Drama Musings: Can We Get Married OTPs

This drama is such a delectable delight, I love it, love it love it! It’s got its fair share of conflicts and drama, in particular relating to the main OTP, who go on and on quarreling and fussing over their wedding, with nosy parents poking into each and every detail of their lives, with characters giving differing opinions, making life harder and more miserable for the to be newly-weds. It’s just a simple union between 2 people, but don’t be fooled, when it comes down to the real thing, the minutest of details, things can go so awfully awry that you’d wish things like wedding dinners, photoshoots, traditional ceremonies can be done away once and for all, for good.  You’d almost wish that you could just sign off that fcking paper and hola, happy wedding!

It can be done of course, if your hubby’s nice enough, your wife generous enough (to do away with the wedding photoshoot), your parents liberal enough, your relatives and friends non-judgmental enough, and if “face” isn’t like the most important thing in the world. Sure it can be done. It can be done.

I like a whole lot things about this drama. Not just because it’s realistically written, acted and directed. Not because it also has very lovely and soothing music, that doesn’t exaggerate or amplify scenes on purpose. Not because it has eye-candies all over and my heart just cannot overlook prettiness. But because the characters, the OTPs are real, lovely and endearing in their own ways (character foibles and warts regardless). Their dynamics and conflicts, I can relate though it’s not like I’ve been thru what they’re facing.

Jeong Hun and Hye Eun

I adore the main OTP played by Sung Joon and Jung So Min. I think they’re spot on their characters JH and HE, though not necessarily great to call home or anything, I love that they’re good and convincing enough playing characters way and beyond their age and maturity. They have the sweet and palpable kind of chemistry, not so electrifying and sizzling to call amazing, but the kind that melts your heart into a goo, no matter how much they bicker and argue, no matter how much they are at odds.

JH and HE have the most “troubled” relationship in the drama, of course considering that drama is titled and premised upon them. I was initially pretty worried that I’d have a difficult time rooting for and falling for an OTP who were already one right off the bat (we do away with the initial guy girl falling in love process, you know that things that make rom-coms work so well), but they’re a surprising revelation. Esp in terms of the issues and problems transpiring amidst preparation for their wedding, I like that we’re like a part of that process as well, a part of their lives, the things that are taken for granted, we get to see and understand thru them.

JH and HE cannot be more different from each other, they compliment each other so well and yet they can dispel each other in minutes due to differences in character, personality and style. When they’re lovey dovey and sweet together, it’s all so sugary and cheesy, but when they fight it’s like World War II. How true and reflective of couples in real life, things really can spark off just like that, a small issue, a minute, a word, a gesture, or even an expression. HE may be a spoiled brat from young (with an over-protective mom and a super tolerant BF like JH towering over) but I don’t dislike her, at all. I think she’s a very genuine sassy character who has her own thoughts, but just doesn’t process things the way people want or expect her to. A very “real” person. She may throw tantrums occasionally, get all bugged over something trivial all of a sudden, but I do not think she’s a damsel in distress or weakling who needs everyone to save her ass without thinking it over. She can stand firm on her set of views and give in when situations require her to do so. She and JH make the perfect match.

JH is the perfect person for HE. He is genuinely deeply in love with her, tolerates her in all ways possible and tries to make her happy, the way she wants to. He is also a nice person, who treats everyone with respect, with manners and loves his parents with all his heart…etc. But it’s also this trait of his which makes him a indecisive and somewhat too complaisant a person to eyes of some. I’m not bugged by this foible of his (if we consider it one) because I think it’s too reflective of a characteristic of people in RL that I know too well and I can relate. They can please alright, but can never please everyone at the same time. Sometimes I see them like that and I feel sorry for them (being all compliant and submissive before their GFs or wives), but what do I know, for all I know, they might be the happiest couples, because of the differences that they may have to compromise to come to appreciate each other.

Same for JH and HE, the things they have to work out and compromise (with or without interference from their noisome mothers) are insurmountable. But it’s through experiences and arguments of such, they will gradually discover values and preciousness of the other one which they may have overlooked or have taken for granted. Their conflicts and differences may never come to an end, but ultimately, it would be good to see how they can come to agree to disagree on things and show us that marriage is about management and not just a happily ever after fairy tale.

