Stress reliever of all…

this. This. THIS!

JGL ain’t enuff to get me all energetic or pumped up for the next day, he services me well alright, with his smiles and genuine charm and everything (I melt into goo whenever he smiles like a crazy bum). But he is no where and no way any near to the bunch of peeps above who make me gag in undying laughter every night before I pop onto bed. Normal peeps in fact, who live lives like we do in RL, who encounter fun sad awkward stupid and bizarre unbelievable things like we do all day, who day dream day and night dreaming and hoping for things to turn out they want. Just like us, our lives, our daily encounters.

Thanks to the wonders and magic of the internet, thanks to the awesome redpinkboxes, I have finally found a way to get my ILICDD fix. I have found the way to drama heaven! I admit I was in a secret streak of jealousy back then, when all my drama buddies crazed and raved mad cray cray over this gem of a drama while I could just sit and stare. While they swooned mad over the guys, ajusshis, Kim Hye Ja and the bromance, I just stared green and envy at my twitter-feed, and cursed like mad that I couldn’t be part of the frenzy.

But better late than never! Good things can wait, and will always be there to endure the test of time. Although I’m only a mere 12 episodes in, I already have a feeling I will be hop on a re-watch of random episodes when the drama ends (who knows when I’ll get to finish this, it’s 170 eps!). It doesn’t require me a full-time commitment, it gives me the best of smiles and laughter, the jokes are always original and creative (never a dull moment, not yet at least), and the characters are all so preciously endearing and adorable! What more can I want as a stress relief?

Nothing substantial has happened yet so far, but I’m so ready for what is to come. Bring on the lies, the jokes, the romance, bromance… and just everything capable of making me laugh and cry. I’m just that easy to please. 🙂

credits: picture from redpinkboxes


12 thoughts on “Stress reliever of all…”

  1. Wo0t. So happy to find a place that’s watching this. All my previous Google searches turn up entries from back in August. I’m on episode 115 now and am pretty much exhausted reading the discussions on soompi, blogs and even baidu haha. Looking forward to more spazzing and discussions here!

    1. You’re way way way ahead than me, no way I’ll be able to catch up or even contribute to discussions of any form right now lol. But I so do not mind spazzing and swoonings ❤ heart now swinging like a pendulum in btwn Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo, why are they so CUTE?! Ji Eun u lucky girl!

      1. I went crazy last week and watched about 110 episodes to the point I ended up falling asleep in front of my laptop. Life caught up with me this week so I’m doing a more manageable 1-2 episodes a day.

        I love Ji Eun’s relationship with the 2 guys. Love her cute bickering with Hyun Woo. And wait till the guys start their bromance! And she has the best unni like ever! Love the three ajusshi and their hilarious adventures. Aunt Bo-hee really grew on me and so as Manager Jang. Cheondam Bubai is absolutely hilarious and sad at the same time. And Kim Hye-Ja is simply amazing. She anchors the show! And to think I cringed and fast forwarded her poetry meeting scenes in the beginning. Basically the show gets better and better and better!

      2. Kim Hye Ja’s a darling, I love it when she tries to hide her background but yet at times be so honest with her views during her poetry lessons. And her family, they’re all so adorable.. esp the 3 ajusshis, they turn me
        into a mad woman all the time. lol Jung Min unni rawks, and rawks even more when she breaks into that adorable laugh of hers.

        I didn’t buy into the sub-plot of Manager Jo and the 5 lads at first, thought it didn’t fit into the whole story. But now I’m starting to like them a lot. They are a tad pathetic when it comes to impressing Manager Jo, but overall, they make me heart a lil warmer when they smile and laugh to their hearts’ content at the littlest of things. 🙂

      3. I didn’t like Manager Jo initially either. Thought he was taking advantage and exploiting the (way too innocent and simple minded) kids. But he grew on me especially at the next arc of the story. I think all the characters grew on me. I watched episode 1 a long time ago and didn’t like it enough to continue. Just felt I couldn’t connect with the characters. They were too materialistic and petty and they just weren’t easy to like. Picked it up again due to the reviews and ended powering through the first couple of episodes and loved every single one of them. I think one thing I learned is never judge a person (or a drama) by first impressions.

  2. Are you watching this with Chinese subs? Do you know if anyone is subbing this in English? I know MisterX was subbing before his site got shutdown. ughhh…

    1. Yeap, I watch w/ Chi subs, the only time I’m thankful that I can read the language. But I do feel bad for those who need Eng subs badly, they’re missing out on such great stuff. X’s wonderful to have contributed earlier on, and I certainly hope that he could continue because his subs are always awesome and accurate. But sadly it’s not for us to say when unlucky things happen.. Hopefully some subbing group will be able to pick this drama up later on.. or worse comes to worse, maybe you can watch it without subs? Better than nothing right?

      1. I was gonna go ahead and watch it but Koala on a post related to the show commented that the brilliance of this show stems from the dialogues. I don’t want to go ahead and watch it and go ehhhh, this is what everyone’s been raving about.

    1. I’m only 25 eps in and I already feel as if I’m watching the best put together drama EVER, in every sense of the word. Original funny and heartmoving, what else can I want? 😀

  3. So very true, you almost feel this is a drama Godsend – that richness in the way the characters are written and the plotlines interwoven together but yet it is so light in feel. Each character comes out alive on his/her own and we get to see their joy and tribulation, their flaws and all, and in the end coming around with changes and improvement in the most satisfying way. The story can at times be ‘very deep and thought-provoking’ but then so accessible to the audience. The artisitc presentation is one other aspect I truly admire this drama – there are scenes so creatively represented and poetic!

    I love this drama to bits and re-watch it all the times as my de-stresser! I recommended it to all those I care to recommend. One (who’s now at ep 125) told me “the more you watch it, the more you love it”. And, honestly, the last 20 episodes are simply gold and the finale……PERFECTO!

    The downside, though, is I am not motivated to watch other dramas post ILICDD. Nothing compares!

    1. Omg, your words are so word! You described the drama perfectly, not only does it tap into the humor and heartwarming elements so coherently with the stories, but it also infuses a lot of thought (sometimes mockery and sarcasm) into the characters and their actions. Love how everyone has a time to shine in each episode, and love how they’re represented in ways that we never really get to see in dramas (but more in RL). This drama deals with real stuff going on in life, but with so much heart and hilarity. Poetic is the right word, you nailed it right on spot.

      I feel so happy watching this drama, makes me laugh makes me cry. Life is better just because of ILICDD.

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