Spampost: School2013 OTP & Ep 5


School2013 continues to be… a middling drama. Watchable yes, but ain’t pulling. Nope, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate or dislike the drama, I don’t resent the characters, I like it but not truly impressed (for some very different reasons than most), it’s just that it isn’t as hooking and engaging as I want it to be i.e. the realistic slice of life kind of school themed drama that I’d expected it to be.  I get what drama is trying to show, the reality of school life, the hidden and unsaid problems, the complexes, depicted from the teachers and students’ perspectives. I know drama wants to deal with school issues realistically, and I totally understand and I appreciate the effort.

Sadly, direction and execution aren’t as smooth and compelling,  some of the sub-plots are resorting to being redundant and overdone, and drama is taking the arcs of those plots a bit too far, much veering towards the the mystery thriller genre.  But there are things which I’m happy with (for completely biased and fangirly reasons), there are moments which moved me, scenes which tugged at my heart and made me cry. As much as I think this drama isn’t up to my expectations, I’m still watching and and hoping for it to get better (or rather, hoping that I’d come to love this drama) *being positive here*.

If you’ve followed me before, you’d have known by now of my fangirly love for the BFB OTP Daniel and Nara. That drama wasn’t a great drama overall, but the OTP made it work beautifully, with blasting and lovely chemistry thruout. When it was announced they’d come back to a new drama, I literally jumped from my seat, shot thru the roof, reached cloud nine. How good oh drama Gods you are for giving me my BFB OTP a second chance! 🙂

So I know School2013 won’t focus much on them being the OTP ( I don’t even know if they will ever happen given the recent news of the love-lines in drama getting the big cut because of viewers’ weird aversion to romance in school dramas as of recent), so this post is to spam everything and anything In Jae and Se Chan/Nara and Daniel the way I like it. I may not get plenty of them in the drama, but the least, I can still expect some very meaningful exchange between them as teachers and mentors with different teaching methods. If drama doesn’t gimme the OTP, I can dream on the way I like whenever I want. <333


I’ve said earlier that I don’t think In Jae and Se Chan are particularly interesting or intriguing characters on their own accord. I think they’re well acted by both actors, but not compelling enough individually for me to feel for them. But somewhere towards the end of Ep 4 and thruout Ep 5, I start to see the connection and sparks between them, the catch of heart and genuineness in their conversations, most particularly in relation to their students. Daniel and Nara already have cute enough chemistry (they can do no wrong together, it’s been there since BFB!), but its the gradual understanding and developing respect between each other as teachers to their students which have been getting to me lately.  They may have opposing opinions all the time, disagree on each others’ teaching methods, but overall, it’s the concern they have for their students that count. And the more touching and moving when you see them work together despite their differences to resolve matters in class. Se Chan is starting to show interest in things other than grades and results, that is something.

I’m disappointed that KBS and drama team have decided to take off all love lines from drama, because both Se Chan and In Jae (as well as Nam Soon-Ha Kyung) do have potential to go further based on chemistry and their interactions alone. If drama wants to bring it on without romance entirely, they have a difficult hurdle to pass. Because realistically, crushes and love do happen in school, between students, even between teachers, there’s nothing terribly wrong or unfocused about that. If anything, it also can be an interesting issue worth dealing with. But if drama manages to do just that, give us something more than just romance and bullies, you can color me impressed.

My OTP (dun care if it doesn’t happen lalalalalaa~~):


And of course, the one scene in Ep 5 that elevated the episode from boring (1st half) to awesome:






