Behind the drama…

Reply 1997 Ep 13/14 continue to be awesome, I cannot even put it in words now. Simple wordless scenes make me teary, conversations make me choke, mere action and gestures make me laugh rolling on the floor like a mad woman. This drama is dear in the heart, it &(_$*_)#*_$&_)*##+*# moves you with things that you know and care about in life. It makes you care.

But nothing impresses me more than the shocking acting revelation of a bunch of singers in the drama. More than half of the cast in here are freaking singers, none of which have acted for reals, at least in something decent or worthe mentioning. It’s amazing, shocking even, I really did not see this coming, and really, you can’t. These rookies are inserting so much of “them” and heart into their characters you feel for every single one of them, none is left out. The subtleties in the writing, matched with the perfectly natural acting, I shouldn’t be asking for more?

So behind the awesomeness of Shi Won and Yun Je, we have Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk, 2 solid singers on their own accord. It makes me happy that they’re already so good in what they’re expert at (JEJ may be from a girl group, but you’ve got to see her sing explosive you will be blown away), but are still able to root themselves firmly in an entirely new environment (acting) and do so freaking well at it. You don’t get to see cross-over talents like these very often, and when you do, you know what to look out for in future.

Check out their live duet of Still Our Love Continue, a special 1997 collab <33

And this, you won’t want 1997 to ever END!

Busan saturi has never sounded this sexay!

credits: checkz209ftw @ youtube


7 thoughts on “Behind the drama…”

  1. I’m so cray cray over the drama and with the two of them! It’s freaking crazy! I even post anything about it or them in my FB (to think I’m friends there with my boss. Haha!) So, he must have been thinking what happened to his model employee. Anyways, it’s the drama’s fault that I want everyone that I know to know how good it is! The ensemble cast is so perfect I couldn’t ask for more! How could we not wish the drama to go on forever and ever, right? As for their duet, I kept squealing as I watch them, such perfect harmony together. As any fan(atic), I’d wish for them to date, marry and have wonderful talented children together! Haha!

    1. Haha, I’m slowly moving away from shipping OTPs in RL, but no harm indeed if it happens. 😀 Just read in AKP that netizens are getting suspicious of EJ and SIG’s relationship.. they’re so chummy and close off-set and are always seen holding hands! What gives? hehe..

      Year of romance huh? ❤

  2. ripgal, you said it again for me! Thanks! I am sooo obsessed with this drama, have stopped watching anything lse! I just dunno how to put in words how amazing all the actors are! This whole drama is just so awesome, so full of heart, every actor be it big part or small is just amazing. Kudos to the writers and PD! One small ‘teeny’ ‘weeny’ complaint is I wish they don’t play and tease the guessing game of the OTP so much. Much as I believe YJ/SW will be together but I am still so anxious. Lol
    Jung Eun Ji is so gifted and such a natural actor. I just saw the BTS of ep00 and her audition. She just took one acting class and went for the audition. I am surprised at how good Hoya is too and the rest of the 1st timers. 🙂
    This will be my No.1 for this year (YJ/SW FTW). So many kdramas of 2012 which I had such high expectations and waited so eagerly, painstakingly download with my slow internet fell flat.

    1. The drama is unusually seamless altho it’s being put together by different writers, I’m amazed how they were able to write with such natural fluency and coherency! The continuity of each episode, from story to character development, all meshed together so perfectly. Writers deserve triple thousand thumbs up!

      1997 is definitely in my top 2 right now, following closely behind A Wife’s Credentials. You know it, when a drama comes along and sweeps you off your feet. And 1997 is certainly, no doubt, one of them 😀

      Jung Eun Ji is a born natural, whatever expression she shows, she never appears or looks as if she’s acting. I used to think she’s perfect as SW because of her Busan bringing up, but there are things that are inherent and which cannot be acted. Girl’s full of talent worth honing, definitely going somewhere if she puts it to good use.

  3. the fanchant during “all for you” is no joke, i never know eunji and a pink had such popularity, heck i don’t even know about eunji before reply 1997. it’s good that such awesome drama got huge popularity. xD

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