Dreams come true, oh please do!


It’s way too early to get all squealy and excited, way too early. But holy heck, I want this to happen so so so bad!!!!Like so very bad?!! You have no idea how fidgety and jumpy I got, I could not even concentrate at work for goodness sakes.  My head kept flashing rainbow puppies and sweet romance, it was giddiness in its purest form, head to toe. My dream come true. My beloved ajusshi crush Shin Ha Kyun and long time girl crush Im Soo Jung (ever since MISA) are considering to star in new and upcoming drama All About My Love Life (to be produced and written by the Protect The Boss team) – dreams coming true in an all-in package, SHK and ISJ’s comeback, and what more, they get to play the OTP in this romance-politics focused drama. This is even heck better news than when Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were announced to play OTP in Nice Guy back then (I was over the moon when it was announced and now drama is doing really good I have no major complaints). I’m in heaven delirious mode now, elated to the extent that I fear that if it doesn’t happen for reals, signed sealed and done, I might cry and wail to the world ends.

We’ve had our fair share of politics mixed romance dramas in the past (City Hall, Daemul, President), but all if not most of them dealt with issues between OTPs who were of or from the same political parties, none of which really delved deep into the dilemmas regarding allegiances and loyalty with love in the mix. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the Protect The Boss team, granted tho that I did actually like and enjoy that drama for its lightheartedness in the beginning, I am quite intrigued by the theme they’re going for this time. Since both lead characters are legislators from opposing political parties, I’m expecting a good chunk of verbal and verbosive battle of wit between them. And I already love the set-up that they’re gonna fall in love amidst all the disagreement. Realistically speaking I do not think it’s possible, it’s already difficult for opposites to coincide and compromise, how on earth can 2 ppl come together when their principles and policies they advocate clash? But heck, when the guy is played by Shin Ha Kyun, I do not freaking care! He can do anything, not say a thing, or probably be the worse jerkass ever just like his character Lee Kang Hoon in Brain, I can still swallow with all full willingness. When girl is Im Soo Jung, I can forgive, she can embody any character she plays with an earthiness of her own and make it her own. I want to see their characters fight and fall hard with each other, make babies together, and flee the political scene together to a world of their own. *I’m getting way ahead of myself but I cannot help it!!!!*

So please drama gods oh please, kindly shower your grace upon this earnest and devoted fan, let her have her dream team. I promise to be better and nicer than ever. I promise not to be snarky or critical of any other drama out there *doubt I can do this but I will try my best*. I promise I promise I promise. Please let me have this!!

And this too please!

Yes oh so please, this one tandem that I’d love and die to see on the big screen. A dream come true in the best bestest form, considering how much I love both of them as actors. The only 2 actors that I love (out of so many hoards of them) of which I’ve already seen all if not most of their films (they’ve only done a few dramas in their entire career). I’ve missed out about 1 or 2 or at most 3 of their stuff overall, but you can say I’m a solid rock ardent devotee fan of theirs.

Kang Dong Won, probably the most elusive and reclusive actor I’ve ever known apart from Won Bin, has been reported to be finishing MS in a few days from now (some conflicting reports say that he’s been discharged and is having his MS vacation or something). According to his agency, there will be no fan-welcoming event or activity (as other fans do so to welcome their ILUs back from MS) as they themselves have no idea of the exact date he’s going to be discharged – as usual the secrecy and low-profile person he is, I’d say mysterious too to be frank. So just when I thought his discharge from MS in a few days was enough to get me all excited, it didn’t occur to me that I was up for even better news.  That he is currently positively considering to play the villain role opposite Ha Jung Woo in Yoon Jong Bin’s new film “Islands”. See the names HA JUNG WOO and YOON JONG BIN? I’m more than elated!

I doubt many would know the latter, but both of them had collaborated in several films prior, namely the awesomely underrated The Unforgiven and the recent hit Nameless Gangster (an awesome awesome film which reaffirmed my stance that HJW should always plays rough gruff characters because he totally kills them!). And to have Kang Dong Won in the mix, I cannot be happier and more excited. I can already imagine and visualise a dear friend of mine Thundie jump squeal and shriek hard because of this news. A dream come true news, a collab of our fav men!

Though the genre may be familiarly masochistic, as per YJB’s earlier works (mostly focusing on men in his films), I personally think it’s genius casting to an already common tackled concept. Both HJW and KDW have played several films featuring focus on relationships between 2 men, that it’s really not that difficult to see their tandem work in this film. HJW has been touted to be the protagonist in this film about thieves, and KDW the bad guy. But to me it makes no difference, they’ve got what it takes, and I so cannot wait to see all that materialise before my eyes.

So I just hope that the drama gods, you’d be kind enough to remind the movie film gods up there,  that it’d be the most atrocious if not an utter waste to NOT see this tandem happen. We’ve got a good director in hand, we all want this to happen!

Crossing my fingers for the final announcements from both sides!

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5 thoughts on “Dreams come true, oh please do!”

  1. I’m happy and disappointed at the same time. I adore both actors but politic drama? Why. On top of that it will be written by PTB team. I fast forward everything in PTB except for Moo Won and Na Yoon scenes. Everything else was boring.

    I recently saw Shin Ha-Kyun in Thieves (srsly, how cute was he), and I thought, oh, he’d be perfect for a romantic comedy. I don’t mind if ISJ and SHK want to act in trendy and lighter drama but I really hope it is good, considering they are both talented actors.

    1. Shin Ha Kyun was super adorable in Thieves, to the extent I wished he was part of the main ensemble (why oh why, he could have been the perfect joker in the team lol). But I always think of him as an actor who doesn’t choose scripts based on screen time, because he can literally steal a scene within just minutes or seconds. If he likes a role, he’ll give it his all, no matter how small or irrelevant.

      PTB was a disappointment mid-way onwards. I really liked the first half, with all the whack and fun going on, but then it became irritating and annoying when their love was confirmed and all. I hope I wish writers can do better here, but they’re not the ones I’m backing or counting on anyway. heheh..

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