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Queen In Soo [7/60]

Queen In Soo

Good stuff, a very solid production with fine writing by what everyone calls by, Master Jung Ha Yeon. It’s kind of cliched and yet doesn’t feel so, the political dialogues and lines are familiar but intriguing. There’s class devoid of gloss in his writing, substance and nuance, all check. I’m only into wee episodes of the drama and I already can sense the building intensity and grip in between drama and its characters, the piecing of scenes and sequences which will eventually become the bigger and main picture in future, the pre-set up to what would be a major duel between 2 women in future. There is a certain pulling flair that makes me wanna continue watching (and I usually don’t do long sageuks because I get bored easily). I’m not 100% engrossed at the moment, to the extent that I’d want to watch an episode or the next immediately, but I am intrigued, interest is very much piqued and am taking it real slow (no rushing at all). Performances from the younglings are decent if not competent enough, and the veterans, they’re nailing things spot on. The character I am most interested in right now is Su Yang, though I have no idea of the real history, how his character will end up, or if he will play an important role in the coming 50 eps. There is just ths certain mysterious aura to his character. His presence commands and yet he exudes a softness that pierces. He can tame by humility and yet I don’t know what his true mind’s up to. Like In Soo, he’s got an immediately grip of my attention whenever he appears. He’s fascinating.

I’m no way and no where in drama to give a good judgment yet, but Eun Jung‘s pretty alright with her take on the younger In Soo. I love the character’s ambitious and taking-no-for-an-answer attitude, and I love her strength in holding on to what she believes in. Eun Jung manages the character with a mix of confidence and downplayed arrogance, and lil bit of naivete which makes the character a lil bit easier to relate to. Sometimes I feel sorry for her husband (played so softly and endearingly by Baek Sung Hyun), but at most I commend her firmness and standalone grit when faced with everyone and anyone, even her father and people way more senior. It’s pure eye-feast enjoyment to see her convince and battle against the rest of the world with her intelligence and wit. I like the girl. Her to be rival in future, Song Yi played by Jin Ji Hee is even more awesome and commanding at such a tender age. I consider her a veteran amongst young child actors, but this actress is finesse in the making, portraying Song Yi’s determination and perseverance to climb up high with enormous fire, and does pretentious like a master of her own. Both females, with tremendous strength and determination of their own, I want to get to the adult scenes already!

Wish me luck and give me the patience to endure, another 50 eps to go!

Flower Boy Next Door [4/16]


There is nothing truly good about this drama. Writing, directing, acting, hmmm.. mediocre at best? Cliched and predictable, formulaic and insipid. At times it even gets so boring  that all I want to do is stop watching and bin it for good (nearly did so at the end of Ep 1). I think the idea is interesting, pitting a closed off and seclusive individual like Dok Mi against a totally different personality like Enrique Geum, who’s overly chirpy, talkative, jumpy and even at times irritating. There’s nothing more K-drama romantic than having both personalities meet and find comfort in each other. And while it’s true I’m still watching for that (and only that), everything else is just uhhhh.. MEH.

This drama has prettiness all over, hotness even. But I’m not sure I actually feel the flowery boy vibe from it. Shut Up had it because the band rawked it like nothing, but it’s more like a bunch of pretty people put in a drama together in here. I feel the characters are interesting on paper but I cannot connect or engage. Other than Dok Mi and Enrique, the rest feel more like soul-less and insubstantial additions to drama, they have no profound existence or do nothing much to make drama more interesting.

Kim Ji Hoon I love you so, you’re hot and you’re supposed to be leading drama (so why are you not?!!). While I think he’s decent enough in FBND, he isn’t doing much to be honest. The rest? They’re worse! But good thing I’m still interested in the dynamics between Enrique and Dok Mi. Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye are doing fine if not just competent enough in their characters, and I sense they’re very much comfortable in them. They do not have the sparks-flying kind of dynamic, it’s more of a very slow brewing interaction, between 2 different souls who share the same plight in love. I think what made me rethink the show in a different light, or its potential to be something better, was the scene in Ep 3, when both Enrique and Dok Mi realised they’re on the same one-sided crush boat. That scene instantly pulled me back into drama. The notion of 2 people possibly getting to know and understand each other, starting from the same point. Could have been Enrique’s heartfelt and emotional plea to Dok Mi at that point, could have been Dok Mi’s urge to push everyone out of her life that made me want Enrique to open her heart even more, I decided to stay on after 2 eps of boredom.

Not truly engaged or hooked yet, but still watching.

Yawang [2/24]


Disappointing. SUPER disappointing.

