Another drama plate session in play!

But not before I get all my hyper swooniness out of my veins and blood, why oh why, how oh how, lord of dramas – KIM MYUNG MIN can you look so utterly sexxxxxxy yummy delicious, even without having to try?!! Your fine body tucked in those fine tailored suites (I don’t need Choi Si Won to gimme that!), your greasily gelled hair, your amazingly animated (sometimes over) but adorable expressions. And your voice! Darn, I think I can hear you babble and skin people alive non-stop with your thorny sarcasm until forever, it’s like fine tuned music to me. Why are you so PERFECCCCCT?!

Can We Get Married

This drama is such a delight to watch, probably my favourite one right now after ILICDD (Nice Guy comes a close third). I love the breeziness of the direction, the tone of it, the mood, the music, the performances (the actors are all pretty green playing characters way older than their actual ages, but I give them credit, they’re all pretty convincing so far), the story. Nothing to call home, by any means, but all so lovely and lighthearted in spite of some cliched dramatics here and there. I love that everything is set into pace right off the bat, couples are fixed and left to deal with the highs and lows of life, and that there is no potential REAL 2nd  fiddle (you know the evil 2nd lead guy or girl who always comes into the picture to stir trouble and chaos). I like that it deals with maturity and immaturity of the couples, the individuals and their decisions. It’s quite a realistically dear to life kind of drama, if you get what I mean.

I recall moments of a bestie of mine a few months back, working on her wedding, trying to get her parents and her BF’s parents to come together to make things work (being the middle person is the most terrible). Things are almost settled right now, but it still tickles to remember, how this drama actually resembles part and parcel of what she and her BF had to go through back then. lol The ups and downs, the fights and arguments, it’s supposed to between 2 people, but reality always bites, preparation for marriage is never about bride and groom only. CWGM deals with that, and I think in a very openly and honest way. Jeong Hun is possibly the most tolerant BF ever, and Hye Eun, the love-oversaturated-tolerated “brat” in a way, they fight they make up and they try to deal with things that are somewhat out of their league (getting married). The things they face and have to deal with and compromise for each other in order to make things work their way (and their parents’ as well), pretty much reflective of how things work in RL.

CWGM is not totally devoid of manufacture and somewhat pretentious elements, you’ll know from get go that some of them are intentionally put into drama to create conflict dilemma and angst. But PD, having come far from MNIKSS, masterfully creates an atmosphere so light and breezy, so soothing that the histrionics are somewhat toned down and minimised. I don’t get the feeling that I’m watching “drama”, but just more of an insight into how real couples deal with relationships.  And it’s great that this drama also focuses on other aspects of marriage, those faced  by other supporting characters, taking away the somewhat dramatic focus off HJ and HE. Ki Joong and Dong Bi’s parts takes a jab at unwillingness to commit; Hye Jin and her husband’s parts, probably the saddest and most sympathetic out of all couples, dig deep into the emotional turmoil of having to endure a marriage built on chauvinistic values; HE’s aunt and the biker guy, appeal to facets of life who are unwilling to give marriage a try because of age issues (but still yearn for love). And more than anything, the importance and weight “parents” carry in all that, how filial piety and one’s family pride come into the mix and make things a lil more complicated than the norm.

4 eps in, I’m more than just hooked. TBH, the crybaby I am, I’d even teared up in certain scenes (mostly JH and HE’s), seeing how things can be really difficult even for a couple who really really love each other. The biggest obstacle, HE’s mother (Lee Mi Sook)- annoys to a huge extent, and has horrible make-up to add. But there’s no denying she’s plays role of a mother who just thinks and wants the best for her daughters, and will be there for them no matter what. I’m not happy about the way she acts and how she justifies her reasoning for her actions, but I am pretty sure she’s a hardcore protector of her children and will do whatever it takes to protect them. I’m sure many people hate or dislike her, but for some reason I cannot because I kind of understand where she comes from.

Overall, still too early to tell, but so far so good, it’s LOVE in my meter.

Full House Take 2

Drama is likely to be of the least quality amongst the bunch of dramas I’m watching right now. Everything about the set-up, characters, acting, direction etc there really isn’t anything much to say. It’s got a whole bunch of OTT and dramatics going on, and the characters really ain’t no different from your typical K-drama guy and girl. But thing is, against my sanity and judgement, I’m actually having lots of fun and kicks watching this show. I myself am surprised!

