Vampire Prosecutor Season 2

VP2 is back. With more gore, blood and mystery.

But something about the show different here, it’s less vampy, less glossy and less blingy then before? We have less focus on CGI and style, but more emphasis on plot and story. Though I have to admit, I kinda miss that element from Season 1 (in that I thought it enhanced the drama visually). The core in VPS2 is essentially the same, with Prosecutor Min and his team cracking heads and working together to resolve cases, with him trying to blend out his vampy abilities. The humor is there, the understated feelings between Prosecutor Min and Jung In (tho not very obvious thus far) present, the cases…etc. But something about the vibe and the atmosphere, it feels a tad different. Maybe we’re past the familiarisation stage, we’re already used to their ways of working, or maybe because they’re a family now and not as distant and or uncomfy with each other than before.

I may miss the visuals before, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating how Season 2’s becoming more of a story-telling narrative than a visual one. So far the 3 cases which have been presented to us have been quite different and unique in their own ways. With minimal usage of overdone bling, we have at least space to down and explore the cases on the evidence presented and based on their individual merits. I’m not very happy that Pros. Min’s still as cool and aloof as before and isn’t spouting more words now that he’s already quite comfy with his team, but on the other hand, I’m glad he’s still him. I was also expecting a more elaborate and intensified interaction between Pros. Min and Jung In in here (because they a very tense closure last season), but so far drama has only thrown us bits and pieces of hints, which is make me more edgy on my seat and anxious. Lucky the preview of Ep 4 shows something promising on that front.. but somehow I feel that if it happens for real, it’d be too much of a cop-out execution? Hmmmm..

Acting-wise, most of them are doing okay. Though I’m starting to see cracks and limitations in Yeon Jung Hoon and Lee Young Ah‘s acting. It worked in 1st season because the characters were relatively new to us and we didn’t have expectations to go by, but now I’m starting to see why some do not buy their performances in ways that some of us fans of the series do. They either underact or overact, and they do it somewhat in a cringe-worthy way. But they’re incredibly fortunate because of the good rapport and chemistry they have together, that somehow overshadows some of the lacking in their performances.

I’d say VP2 is still a well above average LIKE for me. The introduction of the new coroner and the mystery vampire spices things up a lil bit more and makes the back-story of Pros. Min a lil bit more intriguing than before. I do hope writer will be able to smooth out Pros. Min and Jung In’s relationship progress a bit better because while I do hope for romance bits, I don’t want that to come out abruptly out of nowhere (as shown in the preview). And I hope drama could address Pros. Min’s missing sister by now, though I understand very well it would be difficult to get the actors to come back to play their parts. A little coherency and flow done right wouldn’t harm.

Overall, a decent start but not as great to have me fully invested in it. Had the exact same feeling when I started VP1 the last time, but it gradually evolved into love and something more. Hope VP2 will do the same this time around.

credits: poster fr soompi


2 thoughts on “Vampire Prosecutor Season 2”

  1. I miss the visuals too. Especially that blood drop that stops and goes backward. And more shots with Pros.Min’s blue eyes. But the preview of Ep.4 looks very intriguing and storyline in season 2 looks quite promising.

    1. The visuals were amazing in Season 1, but I reckon they can be done away with to make the drama meatier and more solid story-telling wise. Can live without all the bling and CGI gimmicks as long as the plot’s substantial enough. After 3 normal cases, I think now is pretty much the right time for drama to delve into the darker and more hidden issues behind Pros. Min’s background. Drama has hinted here and there that it’s not all that simple with coroner and the other vamp in the picture.. I really hope when the other mystery vampire turns up, my like for drama would turn to LOVE for good.

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