My Daughter Seo Young: 1-6 and OTP ALERT!

Yes yes yes! A new OTP fandom for me! Woo Jae -Seo Young <333

My Daughter Seo Young is a 50-episode drama, so it’s ridiculously shit LONG! So long that I’m not sure how long or how much further I’m able to endure until the very end. Sure I did finish Ojakgyo Brothers (which was about that length) , but that I did so only on a regularly skip-watch basis via KBS World, I never downloaded the show or anything. It was a mere love when it’s on, MEH or no bother when it’s not.

But this THIS! This is So Hyun Kyung, who wrote the utterly precious 49 days (though drama faltered towards the end with the ridiculous sister story) and the forever will be-always dear to my heart Brilliant Legacy which shot LSG to acting stardom. Prosecutor Princess ranks below than the former 2 but I remember loving it to bits when I when I followed it, had this ridiculous hots for Park Shi Hoo who played the mystery stalker. lol But point is, writer nim is a writer I’ve been following for quite some time, at least when she’d begun writing mainstream dramas. She’s not a great writer, but she writes with thought and heart, regardless of the theme. She caters to the mainstream banking on the typical K-drama formulas (you name em, she’s got em), but strangely never loses sight of her aim and tries to reach out to us with emotions so heartfelt and sometimes so dynamic you can’t look away. Realism is never her forte, in any way, but strangely I always feel very connected to the characters and stories she writes. Not realistic at all, but feels genuine and real.

Drama starts of with the usual drama, family problems. The title and the poster pretty much give it all away, it’s going to be a family relationship themed drama. And a very complicated yet heartwarming one, knowing writer Seo. It’s funny how some actors/actresses always manage to land the same veteran actors playing their parents, and are always estranged with each other lol. First we had Moon Chae Won and Kim Young Cheol in TPM and Nice Guy, here we have Lee Bo Young and Chun Ho Jin (they played father-daughter in another 50-ep drama earlier). *Why can’t family members get along for once in K-drama? WAE?!!?*

Drama starts off in a speedy fashion, gets right into the point immediately. 6 episodes in, out of the 50 (I’m 4 eps behind the fully aired schedule), we already have everything in place. The characters, the OTP, the conflict, and the dilemma. Nothing groundbreaking or new about the plot, somewhat too coincidental if you ask me (but what K-drama isn’t). Characters are seen before, but played by different actors (so far they’re all decent, phew, at least I haven’t cringed or banged my head on a desk yet). Direction, just okay, nothing much to call home about.

But like I said earlier, I don’t know, it’s prob just me, I always think writer nim has a knack with her characters and the way she presents them and their dynamics with each other. They may be the unoriginal but they’re always presented in charming and interesting ways. They may bicker endlessly, but somewhere down the line, your heart leaps, flutters and tugs along with their reactions and emotions. You know it when a writer puts a lil bit more effort into her lines or dialogues, writer Seo does it in a way, that right, a scene may come across typical or seen before, but when the characters spout or utter words from their mouths, your heart aches, your gut is squished. I think I’ve experienced that a few times watching scenes from Ep 5 and 6 (mostly Woo Jae and Seo Young’s parts 😛 ).

Seo Young is cold and unaffected, ignorant and sometimes heartless. I actually get why she’s the way she is, having been brought up in such harsh conditions and having had to endure the worst in one single day – losing her mom and her dad (not literally, but metaphorically), it’s harrowing, and nothing else really matters. Sometimes I wish drama could make her father a bit more a wreck so that I can understand and justify Seo Young’s actions a lil bit more, empathise with her plight, and on how she’s treating her father. Because so far, yes, he’s messed himself up had wrecked their family apart, but seeing him wanting to mend things for good, it’s triggering the sympathy button in me. No matter how things have gone bad and weary between them, they’re still family and blood together. I know drama’s gonna take some time to mend the burned bridge between them, but seeing how she’s acting around her father, it does make me feel sour and sorry for the old guy. He tries hard, but nothing goes into the heart or mind of the icy rock solid daughter of his.

