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Dr. Lee Kang Hoon says HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Oh how I missed you Dr. Lee. <333 Shin Ha Kyun is usually so awkwardly shy and funny, but the minute he stepped on stage (KBS’ ,who gave him the Daesang for Brain last year), he shed off his real cover and re-assumed his long-loved bastard Lee Kang Hoon character. With LKH’s unabashed arrogance and flair. With his signature gesture and mannerism. It’s Lee Kang Hoon alrighty right.

Nope I did not watch the awards (none of them) in entirety like I used to, all of them (especially MBC) sucked tremendously, like I didn’t know this fact since ages ago. This year I resolved not to waste my time watching the political rigs take the cake, I did check out certain parts, went thru the costumes read the results (as predicted) after but MEH, so not interested anymore. Some of the actors deserved their win (especially Son Hyun Joo and Song Joong Ki), and I applaud them wholeheartedly for their deserving victory… but overall, the awards shows were a complete utter cluster of a JOKE. I read an article (translated) about MBC’s reasoning on why Ahn Jae Wook was snubbed, HILARIOUS. I feel awful for him, I don’t know whether he deserved an award for his performance in Light and Shadow (didn’t watch the show), but heck, he’s miles better than half the people who actually got an award that night! And MBC even had the guts to explain WHY he didn’t get one. WHOA. Poor guy. And poor Cho Seung Woo who had to apologise to AJW, yaiks.

The only saving grace of the MBC Awards, the cute of the night, by the wonderful and amazing kid actors of now:

Yeo Jin Goo and his ladies, I really don’t think the audience will get over them anytime soon. They will always be remembered as his leading ladies, FOREVER haha. Super miffed that they were given Child Actors Awards, because if anything, they should have gotten them ages ago and should have been awarded excellence or something equivalent. But then again, it’s the freaking MBC Awards Show (so as the rest for that matter), I know very well how they work but it still rages me.

The KBS Awards, the only thing that got me slightly interested high apart from Shin Ha Kyun’s Daesang presentation, the IRIS2 performance.  Not the very best live action performance I’ve seen on stage, and it kinda reminded of the terrible year of shooting incidences we’ve had to endure T__T, but at least it was an enjoyable eye feast. Jang Hyuk and Lee Bum Soo were rawking badass I LUB THEM! Still can’t feel LDH’s action scenes, but she’s always been feminine like, I don’t know how she’ll be in drama (I hope she convinces tho I know not everyone can do Ha Ji Won).

New year new dramas, I hope the new ones are good, pretty please please! The recent ones have been sorely disappointing, going from decent good and mildly watchable to BORING! >__<  I dropped Missing You after writer went bonkers. The CYHMH writer, what happened to you?!! Did you get your assistant to write this monkey business that is of MY? Not only is it incredulously makjang and stupid, it doesn’t make any sense at all!

Cheongdam Dong Alice isn’t doing any better, I dropped it after the 6th episode. And remember? I actually called this drama crack after 4 episodes, I loved MGY, I adored the crazy zany Park Shi Hoo. What the hell happened? Yes, hell yes, hell happened. It went from potentially watchable to yawn-inducing fare, then to complete snorefest. I really have no idea, in exact, what happened. Maybe I got bored with Se Kyung really going nowhere with her plans, maybe I tired down from Seung Jo’s crazy antics, maybe there were too many important yet not emphasised plots going on…etc. Plus the music, HORRIBLE >___<

Lord of Dramas is just alright, the romance doesn’t interest me because I find it to be an abrupt addition to the whole making of drama fare. The conflicts and resolutions are way too convenient and easy, the characters’ motivations seem a bit too flimsy. I still adore the cast for they are doing their best with material given, but overall, I’ve lost interest and am merely watching to finish drama (2 eps more).

School 2013, I want to get the Nam Soon and Heung Soo thingy over and done with! Stat.

Can We Get Married, 2 more eps and I have no more of such loveliness to enjoy T__T. I’m so gonna miss the characters in drama, tho they’ve not been perfect. Gonna miss the speedy zippy dialogues, the lovely OST, even the screechy moms. PD Kim Yoon Cheol, when can we see your next?

ILICDD, need I say more?

Jin Goo

Drama casting news always gets me to cloud 9, especially when actors or actresses I like come back to drama land. Some notable casting confirmation and rumors as of recent which I’m excited about: –

  • Jo Jung Seok in talks to star in drama titled “Best Lee Soon Shin” (not sure as lead or not). Rumored female lead is IU.
  • Jin Goo to return to drama land with “Ad Genius, Lee Tae Bak”. Rumored casting includes Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon and Seo Hyo Rim. No idea how true, but Jin Goo and Uhm Ki Joon, please  give me some oxygen already *HOTTTsuffocating*
  • Shin Ha Kyun and Im Soo Jung have confirmed their participation in “All About My Love Life” and filming will commence in February. Other cast included Kim Jung Tae and Chun Ho Jin. But the BIGGER NEWS, Hong Soo Hyun is also in talks to join drama. I don’t care for the Protect The Boss drama writer/PD team, but please PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
  • Seung Gi and Suzy‘s drama Ninth Book something has finally secured a time slot – squeeee because anything Seung Gi I will watch and I will go down with it no matter how crappy.
  • Kang Ji Hwan confirmed for Face of Money? Good news for me, but all the best with his legal dispute which may affect this whole thing altogether. Can’t go wrong with the Giant writer-PD team.


2013 must be the year of spills and couple happiness, first we had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announcing their baby news (not that you or I care anymore haha), then the goddess of goddesses as we all know, Kim Tae Hee dating one of my fav oppas Bi! _($*_#(+$*_#(+%@%#%_)*_)( WHOA!

