A Missing You and Chunface post

This is just an excuse for me to spam endless Chun!

Oh don’t you love how adorable Chunface is? XDDD

If it weren’t for the shiz about Soo Yeon, this might just be the most adorable and most natural of Micky I’ve seen playing goofy adorable character (a facade of course but still). Young Han Jung Woo was owned brilliantly, heart and soul by the incredible Yeo Jin Gu, but grown up HJW? Well, he ain’t that bad either. Micky isn’t half as good as the younger counterpart, and probably will never reach the threshold set by the boy, but he’s working pretty okay around his limitations right now, and IMO is showing some improvement.

Missing You isn’t exactly what I’d expected it to be, given the writer’s previous brilliance that was of Can You Hear My Heart. Sure CYHMH had the same cliches same tropes, but heck I don’t remember having been this annoyed with all the stupid coincidences and cliches such as shown in this drama. If it weren’t for the earth-shattering performances of YJG and Kim So Hyun in the first 4 eps, this drama would have been binned right away without much thought.

I think I must be an alien of some sort, I come from another planet I’m sure. Because while 99.9% of the universe of fandom is fanshipping Harry and Zoe like mad, because they’re pretty like that, I can’t seem to feel for them as an OTP at all.  Love or not, I just CANNOT! 😦 I think my problem lies with the fact that Yoo Seung Ho is not doing it for me at all. I realise I am the least of the minority group who ain’t thinking right, an unpopular voice sticking out like a sore thumb, but the kid just doesn’t kill it for me.  I like the premise of his character alright, one marred with a troubled and complicated past, who had hung on because of the only one light in his life – Soo Yeon/Zoe. But sadly, all I see from his acting – zero vapid listless expressions of an actor who doesn’t seem like he’s trying. I hate to say this but he reminds me of the post MISA So Ji Sub who doesn’t seem to want to emote at all, he’s like blank emptiness to me all the freaking time. He’s lucky he’s got that yummilicious look because other than that, I can’t seem to find a reason to watch him at all. *okay I AM prepared at the swords and stones aimed at me*

Yoon Eun Hye on the other hand is a slight better, I don’t think she’s nailing everything right on spot but she is trying and her effort shows. I’ve always acknowledged her ability to cry beautifully and naturally, and the same in MY, it shows.  She exerts Zoe’s vulnerability and dependance on Harry convincingly and makes people feel for her easily. I’m not on board their ship though. Love in dramas has always been about the heart, and tho I don’t dispute her “love” for Harry in the sense that he’s the only one she’s got, that he’s always been there by her side and that she has noone else to turn too, her depending on Harry feels more like an attachment held close not by love but by gratitude and appreciation. I don’t feel in love seeing Harry and Zoe together (yes because drama has skipped thru the entire 15 years), I only see 2 people who need each other as friends and confidants when they have noone to turn to. Harry loves Zoe, the way a man loves a woman, I get it. But the way I see Zoe acts around Harry, the vibe the feeling, it feels…just very comfy platonic and friendly. They act like a couple, but to me they do not feel like one.

Now, onto Chun!

When Micky appeared for the first time as Han Jung Woo in Ep 5, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. o__0 I was like, okay, is this Han Jung Woo or Chunface?!! I laughed so loud I couldn’t believe I was reacting the way I did to this supposed to be angsty drama, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. LOOL I’m such a helpless girl when it comes to my lubs and biases.

2 eps in Missing You, I can’t say I like it in its entirety, but I’m still watching. Who knows why? But what I know, against the better and biased judgement of mine, my favourite character in the whole drama – Han Jung Woo. Why?

Because of THIS.



You know that’s not acting Micky? You’re just you in Chunface mode! lol

I kid. Micky isn’t doing anything to call home in MY, there are in fact scenes where he could have exerted more or restrained to come across as effective an Han Jung Woo in misery pining for his Soo Yeon. But generally, I think I see improvement and effort. I didn’t like Micky’s earlier Rooftop Prince nor his acting in it, the OTT-ness just turned me off off off like no other. He’s best when he does natural cute and funny, and not the imposed on people kind of cute and funny. The reason why I kind of adore Han Jung Woo, because when he’s not the old Han Jung Woo living in the past, he is all kinds of lovely and adorkable I wanna pinch him.

His shortcomings are obvious especially during emotional scenes and scenes which require depth. He seems to try too hard and it is cringeworthy, but in some ways, I am just able to relate. All the main characters in MY are not the easiest to portray, but the one I find the most fascinating and difficult to nail with perfection – Han Jung Woo. He is a troubled character, but painted with so many different layers – Han Jung Woo the cop, Han Jung Woo the cop who wants to capture Soo Yeon’s rapist, Han Jung Woo the son to Soo Yeon’s mom, Han Jung Woo who loves Soo Yeon, and the Han Jung Woo living in guilt and remorse. They’re all different and yet they’re the same person – Han Jung Woo. They’re all motivated by the same person and cause Soo Yeon, but it’s imperative to note that the differences in presentation and portrayal are there. Micky has to handle something that just isn’t up to his calibre, but he’s trying and I commend him for it.

