Teasers: School and Guns

Today’s a holiday, a good day, so I’m dropping some School 2013 and IRIS2 goodies~~

School 2013 Poster and Teaser


School’s so yesterday news for me, been away for some years (or maybe not, *close to a decade T___T). But it still boggles me mind till now that I’m no longer part of it, when I can still remember vivid moments and images from then, so clear, so fresh in my mind. We’ve been doing reunions ever since we’d graduated, never missed one so far. Every year we see the same faces, ask the same questions, get the same answers, it’s kinda boring, these occasions. But you know what, school will always be school, some of my most memorable moments (good and bad) happened there and then. Some of the best friendships forged since then. School oh school, sometimes I wish I could go back in time, and relive those precious moments in time.

I like the teaser of School 2013, I think it’s original and creative enough, taking stances and perspectives from each teacher and student. The music and Choi Daniel’s narration fit perfectly, bouncing on and off scenes of the students ignoring their class teacher played by Jang Nara, I’m intrigued. I know teasers are never reflective of how good or quality a drama can be, but I’m not gonna lie that just from this one teaser alone, my expectations are climbing (not that I had any in the beginning).

And when you give me my BFB OTP right off the bat, you’ve got me!

IRIS 2 Fan-Made Posters + Media Showcase Promotional Video

IRIS 2 held a media showcase with its mega-cast today, most of the leads including Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, Oh Yeon Soo, Lee Bum Soo, Doo Joon (Beast), Im Soo Hyang and Lee Joon (Mblaq) attended,  with obvious marks of fatigue and exhaustion displayed on their faces. Everyone came in black, sported sour faces, and just looked zoned out. I didn’t spot visible cheery or smiley expressions from the cast at all (save for occasional lovely interactions between our main OTP). My take is that they’re all exhausted from filming, and that they’ve been asked to role play the minute they took the stage. But hey why so serious?

Notice that huge (digital?) backdrop poster behind the cast? I really hope the official posters will come out better, because that just looks like a rip-off of Chuno (probably because JH and LDH were the leads there as well). I’m dropping some fan-made ones by a very dedicated LDH fan (she’s awesome):

I have no idea if Kim So Yeon and Daniel Henney are still in this (as reported earlier), but the ones we have right now are already enough to blow minds away. I wonder who invested in this production, because it’s one heck of a cast lineup to fund there.

Check out the promotional video of IRIS 2 shown at the event:


It’s not an official teaser, but has loads of BTS stuff, and some clips here and there taken off the drama. I’d said earlier that I wasn’t intrigued by the idea of IRIS2 (even with my fav JH and LDH), but this video might have shaken things up a bit. Knowing the credits of the directors, I’m not expecting anything less than 100% bling action (and probably no solid substance to story), I should be really worried for this drama. But heck, I think my mind totally went WHOA when I saw Jang Hyuk did those marvelously choreographed stunts, when Doo Joon aimed the rifle, when LDH and ISH threw kicks punches and fired shots etc… I was expecting something like this, no less. But what I didn’t expect, I actually liked what I saw, the overdone explosion and macho regardless. X| I guess I just didn’t expect LDH to act all warrior shooter like (pretty convincingly from the video) given her well known inclination to be pretty upkeep and feminine. Guess I was intrigued by that notion somewhere that she could do action too.

IRIS 2 premiers 13th February next year, most probably along side When the Wind Blows (starring JIS and SHK). Tough battle to fight ratings wise, tho the latter may impress script wise (written by famous Noh Hee Kyung). But still, kinda looking forward to what may come.

credits: photos as tagged/ lidongxu @LDH baidu bar /youtube uploaders


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