My FAV Child OTP back as Couple in “Hwa Yi”

Supah, a Christmas pressie for you! Have you heard?


Yes yes yes!! I know many probably don’t remember this OTP much, they were in Giant together as the younger counterparts of Lee Bum Soo and Park Jin Hee’s characters. They collaborated briefly as the younger OTP in Warrior Baek Dong Soo.  But they never really got much love. I guess in the former they were too young to have garnered attention as an OTP, as much compared to the amount that Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung/Kim So Hyun had received in the recent MoonSun and Missing You, and in the latter, they just didn’t share enough screen time together (that made me mad!). I confessed to have never watched Giant in entirety, never watched past the adult parts (because I had a short attention span). But what I remembered, Yeo Jin Goo Yeo Jin Goo Yeo Jin Goo! And of course, besides anything and everything about him in that drama, his awesome lovely chemistry with noona Nam Ji Hyun!

I have longed and yearned for them to work together in a proper project. Tho YJG has fantastic chemistry with both KYJ and KSH, his chemistry with NJM in Giant left a long-standing and deeper impression, so charged up and filled with energy, their interactions rawked. They played feisty at such a young age with so much vigor, their dynamics reminded me of why I always love to watch K-drama OTPs fall in love – finding love amidst all odds, differences and of course, the countless bickering. 😉

So just when I thought the year’s gonna end quietly, I receive some lovely lovely NEWS, a fantastic Christmas gift!


Nam Ji Hyun is reported to have been cast as Yeo Jin Goo’s romantic interest in his upcoming film titled Hwa Yi. KYAAAAAAAA!~~~ Can someone contain my excitement here?!!! I’m swear I’m abnormal because I’m going all giddy and swoony because of some kiddy romance here.

Not only did they cast Yeo Jin Gu in a Jang Joon Hwan film (director who directed the AMAZING Save The Green Planet), not only did they cast him along side some A-list actors in the names of the charismatic Kim Yun Seok, Jang Hyun Seung and many more. Yeah, they also didn’t just cast him as the titular lead- 17-year old assassin Hwa Yi, who grew up under 5 fathers who’d “taken him in” (kidnapped him to be precise) as a child. He gets to unleash the wild gruff ruthless side of him (he plays a KILLER, what gives?!), he gets to play action and meaty seeking revenge against his own “fathers”, and more than anything, he gets his own love interest. Boy are you one damn lucky (but deserving) actor. hehehe..

Am I dreaming or what? If this ain’t mah Christmas present from the drama film gods up there, I don’t what it is. Yeo Jin Gu and Nam Ji Hyun, I can already imagine them blowing up screens with their chemistry. I am even starting to get all pervy imagining scenes between them (you know what I mean). It’s totally a take on cool assassin being weakened by the one person he loves (remember So Ji Sub’s Mr. Flower MV and Rough Cut? That’s what I mean!)  What more can I ask for?

Guh, I’m getting so ahead of myself. And am seriously having overwhelming expectations. Jang Joon Hwan and Kim Yun Seok alone are enough to get me on board. Now you give me my fav Giant OTP as well?! I’m so friggin IN!

I’ve posted this vid before in an entry dedicated to Yeo Jin Goo, but have a look again, this boy’s amazing! Has cuts of YJG and NJH too! 🙂

Christmas cannot be better 🙂

credits: 2012JHJ @ youtube / pictures as tagged


6 thoughts on “My FAV Child OTP back as Couple in “Hwa Yi””

  1. WOW, what a news !! This is looking just PERFECT ^_^

    I was already excited about this movie but now it is double the excitement or mooooore. I just LOVE NJH since saw her in “Will it Snow at Christmas?” she was one of the few things I liked about that drama and I think we need someone to help us both now dear 😀

    1. LOL there is noone to help us! We can only wish for film to come out ASAP, I already cannot wait to see grown up YJG and NJM together <33

  2. Awwwwww~~~
    This is so precious and has made me beyond happy! ^^
    So I’m not alone in my appreciation? Niceness!
    I was going to watch this anyway and now well, guhh!
    It’s also nice to finally be able to anticipate a film that might actually be a qualitative watch and not just because I want to lust after the male leads as has been the case lately. <33333333

    1. Yeah you are absolutely NOT alone in this. It’s about time YJG landed a leading just like YSH when he was about the same age 🙂 and even better news, a well acclaimed director and an A-list cast! Agree on all fronts abt the quality overall.

  3. Omo. Nam Ji Hyun! I never thought there are others out there that knows and likes this freakin’ amazing girl! I love her to bits. She’s an awesome child actress. I was actually wondering why she isn’t cast in dramas lately. She didn’t win many awards for nothing. Glad she’ll be in a movie. Wee.

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