So long, Farewell 2012.

2012, it’s coming to an end, how time rocketed by. We rejoiced and we laughed, we survived the test of what we thought would be the end of all ends. It’s been a year of bad as much as it was one with full of good and lovelies.  I look back and I think of all the beautiful and lovely stuff that I’ve been blessed with, family, friends and the awesome year of dramas and films. I look back and I think of all those who failed to make it, but lived colorful and beautiful lives up until to their very last breathe. I thank God for the every single good that have been cherished upon me, and I pray for those who have yielded in suffering, but with strength and courage.

So as I tread carefully towards the new year, of unknown and challenges, here’s me wishing all of you a wonderful Happy New Year 2013, and me bidding farewell to a year of good, bad, fruitful and eventful. Let us all rawk 2013 like how we lived and rawked 2012!

One of the most touching farewells I’ve seen this year, thanks to the Family Choir of Qualifications of Men 😉


credits: woong lee @ youtube


8 thoughts on “So long, Farewell 2012.”

  1. 2012 really has flown by!! I can hardly believe it’s almost 2013. Mixed feelings myself. But here’s to a great 2013 for all of us!

    Cheers! ~clinks virtual glass of champagne~

  2. I watched this Family Choir too..on KBSW. Dunno why but I cried when I watched them performed on stage..Touched *sobbing hard*
    So glad and happy that they won ^^

    Happy New Year ~~

    1. I hear you, I sobbed too, tried hard to hold onto my tears but just couldn’t stop T__T
      I loved Sound of Music as a kid, every single song every single memory from the movie gets to me every time I hear them play. I think what made the Family Choir rendition so touching and memorable, twas because all of them spent so much time together as a family, from being people who couldn’t sing or couldn’t even string a note properly, to a group of singers who could bring out the best in each other as long as they sang as ONE. 😉 Lovely special!

      1. Exactly! Me too and I just thought the same! ~~ the part when they aired the flashback, gosh I cried again.. non stop T____T Overall, It’s just so beautiful listening to them and
        I felt really proud. Wish I had a part with them Hehe

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