Sang Woo’s such an awesome brother, an awesome son. I don’t think he’s the nicest or the most angelic person around, but I love him for being genuinely loving and concerned for his father and his sister. One thing about being family, sometimes you find yourself stuck in the middle, and it can get awful if things aren’t done right. So far drama hasn’t emphasised how much Sang Woo wants Seo Young and their dad to make up, but instead he’s taking it all slowly, giving Seo Young time, and at the same time, also allowing his dad to make an effort to reach out to his sister. I do not think it’s an easy task, seeing how things can go awfully awfully awkward when they’re all in the same room, but I’m so glad he’s always there when things awry. I hope they keep him as he is, be the easy going and happy go lucky person he is, and have plenty of fun with Mi Gyeong and Ho Jeong. 😀

Sang Woo has the cutest encounters with his 2 OTP ladies, I adore both of them! Mi Gyeong the sassy tomboyish intern colleague of his, and Ho Jeong, the naive and silly crush-er of his. They’re both so starkly different and yet they intrigue him in different ways. I’m slightly inclined towards Mi Gyeong because I think he has more interest in her now and they click with each other better. But I do not think circumstances will allow them to get together (arrhh, you know the taboo of related/family OTP relationships in K-drama).

Seung Jae oh Seung Jae, mommy’s boy who always wants to have fun and the easy way out. I think Jung Shin’s doing a good job, better than his CNBlue mates, prob even better than Min Hyuk whom I think did the best out of the other mates in his previous drama. His character Seung Jae irks me sometimes, but oh wellz he’s just a boy trying to grow out of his ways. I love that his crush on tutor Seo Young is growing and growing day by day, and with her ways around him, her encouragement, he grows up a lil, learns that things are not the same for everyone and that he’s lucky to have things fed to him the minute he’s born. Jung Shin hams up a bit, but it’s not too annoying to the extent of OTT unbearable. And it’s even better that he’s got some good chemistry with LBY too!

His scenes with his mom are adorable, though I fear some birth secret thing may crop up sooner or later. I hope they will keep him as he is too, just like Sang Woo. Be the light in the dark, the laughter amongst the glum, assuming that gloom is coming our way from way things are turning out in recent eps.

Those are some of the interesting things, the drama isn’t all devoid of flaws. It’s so cliched it may veer some away, but for the right kind of viewers, this drama can be endearing and lovely. And lovely it is for me, mainly because of these two!

These 2 are ridiculously, RIDICULOUSLY adorable together. SO CUTE! I haven’t shipped many OTPs crazily this year, apart from the most recent Royal Couple of Faith and the QIHM pair which got me all lovey dovey and swoony for some time, no drama OTP has gotten me so giddy in ages (that I’d even dreamt of them last night!). I know it’s 6 eps and we have so many more episodes to go, I know I may not even end up finishing this, but heck, I’m so going down with this couple.

Woo Jae is such a charming leading man, so charming I am falling hard for him as much as he is falling hard for Seo Young. It’s a heart thingy I tell you because many actors have played a similar role before. It’s the way he plays out his charming antics around Seo Young. He’s confident but not so much arrogant or cocky, he’s opinionated but doesn’t push his views on others unless treated unfairly (like how Seo Young affects him with her ignorant and oblivious ways), and he’s just a hopeless romantic (unintentionally) when it comes to Seo Young. He reminds me of a mature Choi Jin Wook (of Baby Faced Beauty played by Choi Daniel) who once sets his mind and eyes on the person he likes, goes all out. To do everything in order to make things right for the girl, and at times annoy her until she gives him the attention he wants. Seo Young calls Woo Jae an annoying butthead for constantly imposing himself on her, but all I see is a super uber adorable hottie Lee Sang Yoon-faced Woo Jae courting the girl he likes in the most annoying yet amusing ways.

Seo Young is so icy cold and blunt that she irritates people around her. I knew right off the bat I would fall for this OTP because of the stark personality differences. Woo Jae may be indifferent when his parents are around but in heart I think he’s a genuinely endearing person who cares when one needs it. He does have his egoistic ways (what man doesn’t), and may be a tad irrationally bad-tempered when it calls for it, but in essence he’s just a normal person who wants to be appreciated and understood, and will also give the same when he wants to. I love it when he analyses his faults and starts putting things right immediately, no wishy washy indecisiveness and no dilly dallying in making amends. Woo Jae is sincere and he owns up when he’s aware.