Ki Joong and Dong Bi

Such a romantic and suave swoop in to the save the girl gesture, how sweet! I bet 5 out of 10 people repeatedly watched this scene many many times… because I shameless admit that I did HAHA. I do not think anyone dislikes this OTP – KJ and DB (I read the Soompi thread of CWGM and most of the viewers actually love this couple more than the main OTP!). And I get why. I think KJ and DB benefit from the fact that they’re an OTP whom people are not very sure of. Their dynamics are interesting and unique in a sense that they’re not exactly a couple (anymore) and yet they interact with each other as if they’re one, with such cute chemistry that noone can turn away from (doesn’t help that Kim Young Gwang and Han Groo look so pretty together).

I say people may not sure of this couple because it’s very hard to fully root for KJ and DB with our heads and heart in tact. The first couple of episodes I wanted to give KJ s huge smack on the butt for having treated DB the way he did. It’s easy and absolutely reasonable to feel sorry for DB because of her pining for a guy who has never really taken their relationship seriously (at least to marriage level) and one who moves on so easily. But the more I think about it, the more I’m in line with how the writer has written their story thus far. Who is to say KJ is on the wrong or faulty side when all this while DB has been agreeable to the structure of their relationship? Why can’t KJ be with another girl when he’s already parted ways with DB? Who is to say DB is clingy and stubborn for not letting KJ go because of her lingering feelings? Likewise, we should by all means, want DB to get over KJ for good and start living life to the fullest (thank goodness drama isn’t making her out to be the annoying ex-GF who only has the guy to pursue, yay for more girlfriend scenes *DB-HE scenes rawk!*), but no, our heart tells us that they MUST end up together. We want to hate KJ for his inconsiderate and oblivious attitude, but no, we can’t, right girls? Because for us, like DB, love works and comes from the heart, not the brain.

KJ and DB’s scenes may be brief and scarce but are always very meaningful with a deeper end in their conversations. I like that they always come full circle to the point of their break-up in every single meeting of theirs, that no matter how much they still love each other (I still think they do), there is this one hurdle that both of them cannot surpass and overcome. Drama may not have emphasised this point, but I have a feeling that KJ may never given full commitment with his heart until he fully really knows and understands DB’s background. It’s not a crucial point in drama but it is a crucial element in terms of honesty in a relationship. I believe if DB opens up to KJ about her family and her background and not be elusive, there might be a chance of KJ really giving it his all for good.

Do Hyun and Hye Jin

I love love love this OTP, the only one OTP which I should be rooting for to break up and forever part ways but cannot do so because I dunno WHY?!?!! Do Hyun is a royal chauvinistic pig, one who should be butchered away and noone should and would feel sorry for him. Hye Jin should just pack her bags and flee from this man who thinks he’s a god or something, he who thinks he’s above all.

It’s strange that I’m actually rooting for this couple, because it’s not supposed to be, it’s unethical it’s WRONG. That’s why I said love works from the heart, because I actually think and feel that they both love each other, but is sadly dampened by HJ’s mother and tainted by temptations and worldly things. PD Kim does such wonderful magic, by blending the conflicts and histrionics between Do Hyun and Hye Jin with such earthy and breezy tone that you do not feel “frack, this is so makjang I cannot take it anymore!”.  You don’t feel that DH’s the worst bastardly man in the world that you want to kill him and you don’t cry hopelessly for HJ (you know some music really can make you do that). They just feel like real people, a real couple who do encounter problems like infidelity and incompetency in RL.

No, I do not condone DH’s actions at all, noone can, no woman will. It’s the worse thing to ever happen in a household and family, especially one with kids around. But like AWC, I choose to take the stance that DH is who he is, HJ is who she is and that they will have to take responsibility for their actions. I like that HJ is starting to take charge by not letting her husband step on her anymore and I love seeing DH get all fidgety that his life is not the kingly world he’s used to living anymore. Theirs is more like a mature and comedy-toned-down version of Ohlala Couple, when things are reversed and both individuals start to see how certain actions can actually make an impact on the others’ lives, good or bad.

