Immortal Song 2: The Prowess of Boohwal and Jung Dong Ha


Boohwal‘s an awesome rock band, it’s one of the oldest and legendary revival rock bands in Korea, lead by the all so awesome Kim Tae Won. IS2 even had a special dedicated to them long time back, and it was then, I remember so clearly that this show had caught my attention. It was then I’d discovered the mass of underrated singers in Korea, buried under the all so overhyped K-pop wave. It was then I’d discovered Boohwal.

I didn’t pay much attention however, I just thought yeah they’re an awesome band, and their music, timeless. And then, main vocalist Jung Dong Ha appeared out of nowhere in IS2 recently. I think people knew he was good, and I’d heard about him and his jawdropping singing skills too, but I think we didn’t really expect much from him. The band’s legendary and famous alright, but with K-pop overtaking the whole music scene, it’s easy to overlook and forget bands which really make the scene, bands which really make music.

But I was so freaking wrong, this man KILLS. He kills.

They’re plenty of WOW amazing singers in Korea, but damn, this man’s prowess and dexterity, such utter sheer PERFECTION. I’ve seen all of his IS2 performances (4 times thus far) and have been left dumbstruck in awe by the volume and impact of his powerful singing.

Check out his victorious performance “Heartless Blues” in the most recent IS2 e:


You’d probably have guessed, that lead to a continuous non-stop Youtube-ing streak of videos and performances. Of Boohwal. Of his solo performances. I’ve done about a few dozen by now, and I still get chills and goosebumps listening to them/him perform. So gripping and compelling, each of them grabs your heart and make you drown in their bare soul. You may want to start listening now, no regrets 100%. For sure.

Oh how easy do I fall in love.

credits: 1SteillallietS1


9 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: The Prowess of Boohwal and Jung Dong Ha”

  1. Ooooh, I’d love to know his score. Did he topple Sung Hoon with more than 435 votes during the Legend Kim Geun Mo episode?

      1. I didn’t watch the full episode, but yeap according to reports, he beat Sung Hoon’s reigning top score with 438 votes.

  2. i love boohwal ever since i watched rock rock rock, and dong ha is my fave singer of all, great and powerful voice, he really rocks!!! and i love when he sings along with kim tae won!!!

  3. I absolutely 100% agreed with i started to fall for dong ha was exactly the same…i watched IS2 and he totally got me when he sang on episode 67..(forgot the song title)…like you all said, a jaw dropping performance…since then i’m a big, big fan!

  4. Totally agree with you.
    In my opinion , Jung dong ha is a great singer ( and dancer 😉 ). He always give his best every time he performed in IS2.
    I wish I could see he performed live.
    Just watch he last appearance in IS2 yesterday. Gonna miss him.
    Wish him all the best.
    P/s… If you know how and where to watch his gig after this, can you tell me. ;).

  5. ugh i’ve had the same obsessive youtube streak… i discovered boohwal through the series about the band, then BAM… youtube… and then this guy dongha just freaking killed me as soon as he opened his mouth. farrout. i was looking through IS2 vids as well and discovered ALi. she’s freaking amazing and then I found out dongha and ALi did a duet and when i found it… OMG I DIED. I’ve been listening to it on repeat instead of studying for my exam lol. i’m glad my obsession with korean dramas led me to boohwal though lol

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