Music Focus: Jung Eun Ji, blown T_T

Jung Eun Ji, how much more awesome can you be?!!!!

So I was browsing Youtube for 1997 stuff, BTS clips and interviews (this drama has taken over my life and I am dreading the day it ends T__T) and came across this clip of JEJ singing Kim Bum Soo‘s Bogoshipda (Stairway to Heaven OST).

And I’m instantly BLOWN. Jaw-dropped dumbstruck.

By how much she put into the song, and by how emotionally evocative she was while doing it. It was as if she was in her lil own world, feeling every moment of it, indulging in every second of the story conveyed through the lyrics.

I cried like a baby. >_____<

Love her even more now.



6 thoughts on “Music Focus: Jung Eun Ji, blown T_T”

    1. Oh Joon Hee, if anything his monologues in the drama touched me the most. They conveyed everything about the characters and their feelings. He has his own problems and needs hugs and kisses the same as the rest , but I love and appreciate that he always manages to see the clearest picture amongst the bunch. 🙂

      1. Wow!!! Thanks for the clips! She’s amazing. First time I fangirl someone. Lol, it was always the men and flower boys. Btw, I so wish the AM1997 PD and writers don’t make her character so brutal. I was fine with that in her younger days but in the 2012 scene, she was still excessively hitting YJ. 😦

      2. Eun Ji’s such a lovely girl, with a sassy personality and a big charming smile to kill. The more I see of her and the more I listen to her sing, the more I love her.

        Check this out, I think it’s a must see for all Eun Ji fans.

        Not surprised if anyone cried watching this, because I did. 😛

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