Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?



No better news than having a fav of mine on board a drama that I’m looking forward to so much. Think of Giant, think of History of the Salaryman, think of the freaking genius writer and PD team who gave us those dramas. I’m good with Eun Jung, even better and OK with Hwang Jung Eum (I freaking adore her!). But more than anything, KANG JI HWAN! Finally you’re in for something solid, a drama in which you may get to shine and showcase your talents. If you do this right, I’m so going to forgive you for the earlier crap that you’d done (Lie To Me and Runway Cop alike).

The plot of the drama falls on the dramatic crazy radar to be honest, if not for the writer-PD team, I seriously wouldn’t bat an eyelid. It ranges from kinda makjang-ish to bit of crazy meshed with typical K-drama formula. But it’s PD Yoo In Shik and writers Jang we’re talking about here. We can expect a lil bit of solid from everything (serious and comedy). Check here for initial summary of  plot and set-up of characters.

I hope everything with drama runs well, I can only be grateful to the production and SBS for having made such a risky decision. KJH has been embroiled in a constant train of legal disputes ever since forever that I can remember. Though he’d done Coffee House and Lie To Me amidst all the legal furor and gained pretty positive responses from both projects, I don’t think the ongoing and increasingly heated tension with his current agency will do him any good, the last I read they’d even petitioned to have him banned from all activities o_0. Maybe he’s got a team of good lawyers doing whatever they can to make sure he’s not lost from the entertainment scene, maybe he’s just lucky. Me? I just want to see him on my screen.

KJH’s first official still from drama, doesn’t look too shabby me thinks.

Have a fan-made poster from dc gall:


Incarnation of Money premiers this coming February.

credits: Kang Ji Hwan 강지환 FB/ dc gall


7 thoughts on “Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?”

  1. Gahhh.. This drama is my most anticipate drama right now… PD+writers fav combo, Kang Ji HWan!… need I say more??
    I hope it will more awsome than HOTS..
    How crazy the drama can be, I trust the production..

  2. KJH!!! Not excited about HJE but you can’t win ’em all. Shoot, not even half with women. Lol.
    Don’t know much at all about the drama but I’m all in for the writers, KJH and PSM.

    1. PSM!!!!

      Yeah, the PD rarely gets his female leads right as impressive as his male lineups are, the only true exception being Jung Ryeo-won in HOTS. ❤
      Still HJE, as spaced out and uncontrolled a performer she is I could live with it. (Because the other purported leading lady was my allergy. LOLOLOL)

      Ps. loving the fanmade poster.

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