Saeng Il Chuka Hae, Wookie!

It’s been a while eh? The thing about having so many and too many ILUS, forgetting is inevitable. But of course, having been a fan of Wookie for so many years (7 years!), I cannot possibly not remember his big day, the day he was born! ^^

I’ve been quite outdated and slow on his news recently, apart from checking his baidu bar weibo for updates and stuff (and not doing anything about it like before, perhaps I’ve grown older to know better fandom is overrated), I’ve pretty much been the neglectful fan. But it’s good to know that he’s doing great MC-ing for Strong Heart, read comments here and there about people appreciating the heart and life he brings to the show, and am so happy and proud for him. He can be a bit cold and deadpan, sometimes a bit taciturn, sometimes a tad tacky, but I like that he’s giving it all, he’s trying his best in something new and challenging to him. The show might not be able to reach heights achieved by the Hodong-Seung Gi tandem, but I believe he will be able to find a niche of his in this field.

Here’s wishing him a happy wonderful 31st Birthday (32nd in Korean) and a soaring career ahead! Saranghae Oppa! ❤ ❤

A reminiscence of one of Wookie’s more emotionally heartfelt dramas, Scent of a Woman with the awesome Kim Sun Ah. Drama may not have ended up a fav of mine (some sappy and over-wrought writing towards the end threw me off), but there’s no denying it had one of the more endearing OTP relationships ever. And not to mention, one of the more sexiness-charged dances ever shown on TV *I nearly drowned*.


credits: video and photo uploader


6 thoughts on “Saeng Il Chuka Hae, Wookie!”

      1. I liked him earlier, before he was Gong Chan, when he acted in the Land of the Wine where Kim Jae Won was the lead and he was the 2nd lead (& supposedly bad guy). The way he loved the female lead, his eyes & gaze, melted my heart! I was wondering then, “he is so cute, he has powerful gaze & eyes that speak volumes, when will he get his break & become more popular?” … Then few years later, My Girl! 😄

  1. Been waiting for special announcement about his getting hitched with Sun Ah but no such thing, sigh. He has remained one of my favourite actors for a long time too.

    1. Their closeness and chumminess during SOAW sure did sent some fans off the roof to heaven, but I think they’ve moved on since then, both to different projects and all. Both of them are known to be really friendly with their co-stars so I don’t think there’s anything fishy.

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