Immortal Song 2: B1A4’s Sandeul

I love Immortal Song 2. I’ve said it a bunch of times over and over, nothing’s new. But nothing’s gonna stop me, I’m going to say it again, I LOVE THIS FUCKING SHOW!

This show is full abounds of brilliant performances. I get to see underrated and buried singers shine above their unknown faces. I get to see idol groups and singers show how they’re not just plain teen boppers aiming for one time fame with their autotuned voices and regurgitating dances, I get to see them pry and break away from their idol images, show us performances that make us jaws drop (because we least expect to see anything more than pretty faces from them). Of course, there have been results which didn’t sit well with me, which made me furious and angry. But above all, it’s the voices that count. The beautiful and powerful vocals from the singers, their heartfelt overflow of emotions, the everything they give to every single performance. This is a beautiful show. Stat.

This post is specially dedicated to B1A4, or in particular their lead and main vocalist, Sandeul. I never thought anyone could outdo Jung Dong Ha this season (this man’s  one of the most powerful vocalists ever EVER!), he’s so freaking amazing. But Sandeul came out of nowhere, with hopes of winning but never with expectations that high to beat the Man, and BLEW ME AWAY. Not in the WHOA kind of sense, the earth-shattering way Jung Dong Ha always does to me, but in the most beautiful, emotional and quietest of ways. I’m such a sucker for emotional performances, and I love it when singers give it their all. But never have I, in my entire 2 years of watching IS2, teared up watching someone perform. The most, I stared and watched in awe dumbstruck, but never, I have never cried.

Just to give you an idea, if you don’t already know, who B1A4 are and the type of songs they sing:

And now, Sandeul/B1A4 in IS2:

This song titled The Way to Live like a Man gave them their victory win over Jung Dong Ha in last night’s episode of IS2. It’s not my favourite of theirs in IS2, but definitely worth a mention and note because of Sandeul’s amazingly angelic and over-powering performance. He has a very emotional touching voice, a voice capable of reaching deep down into the cockles of your heart. I didn’t hear the others sing so I can’t judge in my standards as to whether he deserved the win, but this performance alone, LOVE.

Now to THE IS2 PERFORMANCE which I thought Sandeul should have won for (but didn’t sighs, I was angry about this one for sure!): –

I teared up watching this. TRUE. And I get goosebumps all over every single time I listen to it. It’s not Sandeul’s best performance, not a perfect rendition of Forgotten Season, he had a split second of cracking glitch which could have ruined his confidence and performance in the beginning, but he got even better and made it his and his own. I’m sure I saw people wipe tears off watching him pour his heart out, and I wasn’t at all surprised, because I was one of them. It’s not the best BEST performance I’ve seen in IS2, but definitely one of the most moving I’ve ever seen. The only performance, in my memory of IS2, which has ever made me cry.

I dunno if it’s his voice or the emotion his pours out into his performance, try not tearing up or holding them back listening to this, my fav fav LIVE performance of his: –

This 20-year old lad has a gifted ability, a beautiful voice that can touch and warm hearts. I will definitely keep a look out for him. I dunno how far he can go far with B1A4 but what I know his talent will bring him places. With such a voice, he can easily map out a career on his own. 😉

Once again, I thank IS2 for all the beautiful voices. 🙂

credits: youtube


4 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2: B1A4’s Sandeul”

  1. Wow. His solo performance on IS2 gave me goosebumps and made me tear up And I don’t even know the song! I’ve always liked Sandeul, but I have a newfound respect for him. The goosebumps are still there even though the song’s over! Adding this one to the music library. Thanks you for the sharing the video! And I agree, I love Immortal Song 2!

    1. NP, the biggest I can do to share the love of good music 😉

      And I still have no words for Sandeul, have been listening to his rendition of the songs constantly these few days, and cannot stop! Plus I keep getting the same kind of goosebumps I get whenever I listen to singers in the likes of Kim Bum Soo and Im Jae Bum, that definitely says something about his ability.

  2. Spot on! I love IS2 and definitely was made a B1A4 fan through the show. I’ve not been impressed with Korean idol groups but hey this group is something, esp when they perform on IS2. Sandeul’s voice cracked in Forgotten Seasons and yet he went on to win Sweet Sorrow, which is a fantastic group. He lost to whats-his-name Ho Seong-something who was way too overrated. I’ve heard the original singer’s version, and Jaejoong’s, Shin YongJae’s and IU’s too. But it’s Sandeul (with a cracked section) who bowled me over.

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