BFB OTP Daniel and Nara back to School in 2013


Been flooded with hoards of casting news the past 2 weeks, some of them made me yawn, some made me go WEEEEE~~, some, I just can’t bother to even bother. But this, this pieces of casting news made me jump, jolted me out of my afternoon sleaze, and got me all squealing in joyousssss giddinesss! <333 I may be one of the the few little peepz, probably the only one who’s getting a bit too delirious over this piece of casting news, but oh who cares, I’m a happy girl!

I’ve had my fair share of raving over this OTP last year, some of you may know if you’d been in the same BFB fandom as I was back then. I squealed giggled swooned over Choi Jin Wook’s endearing and thoughtful ways with So Young, I loved his child-like maturity in spite of the annoyance it’d rendered to majority of the viewers, and above all, I adored Daniel and Nara‘s chemistry together. Not the blazzing burning or sizzling kind, but just lovely and nice, cute and sweet enough to get me all gooey. <333

I think recurring OTPs may become a trend sooner or later, I didn’t think it was possible with the mass of actors and actresses cropping up like mushrooms nowadays, you can pair anyone with anyone. But Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae shattered it all by deciding to collaborate in their 3rd project together (after having done their previous one Chuno 2 years ago), take that. And it looks like Daniel and Nara are so on their way up that train, for School 2013 is going to be their 2nd collaboration together in 2 years.

School 2013 will be a continuation (or revamp?) of the popular 1999 school-based drama School/Hakkyo which had launched the careers of many big stars nowadays. I’ve never seen the original (which comprised 4 seasons featuring different actors) but have heard about it having been a stepping stone for a lot of actors into the entertainment industry and acting scene. My fav Wookie and Jang Hyuk started off there, Ha Ji Won, Bae Doo Na, Choi Kang Hee and Im Soo Jung had their share of time in the series, plus Jo In Sung, Kim Rae Won and many many others.

My OTP has been cast as teachers in this series, Daniel as a handsome, capable and charismatic teacher Kang Se Chan who will have a cute bickering relationship with his colleague Jung Jae In, a not so academically qualified teacher played by Nara. There goes the typical smart and not-so smart OTP set-up, and I love it already. But as much as I already adore the set-up of their characters and their dynamics on paper, it’s pretty much self-explanatory from the title and the original that they’re not going to be the focus. The purported student cast is already quite promising (Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Hyo Yeong, Lee Yoo Bi..etc), how can we expect the teachers to steal their thunder?

I can only hope for a decently written script which will allow both teachers and students alike to shine. A source did mention that this version will be tad different compared to its predecessor. Have no idea how the old one was like, but this one will likely showcase the trials and tribulations of those in school, approaching such from both the students and teachers’ perspectives. So if I ain’t getting any cute OTP moments, I can only bank on the script to feed me interesting teacher-student dynamics and interactions. You know things that I can relate to if I were still a student?

School 2013 (5th season) will be produced by BYJ, penned by Drama Short “Ordinary Love” writer Lee Hyun Jung and directed by PD Lee Min Hong (School 1) and PD Lee Eung Bok (Dream High).

Have a gist of how old School was like:

School 2013 is set to replace Ohlala Couple when it ends.

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2 thoughts on “BFB OTP Daniel and Nara back to School in 2013”

    1. Jang Nara’s a hit and miss for me, but with my cutieboy ILU Daniel around, they rawk! Hopefully they’ll be able to carry their BFB chemistry on to School and show em’ students that teachers can be crazy fun too. 😉

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