Forgiveness is the hardest thing you can ever EVER get from another person, and I would so love to see DH beg and plead for that to be given to him.  I don’t mind if they get divorced and part ways because it’s the most realistic and reasonable to expect from such a estranged relationship, but I really want DH to learn things the hard way. Having come from a despised position (HJ was the 3rd party in DH’s first marriage), it is totally understandable that HJ would want to keep her dignity in tact for it may be her last recourse. If anything, I want HJ to be happiest the most. She deserves to be.

Kim Sung Min and Jung Ae Yeon are awesome in their roles of the cheating husband and the submissive now fighting back wife. They have rocking chemistry despite their opposing stances and they compliment each other very well physically. They are the ones who are really carrying the performances along in top form.

Min Ho and Deul Rae

Hilarious, downright hilarious! I adore them to bits, they make the best fun out of the show for me despite having the shortest screen time overall. It’s cute to see 2 starkly different personalities clash and gradually grow to understand each other. They’re essentially an older version of the typical Korean drama guy and girl, who start off at the wrong foot and find themselves attracted to each other as time passes. And what more, they are a younger guy and an older noona OTP! How cute!

I enjoy their bickering and non-stop teasing just as much as I enjoy the rest of the OTPs interact. I feel that they are the purest and most naive out of the other OTPs, with no major complications and obstacles blocking their way. And it’s also really sweet that they’re genuinely nice individuals who care and love the people around them (Min Ho’s whack but I love his relationship with the other guys, and Deul Rae, she’s awesome for being the bestest sister to HE’s mom and motherly/sisterly figure to Dong Bi), they’re so meant for each other! Please get together!

It’s rare for a drama to have so many OTPs (4 in total here and they is no evil or relevant 2nd fiddle! I LIKE!), but it’s even more that I’d love all of them for different reasons. I credit the writer who tries to tell stories from different perspectives (it’s not a drama of grandiose or purposeful intent but I like the sincerity), the director who makes everything so toned down and comfortable, the music director who’s doing such an awesome job with the never intrusive instrumentals and songs, and last but not least, actors who are competent enough to deliver what drama is trying to tell.

I’m not sure how far this loveliness is going to endure, most dramas die out very fast, some way before the ending. But so far I’m onboard this drama with full power and am gonna enjoy as long as the loveliness lasts. 🙂

credits:  pictures as tagged / tumblr / jtbc


25 thoughts on “Drama Musings: Can We Get Married OTPs”

    1. Awww thanks sim, just some random musings and thoughts, if you really put your mind and head to ramble just like me, you can do it haha..

      Are you watching the drama BTW?

  1. I tried, and it reminded me too much of ITWY (which I just finished), a road I’m definitely NOT ready to take anytime soon. The main OTP LOOKS SO CUTE but alas, I fracking hate the heroine. As for the cheating husband, isn’t that his character from Family Honor???

    Granted, I think I only made it to the 30 min mark, so can’t say much. But I am rooting for Ki Joong and Dong Bi, I DON’T KNOW WHY (my only scene of them is him being a dickhead). Call it my shipper instinct 😉

    1. Ahhh, you need some time to ease on the emotional rollercoaster that was of ITWY eh? Never had felt the correlation before, in terms of story and characters. But it does have the very soothing and comfy vibe that ITWY had..

      Most people I’ve come across (in Soompi) love DB and KJ a lot tho they’re the least focused OTP in the drama (along with the older OTP). I adore their parts too, they’re so compatible physically and they have amazing chemistry, but they’re not my main enjoyment. I totally understand why Hye Eun would irritate, but I’m sure if you give her a couple more eps, you’d see and agree with some of the points she makes thru out the drama. She also bugged me to no end in the beginning, but now I love her. She stays true to herself sass and annoyance what not.

      I understand why some people might not like the drama, it does have tendencies to overdo the conflict squabbling elements. And the characters have very visible flaws that might just turn you off right away. But I guess if you don’t mind realism, it’d be an easier watch.

