Music Focus: Some BEAST-y stuff

BACK, for another round of my music focus ramblings! Not that I have anything substantial or cool to share about here, but let’s just say that I need some time getting used to writing something worth sharing, been out of the game for about like a week?! Life and drama commitments went on as usual, but I just didn’t have the boost or urge to write.

Some drama updates first. I dropped Arang and The Magistrate because of its stupid redundant and unCOOL plot. Still watching Faith faithfully but am not as invested as before because I still dun care about Young-ES and my royal couple and GM got lesser and lesser screen time as drama progressed (in fact their story became a lil stale once their relationship got back on track). Nice Guy is moving on nicely but with cliches and histrionics so manufactured I find them funny sometimes, drama is lucky to have an effective director and such a fiery cast. Vampire Prosecutor 2 isn’t as engaging as I’d initially expected with acting so overwrought I find somewhat annoying (yes I’m talking about you Lee Young Ah). My Daughter Seo Young is just okaaayyyy with the usual family drama and complicated relationship stereotypes, but I have hots for Lee Sang Yoon and Park Hae Jin so I’m holding on . Only ILICDD reigns and continues to bring out the worst and most embarrassing laughs in me. I love this drama so so so sooooooooo much.

So yeah, I have been listening to A LOT of K-pop stuff the past week I will shamelessly admit to it. Yes, I listen to K-pop and yes I love it. A friend passed to me her cluster of Korean songs and I devoured em all in a night. Never heard of about 70% of the songs (I’m so out!) but had a great time having fun indulging in the catchy beats, even found myself jiving and moving to the tune (in the shower, in my car, when I have absolutely nothing to do!). I loathe myself XD

Some of my fav of BEAST which have been on constant repeat daily as of recent:

Rainy Day (most probably the best and my favourite track of theirs)

Beautiful Night & It’s Not Me

I used to think BEAST was meh. Or in truth I never bothered to check them out. But Immortal Song 2 totally changed my perception of idol groups and singers. They’re trained and manufactured to suit the taste of the young and hip, they sing useless repetitive songs, they dance to amuse us, they can’t sing! But I was wrong, so wrong. I only started looking out or researching more on Beast after seeing Yoseob amaze with his vocals on IS2. And the rest was history.

They may not be great singers, all of them. But I have heard and read that they always try to avoid lip-synching and would always try all out live-singing. They may not sound pitch perfect all the time, but at least, they give their all and they give it with all their heart. Anyone who sings and gives everything live and not rely on auto-tuned sync tunes on stage have my 2 thumbs up for them. It’s not a WOW thing to call home about as most Korean singers sing live so beautifully, but when a performance requires you to sing and dance rigorously, that’s a different thing altogether.

But you know, I’m a very easy person to please. As long as the performance is genuinely heartfelt, comes right from the bottom of the singer’s’ heart, and he/she has a great time, you’ve got me.

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7 thoughts on “Music Focus: Some BEAST-y stuff”

  1. This post makes my day. I’ve also not really followed much of BEAST since I heard of them, but the more I hear one of their songs my whole day picks up a little. Thanks for the article, and the video links!

  2. Such a pity. Usually I’m with you in a taste of a drama.

    I found that Arang has topped even MISA in my k drama fav lists.

    It has most interesting, out of the world, conflicted, complicated and beautoful OTP, love story and character I ever watch. Because of its is myth and fantasy element it done excellent in my view despite certain obvious flaws or certain scenes that be done better. But since it keeps exceed my expectation I can’t complaint.

    I’m so emotionally satisfied and I surprised myself since I’m very hard to please interm of music.

    For Beast, have you listen Midnight Sun?

    1. I really LOVE the character growth and how conflicted they are. We can’t NEVER understand NOR we can EVER encounter that situation therefore it is acceptable even tough it can be questionable.

      Two distinct character born and grow in two different contrast circumstances.

      1. Nah, no judging taste and preferences of others. It’s great that you love it, but to me, it just waned after Ep 3 and got worse and worse and worse (more boring in other words). No drama can please everyone so no worries 😉

  3. Beast is like DBSK new version for me. They have a soulful sound but they can’t topped dbsk harmonic voices and soulful songs.

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