The leading characters of IRIS2

Hahaha, I like this nonsense. Can’t stress how hilarious Taewon are going all out in their marketing of the drama and its “leading characters”.

Gotta see for yourself!

The cars are damn FINE, and the explosions look uh-mazing, but HWAT I’m gonna see those cars blow up one by one and die? Just like that?!! There better be more spare ones in NSS.

I do like the brief Hyuk-Hae interaction in the ad tho (reminds me of their Robber days). And  Lee Bum Soo is SO HOT and already rawks badass like no other! I doubt we’re gonna have a good story or anything, the action and bling might just swallow everything, the romance might even fall flat with so many characters and sub-plots in play. But somehow, I am – EXCITED.

If the cast were this lovely and fun during the press con/media showcase:

credits: Soompi IRIS 2 thread / apqaria /youtube


5 thoughts on “The leading characters of IRIS2”

  1. LOOL, Taewon surely don’t save any effort for this drama publicity 🙂
    I am afraid about the story too but I am so excited to see this new side of LDH. And of course seeing one of my favorite couple again.
    Just give me LDH doing good action moves and some sweet moments between JH and LDH and I will be fine drama ^_^

    1. LDH doing stunts and all, it’s one genre I could never imagine her doing. Always thought she’d maintain her pretty cutesy image and keep action at bay. I’m glad she’s trying it out, it’s strenuous and difficult, but I’m glad she’s willing to try.

      Hyuk said it’s LDH’s turn to pursue him this time, why do I feel so giggly happy? <333

      1. I am so happy too that she is trying it although knowing how hard it will be for her given her weak body “as she described”

        And OOH yah, I am excited to see that reversal of roles too 🙂

    1. Sure banked on the right stars and drama to sell their cars. I wonder if those scenes are even going to be in the drama hmmm.. really looked a lot like a pre-filmed Ad Promo.

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