurprising since RDH is relatively unknown in comparison). A Chinese fan  made this awesome MV of the King and the Queen, so far the only one that I’ve found after days of searching. It’s pretty short and only contains scenes from Ep 1-4, but perfectly captures the mood and intensity between Gong Min and Noguk. Click here.  (Kindly do not hotlink or re-link video elsewhere, thanks!)

And oh, before I scoot off, just saying, Ryu Duk Hwan IS MINE! <3333

credits: DC / RDH baidu / fan-arts as tagged / jxkPROD @ tudou /


36 thoughts on “Watching Faith for all the wrong reasons?”

  1. Yeay! Found another Gongmin-Noguk shipper!
    They’re the reason I’m starting to watch Faith..just finished episode 1, but GM-NG’s short scenes took my breath away. Instant shipping, instant OTP. hahaha
    Ah, RDH…his portrayal of Gongmin is excellent! I love how his eyes alone are capable of telling us what the character is feeling at that moment….

    1. Oh shiets, then you’d have been spoiled! haha XD

      Anyway, welcome to the GongMin-NoGuk ship, glad to see that they’re also loved, albeit way too little compared to the CY-ES ship hehe. Their love-hate relationship gets a lot more interesting as the drama progresses, rest assured, you will not be disappointed. 😀

      Can’t say for the rest of the drama tho. :/

      1. Haha don’t worry, I’ve been spoiling myself from the beginning 😉

        Reading recaps are incomparable with watching the actual episodes. I was excited to read about their interactions, but I’m sure I’ll be jumping with happiness when I actually watch the episodes. Hihi.

        I don’t think they will be separated or something, except if the writer and director decides not to stick with the history. Their history was heart wrenching and it’ll be too long if the drama wants to continue till their eternal separation.

        At least I have the hope that they will be living happily together in the end~ hopefully this time, I’m not the one who’s spoiling you 😮

      2. Nah no spoilers, I’ve read bits and pieces of the actual history. hehe, pretty much given they’re set to end up together from their interactions in the drama, altho I dun deny that knowing a bit of the actual thing does make me a happier shipper 😉

  2. i love it that you love the king and the queen!! 🙂 I love them both more than the main couple, and I’m glad that I finally found a post solely dedicated for the royal pair (and, ahem, Ryu Deok Hwan).
    I’m glad that he’s getting notice by many fans nowadays. People don’t know him much because he was in cable dramas (seriously, go check God’s Quiz, his character is so amazing and a complete opposite of his role in Faith) and few movies (he won the Best New Actor awards in 2 film awards for his role in LIke A Virgin (2006) – and he was only 19 at that time!)
    I understand the wows and ahhhss of fandom who love Lee Min Ho(t), but it frustrates me a bit when people keep complaining about Ryu Deok Hwan’s physical appearance (why he’s so short? not good looking at all yada yada). But hey, IMO he outshines Lee Min Ho’s character, and I’m glad that a beloved Kdrama fan (ahem, it’s you) likes and appreciates him so much. =)

    And lastly, can I share him too? *shiningeyes*

    1. Awww, of course you can, sharing is caring! <333

      RDH is most definitely harking the limelight in Faith, and more so, stealing LMH and KHS's thunder. Although most forum discussions still center on CY and ES, it still makes me happy to see a minority of peepz showering their love for RDH, his character and his Queen. We may be small, but we are strong, and we will sail this ship right till the very end. ^^ The talk on RDH's height (I'm ok with with his physical appearance, I think he's HOT and cute at the same time ;P ) is understandable because it's the truth that everyone towers over him… but what frustrates me even more is that people are saying that his character's hogging on the drama screen time and is given too much emphasis (eventually lessening the focus on CY/ES or LMH). I feel sad reading comments like these because it's very obvious that his character plays a pivotal part in the drama, and is probably going to be the reason and motivation for CY to find his will to fight again. I seriously cannot get around the notion of some alluding to the over-emphasis of his character in the drama :/

      Anywayz, I knew of Ryu Duk Hwan way earlier, back in his Welcome to Dongmakgol days (2005). He played adorable and naive brilliantly in the film (the rest of the actors as well, including my Shin Ha Kyun <3). I also have both S1 and S2 of God'z Quiz with me, but never really got around to watching it. Now that boy's already mine, I should hesitate no more! 😀

