Stress reliever of the day…

Been hecka stressed out the past week. Crap happened, just when I thought rain was bad enough, it poured like mad. Had to work over the weekend, entertained people who don’t give a shit what you say, and who don’t care the least. And worse, the reality of Monday blues.

But when times are tough, you have peeps who give you hope, smile and laughter. A friend knew how much I adored JGL  (he became a full blown crush of mine after 50/50) and dropped me this on my FB timeline:

Life instantly brightened up, adrenaline rush pumped up 1000 times more, I got all fidgety and sweaty all of a sudden. WTHHHH WAS THAT?!! lmaaaaoooooo

Joseph oh Joseph, he has just redefined cuteness and hotness combined! <33 The skit was all sorts of wrong and pervy, but heck, it made me laugh like a loony for sure. I haven’t seen Magic Mike, but now I cannot unsee what I’ve seen, I can only see JGL do that to me!!! And did someone just beef up over the last few months?

The real Joe, who’s all sorts of adorable and genuine 🙂

credits: ThatGyrl27 / MsJGLmovies


4 thoughts on “Stress reliever of the day…”

  1. Hi ripgal, hope things are better already! You know the saying, it never rains but pours…
    Anyway, you can also relieve stress by watching the awesome finale ep of R97, if you haven’t yet. 🙂
    Have been popping here, waiting for your closure on R97 (now I know why).
    Also take heart, this too will pass. Hugs 🙂

    1. Awww how sweet of you, thanks for the nice words! Things have been better the last 2 days, but work’s still the same ol’ stressful. Guess everyone has their own set of probs, just needed to vent. 😉

      I have already done up Reply 1997, thought it ended well, sweet and nice. Overall one of the best dramas I have seen this year, it never aimed high for the masses and yet it managed to do so. I’m one of the few who wasn’t affected by the whole romance/triangle/so-called manipulation of TW-YJ-SW, perhaps because deep inside I knew it was meant to be YJ-SW end-game. 🙂

      Not the perfect finale, but a solid closure it was. Gonna miss the cuteness and fun of this drama. And thank goodness I have I Live In Cheong Dam Dong to ease that emptiness now.. 😀

    1. Haha, I’ve always had this nicey innocent kiddy impression of JGL, that came as quite a shock to me o___0 but heck, it made my day so so so much better. I’m gonna watch it again.

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