This is where TVB loses me…


Oh TVB, is there any slight hope for your truly glorious days to return? I used to love you so much, SO MUCH. You made me younger days interesting (TVB was the only thing on VHS tapes we got). You made me edge on my seat with writing so gripping and riveting I can still remember scenes that blew the mind. You made me laugh like a hysterical loon with your gags. You had legit actors like Gallen Lo, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung, Sheren Tang etc. You had PDs like the one who did War and Beauty, one of the best best TVB series I’ve ever seen.  I practically grew up with you.

But WTF happened to you?

I know the presentation clip isn’t good enough judgement of what the series would be like, half of them won’t be produced anyway, it’s mere tactic to attract potential investors. But heck if I was an investor, I wouldn’t even touch any of them yaiks. They either look too smart for their own good with stupid cheesy CGI to gloss our eyes a bit, or just shoddily put together crap!

The only decent-est out of the bunch that I might be interested to check out,  好心作怪, 巨轮 and 情逆3世缘? The rest you can just forget about it.

The list of series possibly coming out next year:

1.神枪追击  2.传爱事务所 3.仁心解码2  4.老表,你好耶! 5.寒山潜龙 6.好心作怪

7.单恋双城 8.食为奴 9.On Call 36小时 II 10.巨轮 11.情逆3世缘 12.巾帼枭雄之谍血长天

They omitted 金枝慾孽 War and Beauty 2 and Triumph in the Skies 衝上雲霄II in the clip, which probably will be the only watchable 2 series to come out next year. :/

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19 thoughts on “This is where TVB loses me…”

  1. I know what you mean. I started watching TVB in middle school, so about 14 years ago. Yeah, I am old…
    Waiting every week for the VHS tapes would kill me. And having to rewind after so many other people in my family had watch. It was a lot of work—Rewinding tapes. But it was fun. I rememeber my family being glued to the tv set watching Secret of the Heart (Gallen Lo, Nick Cheung, Ada Choi and Jessica Hsuan), or one of my favorites, DIF 4 (Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were so good, this really started my obsession with them as a couple). And the list goes on…War and Beauty (Gigi Lai, she’s is like the hong kong version of Kim So Yeon, so bad ass)…then the new generation of actors and actresses were okay..(Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma).

    Anyways for the last, oh IDK, 5-6 years, I just don’t care for TVB dramas anymore. I don’t really know what happened. Maybe it was me switching over to korean dramas, or TVB lost it magic touch, all the plots are like recycled or just so weird. the only decent Hong Kong series that I watched was C’est La Vie, Mon Cheri , (which wasn’t even produced by TVB, but it was aired on the TVB Pearl channel, I think.), and that was made back in 2008. Like you said, having legit actors makes a difference too, Sheren Tang was the only factor to keep me interested to watch Rosy Business and No Regrets.

    So I don’t know if it’s just me, or TVB just cannot compete with korean dramas anymore after dominating for so many years. Or maybe they are just aiming at another audience….I don’t know. I keep wondering, are TVB series popular in Korea?—like how korean dramas are popular in China and Hong Kong.

    1. TVB has been on a spiral decline the past few years, the main reason being that the higher execs play favoritism amongst actors, pay them worse than horrible salary (especially those who really are really good but do not have the love of the upper execs, you know you’ve gotta be TVB’s daughters and sons to nail a good series), expect actors to devote their all to them when they’re not giving anything back..etc. I’ve not followed TVB regularly ever since I got on the K-drama bandwagon, perhaps it’s the reason why I haven’t had the urge since to pay attention. But I’ve read countless backlash and negative comments on how TVB has been treating their artists and their contracts, prob one of the reasons why all good actors are moving up to China instead, where altho they may not be main lead, they’re treated fairly and remunerated better.

      My best and fav TVB times would be the 1997-2000 period, plus a couple aired along the years up until the current time. Like you, I’d anticipate for eps to air, rave about the OTPs (one thing TVB is good at, most of their OTPs have chemistry – most probably because they keep working with each other o___0), it was fun. But now, the quality actors have left, they do not have good scriptwriters who can actually write to save their lives, and they treat their artists like crap, what else can they rely on? New crop of newbies who cannot even emote correctly.. at least before TVB used actors who came out of training classes, but now, all you’ve got to do is to be a beauty pageant.. uhhhh.

      I dunno if Korean or Mainland Chinese viewers watch TVB at all. I just can’t see why they would when they actually have way superior quality from their own countries. :/

      1. WOW..Thanks for the explanation on why TVB sucks. I am not Chinese, so I can’t read chinese news, and I don’t care enough to read the English translated news related to TVB.
        I think you are right about Korean people not watching TVB or mainland series, Korean dramas have far superior quality in every aspect.
        On another note: I always wonder why TVB actors and actresses look like crap at the end of the year award shows, now I realized it’s because they are treated like crap…. :] Plus I don’t know what their stylists are thinking, those clothes are hideous…who would even want to wear THAT in public?
        Just some examples:

      2. Not all of TVB artists are treated like crap, the ones who’re on the same boat, they get all the good stuff. Those who don’t lap up to their tails, or those who express their differing views, their series get shelved or slotted in bad time-slots. The most prominent was Steven Ma, who got snubbed countless time by TVB, causing him to terminate his contract prior to maturity.

