Best Actor LOVE

So lovely.


Not just because Sean Lau 劉青雲 finally got himself a deserved Golden Horse Best Actor trophy once and for all (so way long due for this actor), not just because he delivered a short but usual witty himself victory speech which put a big smile on my face, and not just because he was just plain downright AWESOME in Life Without Principle 奪命金, but because of Amy’s most heartfelt reaction to his win. That big loving smile of hers, the tears of joy, the happiness on her face seeing her hubby on stage. Love can be this simple.

I’m happy and elated for Sean, I loved him in the film. He had great contenders vying for the award (in fact I was a teeny weeny more for Nick Cheung to win for his performance in 大追捕, loved him in the film altho it wasn’t half as good as 奪命金) but I think the quality of the whole package, the film, cast and direction overall, contributed to his victory. One of the most unique HK films I’ve seen, with a clever and innovative approach to money being the root of evil (and probably sins if some see if that way). Sean Lau’s character only appeared 30 mins into the film, but his character totally commanded the minute he came in, elevating the film into something better (story was already captivating even before he made his appearance). He is just that actor who fuses into everything he plays. Easily, effortless.

Kudos to the other contenders as well. I was rooting for Nick Cheung but in the end it didn’t matter because of that genuine congratulatory hug between the 2 Best Actors which made me go AWWWWWW. I also love that genuine smile Nic Tse gave when Sean finished his speech thanking everyone who loved him. Joseph Chang was obviously disappointed with the loss but it’s normal I guess. But overall, nothing beats the MAN of the night!

Congratulations and congratulations, Sean!

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18 thoughts on “Best Actor LOVE”

    1. Awww, anything for the men that we love! Though it’s kinda weird that Andy’s one of of the judges (when obviously Sean’s the better actor, and their films were against each other last year),can’t deny the happiness. Long due, but better late then never 😀

      1. But Sean has never won GH best actor before while Andy has won TWICE. Yeah, I know. and hahaha they have Lin ChiLing there as a presenter for best director?! lolzforever! But then it lost a lot of esteem when Ethan won in 2010, when Nic Tse was not even nominated for his nest perf to date in Stool Pigeon (rumor is Nic is cockblocked to make way for an Ethan sure win…coz TW desperately needs a movie star)

        I disagree with Nicky’s perf better than Sean, I thought it’s not a discerningly diff effort fr his DonLee in Stool Pigeon, while Sean did sth ridiculously difficult: revamp his own typecast and still offer a fresh spin. Of course he should’ve won many times over in many previous amazing perfs, but I think this maybe his most difficult to date yet he marveled in it so effortlessly like it’s a walk in the park when he, of all peeps, should have the hardest time with sucha role because of all the actor’s habits he needs to break of what’s expected of him. Any misstep, his Leopard will be like the Sean Lau we’ve seen for decades and grown tired of actually.

      2. Lin Chi Ling for Best Director? THAT is uber super LOOOOLL why was she even there in the first place? Oh yea I remember, to look pretteeeehhh.

        I love both Nick and Sean, and I’d be happy all the same if either of them won. But I guess I’m such a sucker for performances that move me emotionally than the rest. I agree that Sean’s performance in LWP was superb, no doubt, it totally erased the stereotype that’d followed him for years (tho I enjoy seeing him being all funny hilarious and witty) and made a mark in his career as an actor. But Nick’s performance somehow moved me more (my brain doesn’t work along the heart haha), not just because he played a character who couldn’t speak and had to emote merely with expressions and gestures, but because he made me feel the grit and turmoil of his character despite him being the antagonist. And I thought it was a difficult character to nail as well considering that he had to keep things in wraps till the very end. I don’t remember his performance in Stool Pigeon because Nic stole the show (I agree). But just based on Nightfall alone, I think he gets himself a win (at least from me). 😉

        Anw, I’m a happy happy girl! Kwai Lun Mei won Best Actress, which makes me even happier, though I have to get on to watching GF.BF. no time T____T

      1. I liked the tension and desperation portrayed in the movie surrounding a banking crisis.

        The powder keg work environments and greed were the pearls of the drama where each character’s story was allowed to shine. People on top of people with suffocating and fast-paced imagery spun well about the state of human affairs in a downward spiral due to misguided dreams or desires created by one medium or another or youthful loyalties that need to be renounced because of destructive behaviors by a few who erode the resources and goodwill of others. The pressures seemed self-imposed because they chose to accept what is being declared in a hurried manner putting themselves in a bind. It’s an addiction.