Seo Young is cold inside out, a character built out of years of endurance and self-preservation. The way I see Seo Young is exactly the same way Woo Jae views her, as a person. That’s why it’s even more romantic that he’s going all out to pry into her closed and icy cold heart. I love it when drama OTPs go this route, the breaking down of barriers, the slow and gradual understanding of each other. It’s a bit too fast IMO for a 50-ep drama, but in a way I’m also curious how writer Seo will fill the drama up.

Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Bo Young are rawking their OTP romance with so much chemistry that I’m starting to get all crazy ideas about them getting together in RL, if not for their already solid relationships with Nam Sang Mi and Ji Sung respectively. But then again, shipping RL is kinda stupid. As long as my drama OTP is intact, I’m all happy and good!

The last time I shipped a drama OTP in a 50-ep drama and stopped after things just went down the drain being all draggy (Gloria), I was all sour and glum. I hope I will have at least the patience to hang on until the end. I have no idea how long will things maintain until the MAJOR conflict comes in, until things are revealed in the open. But I so hope drama continues to give me the cuteness that is of Woo Jae and Seo Young. Because they are just so meant for each other CUTE.

Have a MDSY MV (with spoilers until recent eps):

 credits: pictures as tagged/ lemonlimepot


20 thoughts on “My Daughter Seo Young: 1-6 and OTP ALERT!”

  1. Hmm OTP love? I’d like to see but the drama… I don’t think so. Perhaps I can ff to all the OTP sections to see the goodness you speak. Glad you are enjoying it though. It’s rather nice when you actually want the OTP to end up together.
    BY does the snotty, cold characters really well so I’m sure she’s a perfect fit. A relief her drama role is ending better than it began this year.
    Here’s rooting for you to last to see the OTP official! Being unsure about a 50 eps ride is never a good place to be.
    Aja Chingu!

    1. Thanks, I hope I can endure because I just read some major spoilers about some makkang-ish turnaround of events in recent eps which might just throw me off. I just want my drama OTP for as long as possible that’s all. 😀

      LBY does aloof and cold well, IMO a lot better when she does cute or OTT. But Lee Sang Yoon’s the catch here, totally! He’s so hot and cute and HOT and CUTE! *pls mind the unending giddiness I’m getting into right now because of this fine man!*

  2. I haven’t read your blog entry yet but I just have to say that YES!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO IS WATCHING THIS WITH ME!!! I love this drama to pieces!!!! I marathoned Ep 1-8 in two days and although I now have the subbed Ep 9-10 I am reluctant to watch them coz it’s only Tuesday (meaning I have to wait for another 4 freaking days before I get my next episode >.< )

    And I guess I'm loving every single character in this drama (ok so Mom does over-react sometimes but I can understand) and OTP is L.O.V.E. Why didn't I know Lee Sang Yoon before? HOT!

    1. Yeaaaaay welcome to the bandwagon of Woo Jae and Seo Young! ❤

      I'm having exactly the same symptoms as you are! Dreading to watch until 10 because I know I'd have to wait a week in agony before I can watch the next eps. But yet I cannot stand not watching and drooling over Woo Jae when I know I have the eps to do so! Ottoke?!! Woo Jae oh Woo Jae, what have you done to me?

  3. Going crazy over Lee Sang Yoon after watching the first 5 episodes, honestly i like Hojung – SangWoo couple too, dont know why people dislike Hojung, she is the only funny thing in this drama that can make me laugh, Mi Kyung is kind of annoying to me i dont know why
    i think the cnblue guy Jungshin in first episode he was kind of awkward and in the scene that should be funny not funny to me, the way he speak he always raise his eyebrow , i still like minhyuk though seem more natural to me, that why i dont really attract to SJ character (look and acting is standard) so dont really care about his birth secret, as long as the writer does not make SY and WJ relathionship worse im fine…

      1. No probs! 😀 Hope you’re okay with that and dun take offense, it’s just a habit of mine when I filter comments 😉

        I think Ho Jeong can be quite an annoyance, esp when she forces herself upon Sang Woo too much. The posters do indicate they’re the likely couple so hopefully she’ll be able to convince me later on that she’s the better one for him. The reason why I like SW with Mi Gyeong more is because they have much more in common. But I guess love doesn’t work entirely in that way.