      1. Yep, you are right about the complaints they made about the screen time and story development. At first, they complained about how the king is such a weakling, selfish etc. When he started to change to be a better ruler, there are outcries about how the hero’s screentime is “stolen”. Of course that huge changes need to be laid out properly (and hence, the focus on the King’s struggle). If the story didn’t go the way it already was, there might be complaints about unrealistic change of the king. However, I’m glad that most of fans are pleased with the interaction and relationship between the king and his warrior. These fans know how much the two characters influence each other. 🙂
        I think next week episodes will focus more on Choi Young (it better be, or else there will be massive rage by the fandom). Nevertheless, I really look forward to the development of Gongmin as a Goryeo king, and also as a lawfully wedded husband of Noguk. 🙂 I wonder how the writers gonna break the wall between the royal pair; history says that Gongmin-Noguk are much in love with each other.. (yeah, we’ll ship them to the end)

      2. King/Queen and King/CY are the only parts I look forward to every week, I find their scenes meatier, more nuanced and meaningful. I don’t mind watching the King/Queen continue with their estranged wordy battles for some many more episodes because it is in those conversations and emotional outpours we get to see how and what they mean to each other. The best scene in Ep 7, the King and Queen’s exchange – it was riveting, bittersweet and yet romantic at the same time. <33

      3. Hi ripgal! May I know if your God’s Quiz is english subbed? Because I am so into him (ahem!) after Faith, hehe. I am glad reading this post and the comment- yeay! I am not the only (weird?) one to have such a crush on him 🙂

      4. @MeatFish, ahh, mine’s Chinese subbed. But I think most K-drama streaming sites would have the 1st and 2nd season subbed? It’s been quite some time since they aired so I reckon you’d be able to find them with subs by now.

      5. @meatfish (like your nick ;))
        you can find god’s quiz all seasons subbed in english at dramacrazy (only few of eps from season 3 aren’t subbed yet, but i think most of us can patiently wait for it).
        Honestly, i watched RDH first in Faith, so when I saw him in God’s Quiz, it was a delightful surprise for me to see him in such a cheerful and high-spirited role. IMO such upbeat characteristic suits him more (you might want to check out his movie – Head. He plays as a kidnapped brother of Park Ye Jin).
        Well, you can tell if an actor is good at acting when he can play range of characters (he gives me cold feet when he plays as a serial killer in the movie Our Town, and plays as a transgendered teen in the movie Like a Virgin <– here he put up weight as much as 20++ kg to become player of sirreum (korean type sumo)), and he was only 19 at that time!!

        @ Ripgal, it seems like i use your comment section here to promote our RDH, hope you don't mind. Btw, i love the MV you posted. Hope that lots of people will come to love the royal pair too.. ^^

        1. try check out his singing too (in God's Quiz 2 OST) You can confirm that it's really him singing. However it bugs me when people in Soompi keep saying that he's the same person singing for Queen In Hyun's Man OST. I think "both" of the singers have different voice. I tried to ask someone in fyeahryudukhwan Tumblr, and he/she thinks that the singers of both songs are different people..
        2. Won't anybody want to start a thread for him in Soompi?

      6. @kikilala (your nic’s cute too!), no worries, share away, use away! You’re doing us fans a great favor by introducing RDH and his past works. I’ve actually only seen Welcome to Dongmakgol and bits and pieces of God’s Quiz, but did check out trailers and clips of his other stuff, and was surprised to see the diverse and varied roles he’d tried out in his acting career! He’s played cheerful, cute, funny, dark, mysterious, cool, even stupid, all so seemingly convincing.

        If you have anything more to share, or would love me to share on your behalf about RDH, please do drop me a msg! I am more than willing to share hehe.:D

        Thanks for the goodies!

  3. Ryu Duk Hwan is beyond any doubt the right reason for me to watch the Faith! He maybe short (I don’t care) but he abounds with talent! Whoever says that you have to be tall to be all commanding and be king haven’t seen Ryu Duk Hwan, yet.

    1. Lol. Exactly. The King maybe short (for a man) but yeah, I don’t care. I want to watch his love-scenes with the Queen more than CY-ES!!

  4. oh dear I was really relieved to know am not the only one who doesn’t care about ES and her love line with CY….me too find the King and Queen’s story riveting…I also look forward to their scenes each episode which was kinda weird cos I only supposedly, watch Faith for my baby’s hotness…… thanks for this post…. 🙂

    1. Oh really? Welcome to the bandwagon of Gong Ming and No Guk!
      I hope with more King/Queen love and exposure, they’ll get to have their very own and proper MV soon! Please please someone make many many MVs for them, they deserve some credits as much as CY and Eun Soo!

  5. To tell you the truth, i am watching FAITH because of lee min ho, don’t get me wrong, this drama is getting better much more so because not only of LMH but of the King ang Queen’s character, thisz drama can be said that it not only LMH’s drama but alot of other actors and actresses too, i only hope LMH will choose a modern day drama next time, either a romantic comedy or a more realistic true to life drama.

