Ha Jung Woo’s “Berlin” Official Stills + Teaser

 The_Berlin_File-001Yay for more Ha Jung Woo, I love him so much so any news about him makes me triply happy in my own world of delirium. So much so I dun even bother with the other star power cast in his upcoming film “Berlin“.  This man is definitely on a roll to more films next year and is currently onto his first venture as director (sexay!). Wish he’d come back to drama world some time, but that looks far unlikely a possibility hmmm.

Berlin just released some official stills and a teaser featuring a incredibly YUM and stellar cast of Han Suk Kyu, Ryu Seung Bum and (to a lesser extent but still hugely popular) Jeon Ji Hyun. And guess what, I only have eyes on my man (is that even news?).

The_Berlin_File-006 The_Berlin_File-005 The_Berlin_File-004 The_Berlin_File-003 The_Berlin_File-002  The_Berlin_File-007

Berlin is directed by well famed and acclaimed director brother to Ryu Seung Bum, Ryu Seung Wan and revolves around the huntdown and chase of a North Korean double/undercover agent (played by Ha Jung Woo) by Ryu Seung Bum’s assassin character after a failed attempt to infiltrate the South Korean NIS. Han Suk Kyu plays Ha Jung Woo’s South Korean NIS boss and Jeon Ji Hyun plays his wife who tries to save him. Sounds all very familiar and heard before? But heck I DUN CARE, it’s freaking Ha Jung Woo and Ryu Seung Wan  collab, how can I miss this?

Check out the awesome badass teaser:

It looks like The Chaser and Hwanghae all over again, why oh why Ha Jung Woo do you love being the object of pursuit? ;P

Credits: Asian Wiki/ CJ Ent / SSTVnews


2 thoughts on “Ha Jung Woo’s “Berlin” Official Stills + Teaser”

  1. Heard about this and it’s up my alley, sort of? I wish I took more time to watch HJW films. He’s an actor I adore but never feel pressed to watch. I just know he was awesome and move on. Aigoo.
    But my interest is terribly piqued by RSB appearance. I am always intrigued by the roles he chooses.

    1. Yes he’s awesomesauce! Never stereotypes himself to the same roles (tho he’s played similar ones more than twice) and is very versatile. If there’s any actor whom I can watch again and again and again and I can only choose 1, he be the man.

      And Ryu Seung Bum is equally as awesome, versatility is the key to survival in Chungmuro, and you know who’s got it. I wish he could go for cheery roles again cos he’s been on the run as killer too many times as of recent.. lol

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