        Writer will make SY and WJ’s relationship worse trust me, no drama and angst in K-drama, that’s no K-drama.

  4. no, its OK, im aware my bad grammer, so im glad you fixed it..
    i think SW life just too sorrow and having cute and funny partner i think can relief his stress, and HJ also care so much with his dad, in recent episode also show how HJ actually quite reliable when she help his drunk father she seem to know what she have to do.. and i forgot to mention how i love the fatherly tearful acting of Chun Ho Jin, that checkmate in family melodrama just see his face can’t help my eyes maybe other viewer too to shed tears and make me wanna hate SY,
    oww, how much tissue i have to prepare for this long 50 ep melodrama?

    1. Oh I judged too early, Ep 7 an 8 were a tad too dramatic and melo for my taste. Where’s my cute and annoying Woo Jae?!! Why a sudden turn from cute to overly dramatic in just 2 eps?

      Well, I’m glad drama didn’t make WJ and SY’s falling with each other entirely illogical or unexplained.. at least they, their family and everyone else acknowledged that it had happened and struck all of a sudden, just like lightning and thunder out of clear blue sky. Was hoping for more eps of them getting to know each other a lil bit more because everything just sped thru like a rocket! The way WJ fell so deeply in love with SY, it’s kinda incredulous but somewhat sweet and romantic. It’s just that we have no idea how much of their getting together’s really premised upon LOVE. From WJ’s perspective maybe, but SY?! Guess it’s written like that to pave way for more stuff to happen in the next 40 eps.

      But seriously, it will definitely hurt to see a big teddy bear like WJ suffer when the truth comes out. >.<

      1. You said it right! I was so into this OTP ship too. 😦 Waiting for you to comment after you watched Ep9 and 10.

      2. *spoilers*

        Done, just bawled my eyes out watching Seo Young part with her family, esp Sang Woo T____T heartbreaking to the max, should be hating on SY for having left everything behind her just like that and yet couldn’t because I could still feel her deep yearning and longing for her family. Aigooo… why so dramatic all of a sudden? All the tearfest has dried up my tear glands now.

        I think the real story starts right now, with drama fast forwarding to 3 years later. With SY probably happily married, but still feeling the guilt and loneliness of having abandoned her family for a man. SW and dad T_T, surviving over the betrayal of SY. But WJ oh WJ ..oh poor baby, he’s such a nice nice guy and husband, he’s so ideal too good to be true (no woman in the right mind would not grab him) I can’t bear to see him in tears because of SY’s lies T_T.

        But I’m seriously in doubt as to how writer nim will pan out the rest of the drama, 10 eps out of 50 we’ve already had fun, cute, romance, sappy, angsty and melo. I hope writer won’t drag out the dramatics and histrionics (you have given us a bit too much of those the last 4 eps) please gimmee back some cute WJ and SY pretty please tho I know it won’t last long until the truth comes out. :/

  5. Lee Sang Yong’s acting is more to desire. He is like a piece of wood, expressionless and looking like a hawk!!

    Chemistry with Lee Bo-Young? I find they have no chemistry. Lee Bo-Young’s acting is equally superficial and could project the depth of her inner feeling well. I simply can’t emphatize and feel sympathy for her. Sorry 😛

  6. I started watching this partly because of your glowing recommendation — I’m currently at Episode 3, and utterly in love with Ho Jung and Sang Woo. I’m surprised at myself, because I usually root for the tomboy characters, but Ho Jung has captured my heart. If you have the link with the Chinese subs — send it to me as well? I’d love to continue watching.

    1. Awww thanks, I haven’t followed the drama as regularly ever since some major plot shifts. But im all good to share. I will email you the links. 🙂

      1. Ha…. I kind of realise what you mean now 🙂 It’s a pity, because the first few episodes were so awesome! I’m truly only invested in Sang Woo’s storyline, and even then, everything has started to crawl at snail’s pace… misunderstandings are forming and not being cleared up… We can only mourn what it could have been. I might come back and read recaps when it’s finished airing, but I’m done following it.

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