    1. Nah no probs, we watch for different reasons. I totally get the hoard who are watching solely for LMH and Choi Young’s story. IMO it’s an interesting premise to explore about in the drama, but I just wish for better execution and storytelling that’s all.

      If I may say and dare say without offense to fans of the drama and LMH, the King’s scenes are more effecting and telling to me because of the actor’s charisma and commanding presence. You can definitely tell from RDH’s experience, he gets his character and he evolves into it. Have already repeatedly watched some of his scenes in Faith. That means something.

  6. Omygoodness~~~ Ripgal~~ I can’t believe that there’s someone who shares the same exact sentiments I have about this… tears of happiness* sometimes I wish Gongmin-Nogook-ChoiYoung storyline could be cut out to be a drama all on it’s own =x then i wouldn’t have to fast forward and go squinty-eye all the other scenes just to fish out the goodies =P

    1. Nah, we definitely still need Eun Soo to keep CY off the King/Queen haha. She needs to keep CY busy so that King and Queen can have them sweet angsty time together ❤

      Finally, another MV!

  7. Hi Ripgal, I started watching Faith for LMH but ended up liking the King more, a lot lot MORE, his mannerism, speech, screen presence and eyes truly captivating. For someone who loves tall guys, I find him totally HOT, and he is shorter than me ! He has great chemistry with the queen, read that she just debuted early this year and this is her 4th drama, what a talented and busy young lady, I wish for more screen time between King and Queen. Iam so glad you ship this royal couple, coz I absolutely Love them!

    1. I too started watching because of LMH, and worse, I didn’t even know RDH’s in it (how sad considering his acting calibre). I think the posters and promo clips had mistakenly promoted Sung Hoon/Lee Philip instead of RDH.. SH has like what, 5 mins in each episode and does literally nothing other than look blank into air with his flute? Poor guy, he’s so pretty and drama chooses to waste all that. And Lee Philip’s importance in the drama lessens as the drama progresses. :// RDH on the other hand came into the drama surprisingly solid, commanding presence whenever he appeared, delivering his lines with overwhelming presence. Some said that he never really had the chance to break into the 3 major stations (KBS, SBS and MBC) even with his acting due to his less advantaged physique (not sure how true)… so I’m glad that Faith is giving him a chance to shine.

  8. I’m on the Gongmin-Noguk ship with you!!!! ❤

    They are about 95% of the reason I've kept watching, patiently, or not so patiently waiting for their next scene together 🙂

      1. OMG>>>>>> I am gonna not be able to sleep tonight…so glad that there are TONS of people that adore this couple.
        Thanks so much, Ripgal, for this post. (LOVELY collection of pictures) 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Episode 7 is my favorite scene for this couple. He showed his jealousy, and she was gonna confess and everything, until Advisor Jo interrupted..but on the plus side, we are gonna get more scenes of them in the upcoming eps (hopefully).
        I also liked the interactions b/t gong min and choi young too, like you said, their scenes reveal the meaning of the title (having faith in a person).
        I read dramabeans’s recap of Faith, and one person’s comments was funny, so I will share it here for all to read.
        Comments Posted by Saa on Faith Episode 8 Recap

        “And also, KING GONGMIN, WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT YOUR QUEEN IS IN LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV WITH YOU ALREADY AND IS THE MOST LOYAL AND CARING AND CONCERNED TOWARDS YOU. Seriously. She would do more than wearing a Goryeo outfit and risk pissing off the Yuans if it would help you. She’d probably like go drink five million gallons of that poison the young former king drank, just for YOU.”

      2. Yes yes, my favourite scene and best scene of all in Faith, Ep 7 -Gong Min and No Guk’s bitter but heartfelt conversation! I wanted to scream at my PC when the advisor/guard came in between them! ARGGGHHH, she was going to tell him and you had to break their already so intense moment!! What the heck is wrong with them?!! OTOH, it could mean better and more good King/Queen scenes for us in future, so no complaints. hehe..

        And that comment is DAEBAK!!! LOL

  9. I’m so glad to have found this! I went through the exact same thing with trying to find King Gongmin-Queen Noguk goodies and disappointingly getting none. Thank you for writing this post because it really satisfies my craving for the King and Queen ship. More importantly, it’s great to meet more of us who ship this pairing! :))

  10. Yes… Glad 2 find this group. I fell in love with d king n queen from d beginning. Watchg d drama just bcoz of them. though their scenes are just a few minutes i find their relationship is just beautiful. It’s sad that there’s not many mv made 4 them.

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