Jung Kyung Ho goes GREEN for “Rollercoaster”


Haha, I love it! Jung Kyung Ho is back from MS, and is looking better than ever! And in Green!!! Bright Green! Can anyone other than G-dragon do bright colored HAIR so effectively with suave and swagger? Not that I can think of, but JKH certainly is looking the part (he probably got that idea from G-dragon LOL).

If you don’t already know, JKH was discharged from MS last Septemeber, and had immediately dived into Ha Jung Woo‘s directing debut film called “Rollercoaster” right after. Film talks about the funny hijinks and occurrences in a plane caught in a typhoon turbulence and JKH plays one of the passengers, a Hallyu top star called Ma Jun Kyu (LOL that name is already hilarious on the face, a green haired Ma Jun Kyu, so apt!).

I cannot help but laugh at green haired JKH, soooo adorably FUNNY – look at the man’s expressions, loving em! If this ain’t Ha Jung Woo’s film (a reason to watch it), I’m gonna watch just for JKH. Missed him so!

Check out some of Ma Jun Kyu’s photos in Rollercoaster which were uploaded by JKH’s agency.

green4 green2 green3

And of course, not to mention, my oh-so-awesome Director Ha!

Roller Coastercredits:  krdrama.com / JKH Fantagio twitter /as tagged


2 thoughts on “Jung Kyung Ho goes GREEN for “Rollercoaster””

  1. He does look like he’s channeling his inner G Dragon, not only with the hair but the blings and the scarf, and that oh so colorful jacket (or is that a sweater with a leather vest?)…

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