Just because they’re cute!

Awwww… my lovely Faith OTP! <333

Yeap, they’re basically (still) the major reason why I’m watching Faith, regardless of the scarcity of screen time they have in drama. I don’t care less about Choi Young and Eun Soo getting together or anythin’ (I know I should be stoned for this, how can I not love that ship?!), I’m bored out by the political furor and dethronation stuff, I resent the sight of the flutist and the fire maker (they’re such stupid useless characters and they take up to much space uhhh) and I still abhor the editing and directing of this drama. Still very shoddy and clumsily put together I give up hoping for good. I’m basically just coasting because I can’t bear missing scenes of my beloved King Gong Min and his Queen No Guk.

But there are things that did like out of the crapload of bad, for example all of GM and NG’s scenes together, and most of GM and NG’s scenes with CY and ES. Maybe it’s Song Ji Na’s fondness of the King and Queen, perhaps it’s Ryu Duk Hwan and Park Se Young’s acting and chemistry (while they’re not mind-blowingly WOW, they do understand their characters well), I don’t know for some reason their scenes always come across very heartfelt and emotionally charged, very present and heart-rendering. Ep 14 had some very memorable moments which (surprisingly) nearly triggered my tear glands i.e. when GM confronted CY in front of his ministers, the restrained tears and concern in GM’s eyes, the flow of mutuality between the 2 men, I was consumed totally, by RDH’s ability to convey the intense feelings with such gravitas and restraint. And during ES and NG’s conversation about how GM will come to love her so much that nothing else could even compare, it was no less heartbreaking. Just because we know. Just because we know what it’s like a few thousand years later. :/

Although I’m not thoroughly invested in CY and ES’s quest or love story, I’m still very much intrigued by how her presence has affected and will affect the history of Goryeo. It’s obvious drama’s trying to refer to history as accurately as possible with a fictional character in the picture, and that’s one thing I do appreciate about drama so far. What would have happened if she didn’t time travel and land in Goryeo? Would Goryeo have been the same as told in history textbooks now? Drama’s halfway through and I still have no single idea how and what would happen to everyone, I just know we’re heading for much more gloom and doom.

But oh wellz, at least we have so much cuteness off set, I LIKE!

Darling, Chuseok is around the corner, have a bite will you? <33

Why don’t we reward Choi Sang Gung who brought us together?

Hmmmmmmm, this one’s not so nice.

Why don’t we just sit look stare and ogle at each other instead?

And wish all of you a HAPPY CHUSEOK!

credits: SBS twitter / RDH baidu


16 thoughts on “Just because they’re cute!”

  1. awww.. you wrote a post about them again!!
    we are just alike.. i’m soooo invested in this drama because of this royal pair.
    the tension that was built between them since they got married seemed to have melted away just like that when they started to communicate with each other (notably when GM asked NG to dress in Goryeo attire).
    I just love the fact that we the viewers can see how much NG is in love with her husband through her actions, glances (and yeah, the flashbacks), but what makes me feel happier is the fact that it was the King who made the big confession! love love love..
    No words can describe how wonderful the role of King GM is being played by RDH (well, in my eyes). I hope that he will get noticed by more fans, directors and scriptwriters so that he can play more roles in mainstream dramas. (though i wish that they will make God’s Quiz Season 4 next year)

    Ripgal, i hope you don’t mind if i put this link :

    1. Omonnnnaaaaa, if that ain’t cute, what is? :DD Thanks for sharing the video here. I wonder if they’re filming for an upcoming scene? It looks like GM’s sorta drunkish with NG taking care of him? <333

      1. yes, i think the scene involves GM confides his worries again to NG, with his loving wife trying to calm him down (minutes 0:13 and 0: 32)
        i’m going to be a little delusional here (hehe). i just love how NG puts her hand on his shoulder at minutes 0:34, then looks at her for a while and then both of them looks down bashfully. (wait, was it GM and NG, or Ryu Deok Hwan and Park Se Young?)

        p/s : ripgal, you told me before that i can send you messages if i want to share bits about RDH with you. how can i do so?

    2. Kikilala, my biggest thanks to you! To be honest, I can’t even pinpoint which interaction I love most in the clip because they’re all equally lovely! hihi Please share more. I can’t wait for what Ripgal & you will spoil us next! :))

  2. Oh myyyyyyyy! they are so cute and I can’t stop squealing and smiling over here! So much for my favorite Royal Couple!

