Lee Jung Jae, Choi Min Sik and Hwang Jung Min’s New World



This is precisely why I love Chungmuro, the MEN! So deliciously yummy sexay charismatic and HOT. They CAN ACT! And they don’t need women!

Once upon a time, before Ha Jung Woo came along, before Shin Ha Kyun took over my world, there was Lee Jung Jae. Whom I first saw in a then addictive but now when-I-thin-abt-it crappy Air City, who got me all gaga and swoony from the get go, who got me into a crazy addictive search on everything and anything him, who made me a sleepless fangirl with mind constantly playing scenes of his dramas and films over and over. I was that crazy. I was young.

Then newer actors came long, better actors took over my heart. But he still remains. He still remains as one of my longest-lasting crushes, who can consume me just like that, with one looks, with one gaze. The last I saw of him was in Thieves (he was fantastic though I was more taken with Shin Ha Kyun’s cameo lol). And he’s coming back soon, this time with a big bang.

Just look at the names!

You have Lee Jung Jae playing detective who goes undercover to become a trusted member of a crime gang (wooooo, it’s Infernal Affairs!), charismatic Choi Min Sik as a high ranking officer with his own ideas over LJJ, and freaking Hwang Jung Min playing an important member of the crime gang who aims to take over after big boss dies (iluvit when HJM plays gangster, he’s awesome!). You can pretty much predict the entire story from here. Sounds incredibly familiar no?

But hey, who cares?!! Look at the actors again (oh yes, Song Ji Hyo has a role too, she plays  a detective)!

New World premiers this coming February 2013.

credits: krdrama.com / as tagged


6 thoughts on “Lee Jung Jae, Choi Min Sik and Hwang Jung Min’s New World”

  1. Mature k actors are much more interesting than the kpop idols turned actors are. This preview is very enticing and I hope it comes out this year with english subs.

    1. Absolutely, most definitely! And kpop idols dun stand a chance in Chungmuro, unless they decide to become actors for reals, start from scratch.

  2. LEE JUNG JAE!! My forever love and unabashed weakness! He’s the one I make all exceptions for and only man I would ever think, scheme and evoke plans, to trap into marriage. Lol.
    Air City was O__o but he wasn’t the problem. Wait, am I just being biased again? CRAP!
    But seriously what I adore about him is I like him as a person and he’s actually talented, hard working, willing to stretch and genuinely intrigued by his craft.
    Looks like a great film, classic concept and wonderful cast (Hwang Jung-min!). So much to look forward to in the movies this year!! Yay!

    And isn’t he doing something else with Kim Hye-su? Those two make my palms sweat. I love them together.

    1. Ooooooh I didn’t know you loved LJJ too! I remember I was so crazy about him back then I had sleepless nights! My friends couldn’t stand me LOL

      Not sure if his movie with Kim Hye Su’s confirmed, but anything with him I will watch!

      1. Haha. Yea. That man is love. Hes a comstant. My friends know that LJJ is always the trump. I could go on and on about something I wouldn’t do and how I hate that but mention LJJ and everything is a possibility. They just laugh.
        Oh boo. I thought it was more than a rumor! I want some real JJ-HS action.

      2. Well you can just repeatedly watch their scenes in Thieves LOL one particularly scene was hot off pants!

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