Year 2012 proved to be a good and auspicious year for celeb dating announcements (LBH and LMJ, JHW and YIN and many many more), but the new snakey year isn’t backing down either, 3 days into the year, we’ve already had several rumors circulating! No, not just Bi and Kim Tae Hee, but we’ve got Kim Nam Gil and Jang Nara, Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo, a rumored couple a day! I dunno how true those rumors are, and I don’t really care as long they’re happy with each other, but are we gonna have MORE?! I certainly don’t mind.

And last but not least, laughs laughs LAUGHS!

credits: youtube uploaders/ pictures as tagged /SHK baidu bar


21 thoughts on “Of awards shows, cute, dramas & celebs dating”

  1. OMG, LOVED the 2nd and 4th vids!! Hilarious!! XD

    I thought the Iris performance was kinda weird though. With all these shooting incidences in the world news, this felt like it could’ve been dangerous to the audience, like someone turning around and shooting for real 😛

    BUT! Yeo Jin Gu’s item with his ladies was GOLD. And the last spoof was PRICELESS! THANK YOU for the giggles! I literally laughed out loud 😀

    1. ^Yea I thought it was kinda tactless, they could have just let Hyuk do all the fighting stunts (he looked awesome in them) and done away with the guns :/

  2. ,whoever thought of the last vid is a genius in my book.. Also hurrah for Jo Jung Seok being considered for a lead role but IU?.. really IU? the kdrama world has already secured an idol (aka Suzy) as a drama lead, and now they have to have IU too? there are a lot of actresses with experience but they go for a newbie who has, as to my knowledge, no acting experience yet.. It might be to soon to hope that they’ll mine another Jung Eun Ji..

    1. Whoever did the video’s an ardent follower of Korean entertainment, just like us LOL I hope JJS’s role is a leading role but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet. IU has actually acted before in Dream High (quite an important supporting character), I think she’s just okay, not good but not stinky either.

      1. ,oh yeah, I totally forgot about her DH stint.. hehe.. I was too lazy to google her filmography and I did not watch DH but I read the recaps. DH never entered my mind last night when I was thinking if I saw her in anything.

    1. I have no idea! But it’s not surprising because me too, I also dream, to be able to meet him one day some day in future.

      Anyway, just got news today that Im Soo Jung has turned down the role in the drama :((( even Gong Hyo Jin was considered but passed (arrrhhhh WAEEEE my fav leading ladies), can we have Hong Soo Hyun, please!

  3. Jo Jung Seok possibly getting a lead role. Oh, I’m there. Just please not IU as a leading lady. Not yet, she isn’t ready for that. And she and Jung Seok as a couple would be unimaginable. That’s almost how I feel about Lee Seung Gi’s and Suzy’s new drama. I don’t see them as the leading couple at all. I think it’s time for dramagods to give us a miracle of some kind.
    Aww. how cute was that sequence with Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Gyu. You’re right, the girls will always be remembered as Jin Gyu’s leading ladies.
    And OMG how hilarious was that last vid. I was laughing so hard, when they said “Don’t worry, at least it isn’t Won Bin and Sooyoung.” Hahahaa XD

    1. No confirmation on JJS or IU’s participation in the drama yet, but I hope we get JJS if we have to choose. And I’m such a shameless noona fan of Seung Gi I can see him with anyone (esp after his K2H stint with Ha Ji Won, he clicks with everyone!).

  4. I believe Seung Gi’s new drama is known as ‘Gu Family Book’, this comes from the man himself when he was on a radio show in Malaysia, before his fan meeting in Kuala Kumpur.

    Seems like he read about the different translations online and he gave an explanation on his new drama’s title. 🙂

      1. Yeah it’s been some time back, there was also a rumour that he was considering between ‘Gu Family Book’ and ‘Sword and Blossom’, but as to how true the rumour was, I’m not too sure.

        So ultimately, we’ll see him in ‘Gu Family Book’. I’m happy to see him on screen basically. 🙂

  5. Would it be awful of me to say that I almost vomited in my mouth at the MBC performance with YJG and his leading ladies? The kids being talented aside, that’s just… exploitative.
    And Lee Beom-soo, what are you doing there? Get out while you still can and save your soul!

    But woo! Jin Goo in a drama! I do hope he gets a nice leading lady, better than Lee Ji-ah anyway.

    1. Hmm I didn’t read too much into it then though now when you mention, it kinda doesn’t feel right. At least YJG was all cute trying to restrain his laughs. Adorbs.

      I’m surprisingly OK with Lee Ji Ah for JG, but a better actress would def be a plus!

  6. wait…… Shin ha kyun and Im Soo jung in one drama? Better, hong soo hyun get cast as well? God… This drama better be watchable at least. Im Soo Jung in a drama is awsome. I miss her so much in a drama. She has been known as a movie star. And along with shin ha kyun, my ajushi crush! Gahhh am I dreaming?

    I still love CDDA because I felt the character felt refreshing. haha…

    And about awards thing, I’m just sooo happy Joong KI winning an award. I just didn’t expected it will be top excelence actor, sincee in terms of rating, gaksital has higher avg rating. but overall I agree with you, some others choice is very questionable.

    1. Bad news bad news, ISJ has turned down the role 😦 and Shin Ha Kyun apparently isn’t set in stone yet arhhh. I really wanted them both in this but sighs.

  7. i didn’t watched SHK at the KBS awards yet.
    thanks for the lovely post on him. speaking of couples, did u see dramabeans post saying RDH from faith and park ha sun r dating? he seemed pretty smitten with PSY behind the scenes in faith. good luck to them though.

    1. Yeap, the pics of RDH and PHS are pretty much indicative of them dating. As long as they are happy, I’m all good 😉 my Royal Couple will always remain, in my heart ❤

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