This is where reality hits In Jae and Se Chan. Faced with the pressure and frustration of not being able to help and guide her students, In Jae breaks down inside while trying to put up the right and disciplined front before her students who just do not want to try, in anything. I loved this scene a lot, compared to the many unnecessary scenes of Nam Soon and Jong Ho/Heung Soo which were essentially mere repetition of earlier scenes. Nara nailed it, Daniel even more, it was a heartfelt scene mixed with such layered emotions from both teachers and students (tho less effective acting wise by students). It’s scenes like these which make an impact, which truly make a point to show the internal dilemmas faced by teachers and the obliviousness of students who are rebellious without true intent to rebel. This scene reminded me vividly and clearly of a period in high school, of a teacher who cried in front of his students because of his shy nature (opposed to the unabashed vocal class). He tried but he failed, and he left after a year. It’s sad when we come to realisation that we’ve stepped over the line,  the scar will forever be there. It may be over-ideal in this drama, but it shows pretty truly, how much a teacher has to endure to be the way they are, the face they have to put up, internally and externally. This is exactly the kind of stuff that the drama needs, things that we are able to relate, we as teachers, students…etc. It’s what I meant earlier about issues that are void of cliches (drama wise) but yet are truth of realities that need to be acknowledged and zeroed in on in school.

And much more? We see something different in Se Chan now, about how things are not just about good grades and results, and that they are the only guiding mentors to the students who may not know know what they really want, and who may not know that there is SOMEONE out there who cares. Of course I squeed in glee when Se Chan stepped up to “rescue In Jae” (I get my OTP-ness this way I’m a happy girl!), but the crucial point was none other than when I sensed the sudden spark of realisation in Se Chan’s eyes, that yes, someone cares, and she cares deeply and more than anyone else, even more than her own self. So good.


I think the Nam Soon-Heung Soo angle is good angle worth exploring, and I like that they share a dark past. Tho I’m a lesser fan of Nam Soon than the rest (because I lub Kim Woo Bin more as an actor), I do think he’s an interesting character with communication problems.  BUT, this mystery and bully thing needs to die right away. It’s getting a bit tiresome to the point of grating because it’s kinda like they’re beating around the bush. They give us something, and they take it back, it’s not going anywhere. I sense that writer wants to give their relationship more mystery and intrigue, but sadly, it’s not my cup of tea. I just want drama to move past Nam Soon’s past, and just give us the deal between them already! Give us the bromance already!

As much as many people are intrigued by the potential love line between Nam Soon and Ha Kyung (I feel sorry for fans who ship them because it’s already reported their budding or even hinted romance scenes are going to be reduced or cut off totally), I am strangely fine. I think it’s because I am not particularly affected by both characters and the actors playing them, and hence my inability to feel them as a potential OTP. Lee Jong Seok is decent tho isn’t particularly exerting much (because he doesn’t want to TALK!) but Park Se Young, I’m sorely disappointed. Icy cool she may try to be, all I see’s just stoic expressionless Ha Kyung (girl is indeed better off doing lively feisty).

And last but not least, the most unlikely OTP but one which I’d love for to happen:


There’s probably only 0.01% of chance that this OTP may happen, no it’s NOT gonna happen. But for some reason, I find them totally lovely and compatible together! They had brief encounters, not more than 1 minute in total in Ep 3 and 4 and I already knew from then that they’d be awesome as a pair. They are the bickering type that I love the most, sassy girl who tames the aloof and cold guy – PERFECTION! I also think both Hyo Young and Kim Woo Bin are better actors than the main NS-HK pair, and are rawking their characters in their own ways.

Sadly tho, due to the cut of lovelines, they’re not gonna have a chance with each other. ;( I can only hope for brief interactions between them in future eps as I have a feeling HS’s line’s gonna be restricted to that involving NS and Kang Joo more towards HK. If we only had Anthony Kim to look at this hehe.

Overall, School2013 is still okay. I’m not thoroughly bored by it but not entirely invested either. If I end up finishing this, it’ll only be for some of the reasons I’ve stated above.

Last but not least, please give me more cute Se Chan and In Jae <3333

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7 thoughts on “Spampost: School2013 OTP & Ep 5”

  1. re “given the recent news of the love-lines in drama getting the big cut because of viewers’ weird aversion to romance in school dramas as of recent” this baffles me.. I just don’t get why it can’t happen. Just like you said, crushes and colleagues getting together do happen in real life so why can’t it not in a drama?..

