Random shout out to the Cheongdam Dong family ♥


That is all, I really have no other better words to describe the awesomesauciness of this drama. One of the most original, creative and heartwarming dramas I have ever EVER seen. Hilarious without being OTT and slapstick, witty without being stupid, endearing without being cheesy, sarcastic without being offensive. Approaches real life issues with so much heart and hilarity. Mocks at human traits and foibles in the most creative of ways. And more than anything, never pretentious and never aims/try to be something it isn’t.

This drama has practically everything. Everything! EVERYTHING!

A diamond at its shinest, gold at its purest.


Note: Am at Ep33, when the real bromance between Hyun Woo and Sang Yeob begins! <3333


13 thoughts on “Random shout out to the Cheongdam Dong family ♥”

  1. Yay! Another fan of ILICDD. This drama is perfection, utter perfection. I tried to write something about this drama and failed because there are no words good enough to describe this drama. So maybe I should have done what you did here. Just give a huge shout out to express my love. Joining you here, then.


    1. Yes, I dun think it’s possible to review this drama! Every episode has its own merits, every single scene makes a point, every single character genuine and lovely in his or her own way.

      AWESOMESAUCE it is!

    1. Oh poor thing, I do think many are indeed missing out because of lack of subs. I can only hope for a miracle to happen, that somebody decides to recap or sub this drama for the masses out there. It’s really too good a drama to miss.

    1. I only watched YWRIU sparingly, dun have much of an opinion to offer. Typical Korean family drama?

      Watched only 2 eps of MDSY (following KBSW), so far just okay. I liked the writer’s previous works, was hoping MDSY to be more engaging or interesting off the hook, but so far the introductory eps have been more plain and vapid. Looking forward to more eps, kinda turned on by the guys (all 3 of them) in the show. hehe.. 😉

  2. I’m totally loving this show, too! I was wondering, where are you finding these shows online? I’ve been watching them on Tudou, but now I’m finding that some episodes in the 80s are missing. So frustrating! I don’t need subs, so I’m just trying to find these episodes to stream or download. Thanks!

      1. Thanks so much! Sadly, my email account junk filters deleted your email. I’m sorry to ask, but do you mind re-sending me your email with links? Whenever you get a chance. Thanks!

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