    Although their screen time together is getting lesser nowadays, I find it okay because that makes me appreciate them more. I cried when they appeared together in episode 14, because I love to see them together! But they have more scenes with others and I totally have no complaint about that. Sheesh, I don’t know why, but I cried whenever CY-GM’s conversation takes place.

    And NG-ES scene…tears just flowed when NG said she won’t leave GM’s side. Just like what you said, we are the same as ES, already know what will happen to GM-NG 😥 At least they’re on a good term right now, getting the chance to come clean about their feelings for each other.

    Royal Couple forever <333

    1. Their scenes are always my favourite scenes, brief but relevant, short but always contain the most heartrending flow of emotions. I initially thought drama would show GM fall in love with NG gradually but it turns out that he’s always been in love with her but couldn’t get past his pride and dignity hence the constant cold shoulder thrown at her. Love that in such a brief scene in Ep 13, everything came out in the open, GM confessed and NG knew. Tho I doubt drama would deal with NG’s demise, but it does get me abit teary thinking about the real history in line with the drama. T_T

  3. I swear they’re both underutilized in this drama! My only consolation is that when I get to see them they always give us sincerity in their scenes together or apart. I could only hope that the show realize how precious these two are and give us more of them. I don’t care about the useless thugs aka flute boy and fire lady, I want more development on the GM-NG front!

    1. Yes, sincerity is the right word! No matter how prickly GM was towards NG in the past, you could always see the sincerity in his eyes. He cared so much and yet had to conceal everything because of his pride and dignity as a Goryeo King. I’m glad everything is out in the open now and NG can openly express her affection and concern for her husband.

      And yes, please do away with all the going back and forth between Ki Chul and King GM. It’s getting a tad repetitive now..:/.

  4. Saranghae Ripgal! I’ve been checking your blog everyday to see if you have written any new post about our couple. Finally you did and this is such an aswesome feast for my craving! I love how their facial expressions are the same! Their smiles are just a replica of each other whether it’s smiling gently in the first picture or smiling big because they’re having fun feeding Lady Choi in the 3rd one, and then how they are both being careful in the second one (perhaps because of the intimateness of feeding haha. I can’t help but think that this is more evidence of how compatible and made for each other they are. I haven’t felt so strongly for a long time about any drama couple but I now just want these two to fall in love for real! So. Badly! The fifth picture in which they’re ogling at each other – my absolute favorite in this batch of the cutest pictures ever! Thanks a lot again, Ripgal!

    Episode 14 was lovely for the fact that we may speculate that the King and Queen now share a room/bed. The queen would be wearing a night robe in front of the king otherwise, right? I also loved the scene between Eun Soo and the Queen. Considering they are both deprived of female friends in Goryeo, their sisterly bond is so precious to watch.

    Thank you to all my fellow GM-NG shippers because I love reading your comments every time! :))

    1. I think the Faith set is all filled with fun and laughter, if you look at the rest of the BTS pics, Kim Hee Sun is pretty much a goofball herself around LMH and the crew. It’s really nice to know that the whole crew are having so much fun on set amidst filming something serius. I don’t ship drama OTPs in RL nowadayS, but hey, who knows what’ll happen, look at the QIHM pair! <33

  5. Yeah. It’s kinda hard to wish that they will be a real couple, but like u said you never know- qihm.
    Like Ranl i was waiting for another post about this couple. Thanks again 🙂
    Did you get a chance to read Jooni’s post about fun BTS with Faith cast? It’s probably old news.
    But i really like how in one clip, they ask what does RDH want PSY to call him in private, and he says “husband”- i thought that was cute.

  6. Thank you, Ooooh Ripgal, I am so glad you have written another piece on our favourite OTP, weren’t they just simply a perfect match?
    Thank you kikilala for sharing the video link, to me they are cutest couple in Faith and I absolutely love Lady Choi too.

  7. I’m mesmerized by RDH. He just does so much in with a single blink but he doesn’t overact either. And Park Se-young! She’s such a cutie pie and I want to hug her just like Eun-soo did. Gongmin-Noguk couple warms me to my bones.

  8. from the start even through the fight between Gongmin and Nogook the chemistry was evident, and from their first scene together i was hooked , like o! i wanna see Gongmin and Nagook together again even if they quarrel, thier story kinda felt like reading a romantic novel. i also liked the sound attack guy, spiky clumsy hair guy and the gay guy,sangari . faith crew fighting

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