Pi’s Lullaby

Pi’s power is great, it’s magical. I dunno what’s gotten into me. It’s been 3 days since I’ve finished watching the film, and yet my mind is still in a dazed magical mode, with thoughts clouding the mind, keeping me awake and conscious when I’m supposed to be asleep, keeping me pensive and preoccupied in my own world. I keep thinking about it, about Pi, his trials and tribulations, his journey, the truth…etc and as I find myself wanting to conclude on my final thoughts, give closure to this wonderful and meaningful journey of faith, new things start to crop up, new clues new hints, stumbling my way to finality.  I’ve been discussing with friends, and every time we come to a specific point in the film, we agree we disagree and we discover new things, we go deeper. It’s not something that I often do with my friends, most of the time it’s always the normal and pedestrian routine of just raving on how hot this guy is, how great the story is (it doesn’t have to be meaningful)… we rarely make a point to actually reflect on what film wants to portray, the message within. Ang Lee did it, and it’s making me crazy.

I just got the book, read about 30 pages, haven’t reached that far yet. I suppose it makes a startling difference that I’d seen the film beforehand, being unaware to the unknown and not privy to the characters’ thoughts and motivations, I got to experience first hand, visually and emotionally, this beautiful adventure painted with such honest reality. In other words, I never knew what to expect. My initial impression of the book (first 15 chapters) differs from what I’d expected, but in a good way. There are countless of things not spelled out or conveyed directly in the film,  thoughts and perceptions of Pi regarding the world and its reality (here in which I think it would take a master of genius to pull it off because book is told in a first point of view). I’m opened and more enlightened by book’s elaboration on certain things, but  also appreciate even more how Ang Lee managed to make the film so restrained and subtle i.e. not directly in your face. There are things which differ in context and yet the essence is conveyed thru different channels, different ways in the film.

I’ve yet to come to the crux of it all, dying to flip to the last page to just see whether writer and Ang Lee’s intentions and purpose are the same, but pulled myself together and reminded myself that this story needs to be felt and experienced the same way as the film. So I will gladly digress and not say more until I finish for good.

Here’s a precious gem not to be missed, if you have not seen or have already seen Life of Pi, one of the most beautiful and soothing film scores I’ve ever heard in ages.

Pi’s Lullaby (Mychael Danna + Bombay Jayashri)

If that doesn’t make you want to watch the film right away, I dunno what to say.

credits: Liradrin b@ youtube


11 thoughts on “Pi’s Lullaby”

    1. IKR? I’ve been listening to it the past few days before sleep, talk about weird obsessions.
      But LOL that’s a pretty spot on graph, if you interpret it literally..haha..

      Nope haven’t read CA (wait till I finish Pi and The Hobbit first), but I saw the trailer, uh-mazing!

      1. Newsweek said it was like watching many different trailers, lol. I was afraid it would be confusing, so I’m planning to read the book first. Got a hunch the book would be better anyways.

  1. oh God this movie, this movie has my heart. easly become one of my fav movie… I’ve never regret watching it with my family. After the filming end, I start discussed about the movie with my dad and my sister, and we end up have a long conversation and disccussed about it with no one want to end the discussion. Haha

    This movie makes me sobbing endlessly especially when Pi start his journey with his friend (?), the tiger. Since then, I just keep sobbing, overwhelming being touched by the monolougue, Pi trying to survive for all the circumstance he faced, and a little moment that really gets me like the first time he can finally touched tiger’s head.

    I become curious about the novel after watching the film. It definitely would be more detail?

    1. I’ve read about 30 pages, and it is indeed more detailed with Pi’s interpretations and perceptions on life, but the film does make a great effort to convey most of it, not just via Pi’s monologues but also thru his experiences at sea with RP.

      The great thing about the film, especially the ending, it made me re-think on the notion of RP being Pi’s friend in his journey of survival – in that animals can never be as close as to being your friend (Pi’s father said so) and the reason why RP was tamed later on – Pi trained him and set his own territory on the boat. There is also the interpretation that in fact the tiger story had never really happened but was a mere metaphoric reiteration of the truth – the human story, the brutality that engulfed him. There are so many possibilities of interpretations.. and it’s amazing, because it doesn’t matter which one you choose or you prefer, it makes sense!

      Lovely right?

  2. I intended to read it first, but I couldn’t find my sister’s book.
    I loved the film, too, with its lush color and cinematography … and I bawled at the brutality of the animals’ deaths, and I could relate to young Pi’s openness to different religions.
    Did you know that Irrfan Khan had to refilm essentially all his scenes? Via Irrfan’s NPR interview: Initially, Tobey Maguire had Rafe Spall’s role. Then, one day, Ang Lee phoned Irrfan, telling him that they’ll have to reshoot some scenes. Irrfan asked which, and Ang said all his scenes. Irrfan was hesitant to reshoot because as an actor, it would mean diving into his character’s profound emotions. Actors really absorb their characters, but I’m glad he agreed to the reshoot, and Rafe Spall’s a dream 😉
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the Pi’s Lullaby 🙂 and for writing about this wonderful story.

    1. Just done with book, it’s relatively detailed and graphic compared to film, things not in film but which I appreciate were not shown outright (not that I think they’re easy to show thru the camera lens). If you do get a chance, do try it out. It’s a fascinating journey with ironic realities depicted, just as good as the film.

      Just googled Irrfan Khan (brother of Salman Khan lol), am glad AL got lessor known actors to play the roles, they make me appreciate the performances even more.

      1. Assuming you’re referring to Salman “The Buffoon” Khan, whoever told you that Irrfan is his brother made a cruel joke. Salman has two brothers – Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan, both much worse actors than their big brother.

        BTW, good post.

  3. OOH Ripgal and all commenters, you really made me want to watch this movie. Hope I can be able to watch it once it is available here in theaters in my country and may be read the book if have some time.

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