Full House Take 2 isn’t a reprise spin off or even a copy of Full House, at all. It’s actually the same exact take by Korean rom-coms in general, the same old guy girl bicker then fall in love formula. Even the gimmicks and cliches are exactly the same, you know, how the guy looks at the girl and finds her pretty (all of a sudden, a spur of the moment thing)? I don’t know maybe I had such zero and negative nada expectations for this show prior to watching that it’d turned out to be okay (the reversal psychology thingy works, expect the worse and things won’t be too bad). Noh Min Woo’s pretty spot on as the childish Tae Ik, acting wise he doesn’t have to do much other than to just look pretty as he is and to throw some childish tantrums. Park Ki Woong, he has the most adorable 2nd fiddle character ever I will kill drama writer if he/she  makes him all jealousy or evil pining for the girl. If not for Man Ok being the girl of their attention, I’d so want Tae Ik and Kang Hwi to combust in flames together, they are so freaking SILLY and HILARIOUS together!

Hwang Jung Eum is a personal favourite of mine. She’s not a great actress, an improving one but not great and hasn’t WOWed me in any of her projects (she did good in CYHMH but not great), but she has magic hands or something. Maybe it’s her hair, maybe it’s the magic in her hair. I haven’t seen her in normal nicey hair in a long long time,  her hairstyles gave me a ridiculous time of my life (CYHMH -> Golden Time -> FH), but heck I always end up enjoying her dramas, all if not most of them. Her take on Man Ok is okay if not exactly memorable (most actresses can do this). But it’s her character which takes the cake, she always always gets me to cheer and root for her, and I never find her annoying despite the OTT and exaggerated antics (plus her awful styles, someone should fire her stylist! Or the stylists who did the costumes for this drama, AWWFFFUULL!). Love it when the girl takes charge and gives the guy (TI) the time of his life (pun intended). No matter how he belittles her, disrespects her, I like that she stands firm, never gives in (too willingly and pitifully) and never takes all of it to heart.

The OTP interactions are interesting to watch, can be irritating to some extent, but still a feast to enjoy when guy thinks he’s ways above girl but girl doesn’t let him have his way. And the other guy Kang Hwi, can I have my own please? PLEASEEE! Overall, just a silly little show with little substance to offer. But you know, sometimes it’s nice to just digress from all the snark, let your heart take over, de-stress and just enjoy what may come.

Lord of Dramas

It’s all about Kim Myung Min show, all about the man!

If you have never seen White Tower, one can never know how lucky one is to have an actor like this man grace your screen. My first sight of Kim Myung Min in the endearing Bad Family (my first), I thought okay, this man isn’t attractive, but he’s got something, he definitely has something. And then came White Tower, which totally changed everything. Everything! If you want to see a true actor, you watch Kim Myung Min.

Lord of Dramas is whack, I think it’s not meant to be, what with the turn of events in Ep 2, but I still think it’s got some implied or not so obvious comedy going on (thanks to KMM). Plot has premise, and does take quite a realistic jab on the RL hijinks and gimmicks on live shooting, who knows what the upper execs of drama productions are doing right now, to make some people happy (take a hint: Nice Guy and its PPL overload, it’s hilarious!).

I’m not fully sold on drama yet, I think it can go anywhere from here (Ep 2). I like the premise but somehow think it could have been less dramatic and incidental in Ep 2 (when Anthony tried to come up again), thought it was a tad little cheesy there. But I guess drama’s still trying to grasp its tone to take. It can go really serious and dramatic from here, and maybe more to the funny comedic side. I think with KMM alone we can be assured a good mesh of both, but I’d like to know whether I’m watching a drama about drama, or something more.

Jung Ryeo Won is her usual charming self, playing a tad milder version of Yeo Chi (HoTS), with a more restraint this time around. But her character Go Eun is a bit cardboardy and plain, with a good amount of charm, but still lacks something I can’t pin-point. KMM on the other hand elevates everything, makes drama more enjoyable and watchable, probably making it better than I think it should be. His voice is to die for, his charisma, obviously pawning everyone else’s, and the changes in his expressions, love how he can switch from one emotion to another in a blink of an eye. He really is a master of all, I cannot not agree.

So far it’s a like promising start for me, I’m not entirely hooked, but if there’s a reason why I’m still watching, you know why.

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6 thoughts on “CWGM, FH2, LoD”

  1. I actually finished an ep of FH2 relatively painlessly today. BUT GOSHHHH how extremely FUGGGGG can it be?! I’m sorry I can’t tell if HJW is any good because her HAIR her CLOTHES her MAKEUP!!! They are literally roadkills used as textiles/hairpieces or those used at a mortuary. :X But PKW is LOVE. And this is not aiming any higher than what it is.

    I don’t have the urge (and time) to check out another ep of Lord of Dramas, it’s not terribly impressive after an ep, so I’ll bank it and see if there’s any chatter it got supergood later on.

    I’m only at CWGM3 and this is the ep doing me in, haha I’ve been through the same shiz myself so it hits quite close to home and I love how things r progressing in truly a real way. However I’m not wooed by JungHoon at all and not have your set of a bit harsh words on HyeYoon. I find she’s the more relatable one whereas JH calling it off and quitting with that momma’s boy excuse very pathetic like he’s building a sandcastle and it’s ruin and he’ll just pat the annoying sand off his buttocks or sth. I find the Moms, the actresses both of them OTTing and bugging me. I thought the characters should have much more tact and control under the circumstances, now they were like 2 monkeys who’ve lost their heads at the first meeting when they should be decently functional ahjummas otherwise. It’s not congruent with esp what SJ’s Mom should behave.