  2. oh, I remember! Those shows were crack, even without the romance being on the forefront. It used to be a family thing, we’d watch it on TV (which means 3-5 years old after TVB airs it). Those were the days I’d really watched just about every genre, costume ones, cooking ones, wuxia ones, 1940 ones… Now it’s just modern rom-coms for me. Sigh. I haven’t touched HK dramas since I *really* got into kdramas (i.e the internet came).

    I only recognize the TVB actors up till the myolie wu batch. Are there any new ones that I should look out for?

    1. I have no idea who or what their names are, but see the new faces in the presentation clip, they are the ones. They’re mostly MEH, none of em anywhere near acting material.

      But I like Oscar Leung 梁烈唯, Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年, Nancy Wu 胡定欣 and Mandy Wong 黃智雯 amongst others. They’re not exactly fresh faces (having been in the industry for more than 10 years), but I think they’ve got what it takes and really do deserve more opportunities. Too bad TVB’s too rotten now to give em ppl a chance.:(

      1. Ooh, I recognize two of them! Love 梁烈唯 especially. But dunno Mandy, though Pierre looks darn familiar.

        Newbies… I remember Charmaine used to be horrendous too. Maybe we should come back after a few years to see how they’re doing, heh.

      2. Charmaine’s a weird case because tho she started off horrible, she was lucky with her early projects, which were very well received (Flying Fox and DIF 4). She’d have acted with most of the TVB actors by now, but her chemistry with Sunny Chan still remains the best and memorable to me. Too bad they never got to collaborate as a couple ever since.

      3. Speaking of Charmaine, I still cannot make myself to like her, no matter how many dramas I’ve watched of hers. But she did get lucky starting out with and getting to work with a lot of big names. She’s probably one of the few beauty queens that’s improved over the years, but there is just something weird about her face and acting that I just don’t like.

      4. She’s a hit and miss for me, the only 1 series which I’d fully loved of hers, War and Beauty. But then that series was jawdropping so yeah..

  3. Have you watched When Heaven Burns? Charmaine completely wowed me with her nuanced and subtly powerful performance. I really do think it’s her best work thus far. I didn’t like many of her early roles … too feminine, girly, damsel-in-distress, etc. Her romantic rumors being constant fodder for gossip rags wasn’t flattering for her image either. And most importantly, her acting was truly cringe-worthy and that shrill chicken voice didn’t help things either. So Charmaine has sure come a long way. If anything, you’ve got to admire her drive and determination. Girl is certainly a hard worker.

    1. Nope haven’t seen that, fact I haven’t watched TVB in ages. Ever since the decline I just couldn’t bother to care. But I’ve heard some good stuff about it, that it had a very controversial but interesting theme and the actors gave their all in it. Alas it’s all about K-dramas in my life now.. maybe one day if I get the chance, perhaps when it’s on TV, I’ll give it a chance.

      Gotta agree that she’s come a long long way, but the same applies to a lot of TVB artists who have devoted their all to the station but yet are still being buried and under-appreciated. :/

  4. I’ve, too, long since given up on TVB. But I am amazingly enough watching “The Hippocratic Crush” out of a friend’s recommendation that it isn’t half bad. And it really isn’t half-bad. I’ve got some quibbles about some annoying characters, but otherwise up to ep 9, I think I’ll continue. It’s a medical drama, but nowhere near the level of amazingness that was “Healing Hands”. It also has Mandy Wong in a supporting lead role and she’s pretty good here. Though when I saw the preview for “The Hippocratic Crush 2” I busted a gut at the piano in the medical exam room. Seriously… who comes up with this stuff?

    1. Oh Healing Hands, I remember loving that (the first one) a lot! How long was that ago? Seen an ep of HC, and just couldn’t make myself continue because of the sloppy editing and research on the script. But I guess it isn’t fair for me to judge based on that alone, did hear some really positive reviews about it, so I guess you’re not too far off. 🙂

  5. TVB shows in the 90’s were the best. Oh how much I missed those days. Gallen Lo dramas were amazing, especially Golden Faith. Sunny, Nick Cheung, Bobby, Wong Hei etc.. I can keep going on and on. The new ones are horrible and unbearable New actors/actresses like Kevin Cheung and Kate are so bad it makes me want to puke.
    With all that being said, does anyone know where I can stream or download drama’s back in the 90’s? I was able to get a few but a lot of websites shut down like megaupload which killed all my links. I want to rewatch all the old ones.

  6. Oh yes the old times, how I missed those! Gallen Lo and Nick Cheung, still my fav of favs, and my fav ever drama of theirs Secret of The Heart, those indeed were good old times.

    I’m actually OK with Kevin Cheng, I think he’s really improved over the years, especially after his stint in Mainland China (BBJX) and Ghetto Justice 1/2. I used to resent him and his acting in the earlier days, thought he was just a pretty face. But along the years he’s managed to show that he has chops too, and I appreciate that.

    Sorry I have no idea where to get all the dramas, mysoju/viki used to have those dramas in the past but sadly they’re not as accessible as before. But there is a site you may want to try, it’s in Chinese, lemme know I’ll PM you the link.

  7. Sorry I’m new to this but how do I PM you? haha…

    Gallen Lo is my fave actor! I want to watch his mainland ones but I don’t understand mandarin.

    I agree Kevin Cheng has improved but he has some same facial expressions in every drama that needs to be changed. I pay too much attention to little details that nobody ever looks at lol.

    1. Hey I’ll PM you the link thru email, but first, can you read Chinese? Because the site is entirely in Chinese and it’s massive, pretty difficult to navigate thru everything if you don’t understand a thing. ;/

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