    1. It CAN happen in drama and it should, what’s a school drama without girls harboring crushes on the school’s best basketball player, or without the guys teasing and flirting with the girls they like? It’s only normal. But apparently team decided to drop after viewers voiced out that school can be interesting even without the love lines, and that it can focus more on other issues (I get their point but it’s stupid). We’ll see.

  2. Oi oi! Was about to reply to your comment on your previous post, but then I sawz dis, innit.
    I’ve gone and caught up properly, all 6 episodes. See, this is my kind of drama, even if it’s an insipid offering, between this and the lovely Cheongdamdong Alice, this is more my kinda thing.

    What frustrates me though is that it isn’t really achieving what it’s setting out to (and by miiiles), so why have they taken out the romance as a means to be taken oooh, seriously!? What is school if not for the schoolgirl/boy crushes, whether one-sided or mutual? It’s all a part of our formative years, when we’re all meant to be especially hormonal and awkward.
    And also, where do we find teachers like this? Answer: nowhere, they don’t exist. If they do, please direct me to where they are so I could meet them and shake their hand and praise their passion, The tutors I knew did the job they were paid to do. Period. They never interfered with their students lives. Because they weren’t y’know paid to do that.

    I know, I know it’s a drama, and I hate being hypercritical of anything, I swear it’s not in my nature – you know that saying ”I sound like a motorboat only ’cause I care”, in spite of my continuing to watch this show (because I like the general idea of it, and some of its cast) I’m just not able to latch onto that ‘hook’. Dammit.
    Maybe it’s because I want to see at least one of these students harbour a crush on someone, anyone… It’s killing meee… all this aloof indifference between them.

    And Kwak Jung-wook is a sexy beast! Sure, he needs some Elemis for his spotty face but I can’t tear my eyes away from him, if only they’d flesh out Jung-oh that bit more. But then that’s the thing, no one is being fleshed out. Gahhh!

    Pssst. You need to watch Hwaeeteu Keurisameuseu girl! If you haven’t seen Kim Woo-bin in that, you’ve not seen him anything yet. Slightly overstating, but..

    1. Ohhh so it gets better but it ain’t latching yet?

      I have yet to watch Ep 6, but they’re still dragging out the whole NS-HS-JO thingy? Gah, I know it’s not a short term problem, and these students definitely do need some constant and continuous guidance, some crash course abt COMMUNICATING BETTER? But the mystery veiling the past of these students ain’t doing drama any good, at least for me…I need to see some meat, yes like you said, some fleshing out! It’s actually been a regurgitation of scenes concerning NS-JO and NS-HS so far, and we’re only on Ep 6?

      The original summary/character chart did cater for love-lines, but they took everything off last week, eradicated all the red (love) lines between the characters. I think earlier episodes did hint something affectionate between NS and HK, and me being over-analytical, did spot some intentional insertion of scenes between HS and KJ. So I believe the love thingy was intended in the first place but reduced as of recent to give in to viewers’ request. Sighs.

      And yes, White Christmas is on my list. But I gotta wait till my plate’s a bit clearer. haha..

  3. Seriously?? They’re taking out the love lines??! What’s a kdrama without a love line?? I thought that was like, a LAW in dramaland, that every drama has an OTP! What is happening to the kdrama-verse..??! >.<
    Also, I have to agree, Daniel Choi had very cute chemistry with Jang Na Ra in BFB. He was super adorable every time there was even a tiny bit of indication that she might like him back! That look of surprised wonder.. SO. CUTE.

    1. ^Yeah I loved them in BFB, it was when I fell hard for Daniel. Whenever his character went all cute, thoughtful and concerned for Nara’s character, I went swoony like melting goo <333 too bad they're not gonna have a chance in School2013 ;( and if any it'd be too subtle for us to go swoony and gaga over. Might just have to live with their interactions about their students..:/

      1. Ho hum. That’s so not going to be as exciting as having a love line :/ I will still check out the drama though.. Daniel Choi’s still cute, love line or no 😉

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