Joseph Chang for VOGUE’s Power 10


I doubt anyone remembers him anymore now, it’s been a year plus since DTLY ended? The actors all parted ways, went on to do their own stuff, never read or heard of any news of them getting together for hang-outs or anything, considering the close friendship and bond they’d forged during filming. I guess life goes on, you move on to different phases and you start anew.

Joseph Chang has been and is still quite the low-profile man he is. Besides GF.BF and some CF endorsements following DTLY, he hasn’t done anything particularly attention grabbing. No dramas no nothing (which I’d expected him to do given his sudden soared popularity after his stint as SJX). But I guess that’s him, who he is, the quiet and reserved man who prefers to keep everything in wraps, who prefers to shy away, the one who prefers to be tight-lipped even when limelight is on him. I do still think he’s the goof (as show in DTLY BTS) behind the scenes, but it’s a pity that we don’t get to see that as often now.

He’s being doing rounds of promotions of GF.BF. over TW the past few months, haven’t had the opportunity to watch it, but heard it was really solid, and had earned Joseph Chang and the rest of the cast major thumbs up and accolades. And naturally VOGUE was fast to snap this hot Best Actor contender for their Power 10 series, you can’t miss it when a hottie’s around!

Check out JC @ the shoot:

The full shot of the picture, guess what online ppl have been gabbing about about? haha XD

credits: / weibo / youtube  as tagged


4 thoughts on “Joseph Chang for VOGUE’s Power 10”

  1. Never gonna forget this man. Especially not with a Chingu like you!! Wish I could see him more but I’m cool with his choices. He’s not into the “game” and I appreciate that more than anything. When he pops back up, I’ll be right there to applaud him.

    1. Awww, glad to have a chinggu like you to share the man! Love that he never lets all the fame and big things get to his head, and appreciate his preference too. I’ll be there right along by your side applauding ^^

  2. How on earth could we ever forget him?! The gorgeous rugged man that he is…and also the humble and down to earth guy. Glad to see that he’s still quiet and reserved even with all the fame.

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