ILICDD: Kim Hye Ja & Jung Woo Sung

Kim Hye Ja

Yay, I’m half-way done with ILICDD, the loveliness and perfection continues ❤ ❤ Drama is still rawking my world, giving me endless laughs and gags, making choke tear up at the littlest and trivial but loveliest of moments, at times giving me both at the same time, making me look like a freak mad woman.

A dear friend of mine made a ILICDD post just yesterday, and said I’m not even there yet, nowhere close towards PERFECTION! I’m getting all excited EXCITED EXCITED, expectations heaped over a mountain now, if they fail to top the perfection that it is already where I am, I am going to eat you (you know who you are lol).

This is such a lame excuse to spam ILICDD along with you chinggu, but to commemorate the day I finally reach the halfway mark of this awesomesauce drama, I want to share one of my fav fav fav moments in this drama.

This is absolutely one of my fav because I could truly relate, when Hallyu crushes took over my world, and the amazing wonders they did to me LOL

*padam padam* oh how my heart fails me

credits: grace021978


15 thoughts on “ILICDD: Kim Hye Ja & Jung Woo Sung”

  1. It was probably 3am on a weekday, on fifth straight day of ILICDD overdose, when I saw that and had to stifle an enormous LMAO. I won’t come between Hye-ja and her Woo-sung!

    1. The power of crushes and ILUs, they really are able to make you go beyond what you initially think you can’t do! LOL I’ve been thru that, initial stages of addiction and obsession!

  2. OH ME TOO JOONNI!!!! AND RIPGAL!!!! I capped that nikkid JWS scene and spazzed like a loonie @ tt

    lolz it’s like we’re having ILICDD Anon meetings everywhere!!! ^^

    Seriously I’ll give you dips on HyunWoo+SangYeob and I’ll keep the 3 stooges if you didn’t squee through 101. And before long the 2 digit number of eps will be WAY too few. (I dunno how u did it anyway, even with steely control to watch an ep or 2 each go, I CAN’T STOP! EVEN REWATCHING!!!)

    sorry, but not really for all the capslock…..

    1. Haha, I cannot marathon because if I do, I lose sleep, lose concentration and will end up losing my job LOL. A dose of 1-2 ep a day makes me happy enough, I don’t know how you GUYS did it and managed to survive.

      I don’t think I will/can ever forget that JWS nekkid scene, nearly fell off my chair because I did not expect Hye Ja to go that far LMAO.

  3. HA HA you are so not there yet …. but your high sense of discipline is admirable. I just can’t stop despite the intensifying eyebag.

    This is one episode that I can totally relate to – from an internet illiterate to highly proficient all for the love of kdrama. This is the ILCDD magic. I can rewatch any episode anytime and still laugh and cry like the first time.

    1. Each ep of ILICDD reflects a piece and parcel of life, good or bad. And this being of them, which every K-drama addict can relate to haha.

  4. LOOOOL 🙂 that amazing moment surely remind me of someone 😀

    Although I know that I will never get to watch this drama but I really thank you for sharing this video ^_^

    1. Oh I will always pray for decent Eng subs to come out in future, maybe not anytime soon, but some time in future. Who knows one day JTBC might hire someone to sub their dramas in English, their quality produced this year is astounding!

  5. ,thanks for sharing the video. I was grinning the entire time despite not understanding a word of it, other than Jung Woo Sung, ahjumma, cable and internet. A personal tidbit from me, I was surprised when I went home for semestral break and my mother was watching Korean dramas in DVD! It might be selfish of me but I thank God that internet and cable hasn’t yet reached our neck of woods or I might end up frustrated teaching my Mom to use the internet. 🙂

    The meeting of the ahjummas was priceless, them fawning over Jung Woo Sung. I can totally relate with that. hehe..

    Plus the photoshopped/edited video! I was totally laughing out loud at that moment. Thankfully, I haven’t resorted to that fangirl level yet… 🙂

    1. Oh haha I get that, thank goodness my cable here offers KBS World, my parents are good enough with what’s available. They’ve been watching the dailies regularly for 3 years now, every single day! lol

      That part killed me, Hye Ja and her fangirliness taken to the extreme! But I could totally relate to the part of her becoming a computer expert just of her JWS crush. That’s like me years and years ago, tho I profess I can only do as much as stuff related to K-drama DLing that’s all haha.

    1. Yaaay, more ILICDD fans! I’m taking it really really slow, started watching about 2 months ago, and I’m still on 88. But loving every single passing minute and moment in drama, can always go back to it anytime without feeling that excitement or interest has waned down. 😉

      1. I’m taking it super slow too!!! And I have the exact same feeling as you – no matter how long I put it aside for, it always feels just as engaging and entertaining when I go back to it! So. Good! 😀

  6. Question! Your blog made me curious enough to try it out, but — and here comes rookie question — where can I find it with subs? Even Chinese subs would be good. Somehow it comes out empty for me.

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