Another reason why I’m fascinated by Jung Woo, I want to know what he wants. Other than to find Soo Yeon and to tell her that he loves her. What then? Does he want to get together with her? Does he want to say sorry and move on? I’m not banking much on the writing anymore after all the incredulous occurrences, but I do foresee a lot of potential and interesting stuff to be dealt by both JW and SY, no matter how angsty and destructive they may come to be.  They have years of unheard words and things to sort out and overcome, will they be able to come to full closure?

I doubt, but I can hope.

I dunno if I can still see Chunface anymore now that JW has met SY. So lemme just spam Chun for the very last time.

credits: all Chunfaces frm tumblr / as tagged


8 thoughts on “A Missing You and Chunface post”

  1. endless thanks for the Chunface spam :3

    I don;t have the confidence to properly get started with MY until now because of the genre. It looks too complicated and I’m afraid I’d drop it altogether. I’m still waiting for the ‘pull’ to come and make me watch it without any hesitation. i’ve browsed over some scenes (most of them are JW’s ;P) and I love to see his relationship with SY’s mother. Although they’re just a makeshift family, I can see SY’s mother is living happily with him. I just adore their interaction with each other and hopefully nothing will change between them.

    last but not least…it’s not fair for me to judge the characters while I haven’t get started with the drama but Han Jung Woo is just amazing, because he has the Chunface. heeee

  2. The genre is ridiculously depressing and sappy, kind of expected from writer who did CYHMH. Was expected to buy into the story from the get go just like CYHMH, but I dunno for some reason nothing apart from the kids’ performances in the first 4 eps made the cut for me, they really sold their characters and dynamics well in spite of all the incredulous stuff happening.

    JW’s relationship with SY’s mom is probably my fav right now. I think the writer does it best and more intricate in scenes involving family warmth, just like CYHMH. I never thought JW and SY’s mom could make peace after what’d happened 15 years ago, it’s really not the easiest to forget. But it’s lovely that they’ve been able to endure all that and stay strong together.

    Perhaps you could start watching sometime soon, before Full House 2 ends? At least you can have FH2 to laugh over while watching this MY tearfest.

  3. This post is basically everything I feel about MY.
    Chunface ❤
    I like Yoo Seung-ho but he is just still too young and inexperienced to be playing this role. He doesn't have enough acting chops to be filling this character's age and life experience either. I don't get the smolder when he is with YEH so this couple does nothing for me.

    1. Where’s the smolder? See NONE.

      His age is a problem, but thing is that if he puts some effort into emoting and not just try to look gazey handsome all the time, he’d at least make something out of his character. I am so very sure if YJG’s put in his shoes (at the age he is now), he’d kill the role all the same. I now hope his revengy Harry will be much better..

  4. babe,

    i’m once a wife yoochun. mad about him. now not so much since i’m married and overwhelmed with my hubby. hehe

    here a present:-

    my fav group: apart from brown eyed soul, my aunt mary, clazziqual


  5. Finally, I’m not the only one who rated Yo Seung Ho not very high…
    I thought I’m so weird not to attached to him that much. Is it weird I love his character so much in operational proposal because I can related to but not so much about him as an actor? haha
    I just realized this is the first time when knowing I could just fell for the character without becoming a fan of that actor.
    I don’t know about his performances in I miss you, since I haven’t watch this show so I can’t judge properly. My mood right know it’s gloomy and want to stay away from melodrama just for a moment. But from what I see in some pics at ockoala’s recap, he looks almost the same. I hope he will improved though, because I heard he was acting well in another drama and I want to see that.

    If I want to choose between overact or underact performances. I’d rather see Overacting, at least i know they are trying, lol

    1. Ah yes, I remember you loved YSH’s character in OP. I dunno about his acting in that, but his in MY is plain vapid listless even when trying to emote. I think it’s laziness, or just him plain wanting to look prim and yummy 24/7. lol the only time when I wish he’d try to overact a bit, but sorry em, he’s not doing it here. Boring.

  6. IMO, the emotional scene in operational proposal are carried mostly by the directing, and at times the writing.. The acting just decent, and not the strong point. for some reason, despite all people keep saying Queen In Hyun’s man the best time travelling drama this year, which I agree with, my fav. Still operational proposal. There is some inconsistencies element but it just didn’t bothers me surprisingly because the messages still deliver. , I guess.

    Yess I love Kang Baek Ho for many aspect.
    But what I loved most was the character development of Kang Baek Ho. He is maybe unlikeble and a whining leading male, so many people annoyed by him, lol… but I love his gradual change, his awareness to the people he loved that start to grow, the way he is trying to care a small think he was ignored before, the way he was trying to changed not only his past mistakes but him, before he start to confess his feeling to the woman he loved (though I don’t really care about the loveline.) truly resonated with me so much.

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