    1. Yes, FH’s an extreme hurdle of UGLY to overcome, can’t unsee but I try to deal with it. HJE’s style gets uglier and uglier by episode, it’s so horrible I can’t see how she’s supposed to be a fashion designer or cordi at all o_0, takes a blind person to accept that. I wish she could do her hair really…

      Awww, I’m such a softie for both characters. I like both JH and HY for different reasons.JH because, tho he’s a tad momma boy, of how much he cares for and tolerates HY (who IMO is a bit on the inconsiderate side). Think he does need to man up and stand up a bit for himself and also in front of HY, but he’s a LIKE in my book. HY’s relatable but I can’t stand her occasional brat-like behaviour, the more she behaves as if JH should act like this, do this and do that (I’d say she takes him and his love for her for granted sometimes), the more I feel and root for JH. But of course, in the end, I still want them to find a middle point and make up hehehe..

      I find the mothers annoying too, but can’t hate them for what they’re going at. They’re so drastically different moms, a single mother who dun give a shit other than $ and her daughter’s assured future ahead, and another a pampered ajumma with a pride to pay for. I think their intentions for their children are genuine, but hey, Korean drama, everything is exaggerated and dramatised haha.

  2. Can’t believe I missed your thoughts on KoD. I’m genuinely enjoying it. I’m up to viewing, which is so rare. Getting a Haeundae Lovers feeling from it, though not as overtly whacky, of course. I do believe it’s intentionally funny on most fronts. A little too tongue in cheek, at times, though I will concede. I also get the JRW issue. But GE is no YC. I don’t even think it’s milder, she’s just not in my opinion. It’s the same actress but YC was something special, GE? Not so much. Don’t dislike, she’s just more on the JMG, Puku character side. Though I really didn’t like that Puku :/ GE is tolerable, but annoying. Self-righteous, you know, the usual. Lol.

    Not watching the others, can’t stomach it. One ep was more than enough for both.
    Have you checked out Horse Doctor or Jeon Woo Chi?

    1. I’m up to the latest too but it’s not hooking me much as before. I love KMM to death and he’s pretty much the reason why I’m watching, adore Kang Hyun Min and his crazy antics, and dig the mocking jabs on the industry BTS. But I don’t like how show’s dragging out the dramatics on the rivalry between Anthony and Jeguk. It’s getting a bit tiring and they haven’t even filmed a singled thing yet! I hope it regains its momentum back in the next eppie. Go Eun is no way as outwardly and bold as Yeo Chi, they’re not the same.. but I sense the same feisty side as YC in GE when she has to stand up for herself, esp in front of Anthony. It’s probably due to JRW’s acting style but yeah..

      FH2 is just silly stuff, nothing remotely good so far, but strangely I’m still watching (mostly for OTP chemistry that’s abt it). Too bad you couldn’t stomach CWGM, the realism and honest depiction of couple issues in here are delicious (tho can be annoying to some).I get why it can turn ppl away, but I think it’s truly solidly produced overall quality. It’s my current fav drama after I Live In Cheongdam Dong

      1. Yea, drama buddy told me it wasnt for me but I had to give MiSook and Sung Joon the courtesy. And I did notice it’s potential but it turned me off in ep one. Sorry, manipulative gfs who strong arm they’re bfs into marriage or pretend to be someone they’re not, then try to get themself sick once she finds out her bf wasn’t, really doesn’t jive for me. If those are examples of “real” relationships, wow, me and everyone I know need to pack it in. Get divorced, buy a cat, what have you. Then add shouty holler times with Mom and I need to rethink my entire life! I truly thought I was gonna need earplugs. Who screams like that everytime they speak with their parents? Wait, dont wanna know. The only thing I liked was when Chef broke up with EB and Bro-in-law gave JH the specs on Mom. Oh, I did like that main chtr girl didn’t get her panties in a bunch when she found her fiancé in EB’s apt. The shirt thing was much but the overall moment was nice. Purposeful misunderstandings are true drama killers for me.
        But seriously,I was just waiting for the show to end. There’s no way I could spend double digit eps angry at characters for being silly. Especially girls, one of my top drama pet peeves. Drama life is just too short 🙂

      2. Haha, not for you chinggu, drama is not for you.

        But just to be fair, I’ve heard of friends who’d been thru the same as JH/HY when preparing for marriage. And moms like JH’s and HY’s are real, tho they’re mostly hearsay on my part. Guess if the characters aren’t to your liking, then it’s better to pass. 🙂

        And nope, not watching Horse Doctor or Jeon Woo Chi.

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