      1. I do realize I’m not being fair, but you are right, guess I’m not up for a slice of reality right now. Always had a preference for “drama” dramas anyway. But the gif is TOO TEMPTING!! Ripgal, you must update me on the 2nd OTP’s status, if it turns out well I might marathon this show 🙂

    1. Hi Mrs. Hand Towel (omgosh that name is lovely!), thanks for visiting.That’s probably one of the very few nice and proper headers that I have, thanks to a certain chinggu (you know who you are!). Lub Joseph <333

  2. Thank you for the summary of the OTPs for this drama and giving the fair views of them. I love all the characters, but the main couple is my favorite. Although some viewers feel that Jung So Min’s character is annoying, I just love her acting in this drama. I see her as a modern female planning on her wedding, but being hold back by her cultures and dealing with her family’s obligations/ filial. Jung So Min’s acting is very different than her previous roles and she spots on her character.

    Thank you for your post and please continue to share your thoughts about this drama.

    1. JSM is doing well, am actually impressed. But more than anything I think she clicks right on spot with Sung Joon, their chemistry crackles and I love them together 🙂

      She is indeef capable of grating on nerves, but I like that she knows what she wants & stands firm on it. And she makes some really good points abt things too, things that JH may be a bit too petty with.

  3. im loving this drama.. and I just have to echo what HY said to her sister.. i love JH’s parents especially the father. the mom, i know where she’s coming from cos my own mother is the non-korean version 🙂

    1. JH’s father has got to be the most reasonable and tolerant father I’ve seen in ages, wait I don’t think I have ever come across such an ideal hubby/father material in K-drama. So perfect, just like Jeong Hoon 🙂

      I think both moms have their own points, tho they can be somewhat irritable with their ongoing complaints abt the wedding. But I like that they’re realistic characters and they give some good points abt lil things that the kids take for granted. I have a friend who’s getting married soon, who just had her first parents’ meeting, it was nerve-wrecking I heard. Can’t really agree on everything. That’s why CWGM resonates a lot with me, these things these people, they’re all around me.

  4. I googled for some kind of recap or blog post I could read about this drama, and voila. It led me to you. Actually I was specifically looking for some thing about the fact that Han Groo/Dong Bi hasn’t been on the last two episodes at all, though the character is mentioned. Aaah. I want more of her.

    Word on pretty much all you’ve said. I replayed that suave swoop, too. The only couple I don’t really care much about is MH/DR. But I don’t hate or dislike them either.

    And Joseph Chang….:)

      1. Thanks for commenting 🙂

        No DB in 9 and 10? Hmmm, could be writer’s intention to focus less on her now that she’s off to resolve her own probs (in Busan)? Or maybe Han Groo’s got other gigs/priorities hence the lack of presence. Either way, I’m actually OK because while I adore them, they’re not exactly the main and only reason why I’m enjoying the drama.

        I have faith in drama in that it will not make DB’s wealthy background the reason of KJ going back to her. While I think she should have been honest with him in the beginning, it should not be the reason for him to consider going back to her. He’s bound by family rules alright, and DB would def be the right choice (cos she’s filthy rich) but I think it would be too convenient and cop out a way to resolve their relationship. What KJ needs is some waking up on his own that his arranged marriage won’t get him anywhere, and that DB means to him more than he thinks. Honesty is definitely essential, but please not just cos she’s rich and she fits his family’s bill.

  5. No, I think she’s back in 10. I hope. I was talking about 8 and 9, but I had only skimmed through 9, and I forgot she did appear for a flashback.

    Definitely agree that he should not go back to her because of her wealthy background. To be honest, I hope he doesn’t find out about it, but I’m thinking he might.

    By the way, it’s me. 🙂 You don’t remember. 🙂 🙂 No worries, it’s been too long. Drunken to Love You and then I followed Baby Face for a while and shared your Daniel Kim love. But then I gave up on the drama. haha

    1. Oh yaiks it’s you, of course I remember!!! ^^ Welcome back!

      KJ has to find out, he will, definitely. But I’m more towards DB opening up to him in full honesty rather than him finding out from someone and suddenly goes, oh she’s rich, yeah she’s the one. I think when he finds out about his fiance’s indiscretions (not like he cares because he loves her, he’s got a huge go that’s what), he will start thinking about what marriage really means.

  6. i like Ki Joong – Dong Bi couple than Jung Hoon Hye Yoon couple. seriously, they’re so cute i love them ❤
    thank for this posting by the way ^^

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