        And, I liked how they highlighted the exorbitant banking fees in every customer transaction was usury and therefore, immoral was spot on as far as I’m concerned. The old adages holds up under today’s cultural norms, “If something is too good to be true, it probably and more than like is.”

        This movie was riveting and I’m glad Netflix had it. Thanks for the article. 🙂

      2. Wooww, what a spot on analysis on the film! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I couldn’t have said it any better. All I thought was that money really brought out the “best” in all of the characters in the film, be they motivated by bad or good intentions, greed or pressure.

        I’d like to hear from you on other films too, if you feel like sharing 🙂

        Are you watching any dramas lately? Or you done with NG?

      3. You’re too kind. Please forgive the typos.

        I’m currently watching three J-doramas and one TW/C-drama:
        Ooku: Arikoto Iemitsu Hen
        Drama Go Go Go
        Kekkon Shinai

        I’m waiting for the FBND drama as it will be the only FB one that caught my attention of the bunch, and this is due to Kim Ji-hoon. That will be it for me.

        Alas, I gave up on NG at ep 10 and continued with the recaps only. There are no plans to pick it back because I did not like the EG character after the beach and crash scenes.

        Any segments on movie reviews sounds like fun. Count me in on the hilarity.

      1. *nods nods* I’ve loved Cheung Ka Fai since 天地豪情, and already I’m drawing comparisons between his character and Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You (PLEASE DON’T TURN EVIL. Hmm, or maybe he should. Villians are yummy!)

      2. Oh yays hi fives! I loved his villainous portrayal of Calvin 天地豪情, one of my fav TVB series ever! It was ages ago but I remember hating and pitying his character at the same time back then…so conflicted!

        I’m kinda indifferent to Yoo Seung Ho’s portrayal of Harry/HJ in MY. I know it’s not an easy role, and I get the gist of his character (the underlying complexities and motivations), but somehow his acting just doesn’t come across any convincing or relatable to me. Maybe because his expressions are mostly listless and vapid, with no defined range and no shown effort to exert such, I find it difficult to connect with his character. I dunno if it’s just me because 99.9% of the universe IS enamoured over this boy while he does nothing for me. I can’t compare him with Calvin because Nick was just so so so much better hehehe.

      3. Damn I am envious of you! Wish I could say the same, but I have to bite back the urge to fan myself every time he’s on screen. Must keep in mind he’s a year younger than my brother >_>

        The only way I can get out of this one is if he pulls a Jang Geun Suk on me.

    1. Nick: “Let’s just leave that to Andy Lau and Tony Leung.”

      LMAO. Ok I admit, Lau Ching Wan reminds me of a bulldog (I find bulldogs adorable btw) but aww c’mon Nick, you’re swoon-worthy too!

  1. Aww…congrats to Sean for this long overdue win! Thanks for sharing!

    In regards to IMY…it’s not just you, but I’m not feeling anything from YSH & his portrayal so far. It could be because his character hasn’t been fleshed out yet, but yeah he’s definitely not Nick Cheung. It’s also kinda strange how loads of ppl are raving about YEH &YSH’s chemistry. Yes, I do see some, but to me it’s more of a noona-dongsaeng relationship (an actual one) and not a romantic one. He’s a good-looking boy, but I don’t go gaga over him like lots of noonas out there…LOL

    1. I used to like YSH when he was like really young.. when he was just doing his job, playing a kid. But ever since he turned to play roles so much older than him, he just couldn’t nail em. He’s trying too hard, and it shows miserably.

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