Revisit stress free heaven

My brain is severely fried from all the work related stress. Have never been this productive, and yet have never felt this dejected and thwarted.  I may have had it too easy in my early years of working life, I’ve never felt like this before – brain-fried and soul-sucked. I’ve been faced with continuous and non-stop problems at work the past 2 weeks, they’d been gushing in like the coming flow of the sea, they retired like the ebb but came gushing back in no time. It’s been a never-ending cycle, it’s making me crazy.

Then I realise I’m not the only one, 101% of the world out there are as balked and disheartened as myself. Fretting about the never-ending work load, the piling frustration of unresolved and unsolvable problems. Why am I complaining when I still get to go home at 7.30pm? What’s with me still getting an hour of drama when others are working their arses off to impress the next day? Such a whiner I am :/

You must think I’m overreacting, yea maybe I am. But the only thing that keeps me sanity hanging by the thread, ILICDD ILICDD ILICDD.

And occasionally when even ILICDD doesn’t work, I turn to this.

Oh how I miss you show. And Lee Min Ki.

*clicks to replay heaven*

credits: youtube


11 thoughts on “Revisit stress free heaven”

      1. Y’know, coz you recently posted this about feeling frazzled, & coz I just posted a review on Life is Beautiful & said how it’s great after a long & frazzling day, I thot I’d just pop on over to ask if you’ve watched Life Is Beautiful? It’s an awesome, soothing treat for the heart. I loved watching it as my night-cap to relax before bed 🙂

      2. Thanks for sharing kfangurl, wow just checked your blog, you have quite a bunch of drama reviews done up! Well done, if only I had half your effort hehehe. I’ve heard good stuff about Life is Beautiful, but I dun usually do long dramas.. one day if I have the time hehe thanks again!

    1. Awww *hugz back dearie* that was sweet, needed that. I consider all that and what may come challenges for the new year. My resolve is to endure Endure and ENDURE. Thanks to ILICDD I start to appreciate things like that (watched 2 superb eps last night I cannot even start to gush how meaningful). I cannot be more thankful to the bunch of twitter chinggus I have for having spammtweeted the drama back then. It’s my precious.

  1. ,aww, that out a smile into my face and made me miss XMan. Nice way to start of the morning.
    I admire him for sticking to his guns and singing despite his “poor” singing prowess..hehe.. but who am I to judge since I am one with zilch singing ability.

    His Danghyunaji with KJK is still one of the most epic scenes in XMan.

    1. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched his X-Man parts. I laugh like a loon every single time.

      I don’t think he’s a bad singer, least he’s not tone deaf. lol

  2. Hi ripgal, hang in there! And try to release the stress by not only watching sitcoms, dramas etc but physically sweat it out. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy ILICDD, I can’t get to watch as I don’t understand/read chinese subs. 😦 The only ep I am rewatching is Ep135, cos its hilarious and don’t need subs.
    I am also super-stressed with RL and the kdramas atm don’t interest me, but I have been rewatching Inborn Pair for its simplicity and sweetness. Keep well and stay healthy ya. 🙂

    1. Thanks simple, that’s sweet of you. I think I’m lacking exercise too, been trapped in four walls for too long. Work dramas, too much computer-ing yaiks. ILICDD is my only salvage of the brain and soul, I am forever thankful and grateful. I hope one day some great team will pick it up and sub it in English. It’s truly one of the best I’ve seen in years.

  3. Aw thanks for stopping by to visit! I hope u decide to check out Life Is Beauitful sometime (maybe after you’re done with ILICDD?) It sounds long but it’s so good that most people wish there was more after they’re done ^^ My mum was daunted by the episode count, but once she started she loved it 🙂

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