Kwon Sang Woo should stop playing such roles ever again, the nicey guy who does everything for the woman he loves. While he does make me heart go fluttery with his romantic sweet gestures in drama (who doesn’t love a nice guy?), but no, I cannot stand it anymore and I’m sick of it. Haryu in Yawang, the exact same personality he played in Daemul. I know it’s written by the same novelist or writer, but gaaahh, some freshness or creativity won’t hurt eh?

This drama is MAKJANG written all over, a glorified histrionic version of Nice Guy. NG had a similar pattern but it didn’t feel over the top or over-dramatic, but this, I just cannot! Soo Ae‘s gorgeous and I love it when she plays strong female characters, but sadly I just do not have a slight liking or any towards Da Hae, at all. It’s just the premise of how she’s written, in that she’s cold, somewhat calculative (intentional or not) and emanates a very pretentious vibe, no matter who she interacts with, including Haryu. I already hate the fact that KSW’s playing same old nicey guy again, now they’re having him do it and giving it all for a woman who will betray (and use him) – no matter how much she loves him. Ain’t that melodramatic and makjang all mixed into one? Why does Kwon Sang Woo always love his heroines so much more in his dramas? He’s either crying his guts out for them, doing stupid things for them, waeeeeeee? I know he’s a tear-making machine and he can do it like nobody’s business, but milking him for what he’s worth isn’t helping his career at all. Sighs.

I have no major issues with the acting, they’re all passable, though I’m kinda iffy with Yunho‘s. Direction isn’t even a huge concern either. But when you take a familiar concept and recycle it with the same plot shenanigans, it ruins everything. It merely becomes a drama that you’ve seen before, one you may not want to watch again!

I don’t know if I’ll continue watching this, another episode maybe, but if it continues to blow the makjang out of the water, I’m out for good. Kwon Sang Woo or not.

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10 thoughts on “Stuff I’m watching”

    1. Absolutely, KSW can do comedy as good as he does melo. But why do they want him to cry like a baby all the time? Sighs. I used to love him flashing abs, but I dunno, not anymore.. was kinda irked by his flashing abs scene in Yawang. It felt more like a show-off than necessity for show..

      1. I know right?! I don’t want to see him cry anymore! As for the abs, I’m still open coz I haven’t checked out Yawang ^^ Also, I think a good PD should be able to pull it off nicely without the show-off overtones 🙂

  1. haha.. I like Flower boy next door… DOk Mi remind me of my self in the elementary school…
    where I’m having a hard time to communicate with people… It’s really that hard to overcome that fear to start getting used to face it.
    I admit I’m watching it just for her.. I want to know how the writers will develop her character

    1. Ohhh I understand that, I’ve gone thru a phase like that in school too, it was hard. But yeah, the only think I’m interested in abt drama is how Dok Mi will overcome her fear of the outside world and the ppl with Enrique’s help. She definitely needs someone to bring her out of her shell, and what better with somebody who’s as bright and chirpy as sunshine and rainbows. 😉

  2. Wow. Finally someone to share thoughts about Queen Insu with.<3
    Glad you're loving the characterisations — Song-yi was fantastic. A little minx but with flashes of childhood innocence and vulnerability that crushed my heart. Jin Ji-hee was perfect, but wait till Jeon Hye-bin appears. Ham Eunjung was decent, very decent but I'm glad she wasn't given too much screentime, lol, everyone else kind of smoked her out – at least till Chae Shi-ra took over.
    Hope you'll hang in there, it continues to get better. Promise. Though, admittedly there were some momentary dips in plot pacing, where things seemingly slowed down but this show is so worthy of its 60 episodes.

    1. Thanks, I was partly intrigued by X’s take and your brief write-up about drama in your blog. I even thought I was mad enough to attempt something this long lol but fingers crossed, I hope I will be able to endure to the very end.

      I’ve heard really good stuff about Jeon Hye Bin, tho my vague memory of her in Witch Amusement isn’t a good one. I like it when actors do things that surprise themselves and viewers, it looks like Jeon Hye Bin has finally found her niche. She was originally a dance kpop singer right?

      1. Y’know, I had no idea who she was prior to the role and when I tried digging up some info on her there was a bunch of controversies — to which I thought – perfect. Very apt for an adult Song-yi. ^^

        She joins a handful of most awesome kdrama heroines evaahhhh!

        You’ll be fine. I’ll be your squeeing partner and cheer you on. Yay!
        If all else fails watch for the hotties, a double dose of Baek Sung-hyun and Jin Tae-hyun who appears much later.

      2. Yaayyy thanks, I’ve watched up to 10 and am truly hooked now. Not everyone is likeable but they’re all human in their very own ways, with their own ambitions desires motivations. Young Song Yi in particular is already quite deceiving and manipulative at where I am now, played fantastically by Jin Ji Hee, I can’t wait to see Jeon Hye Bin’s take.

        You know all the young ones are rawking it, but believe me it or not I’m more pulled towards the political tension between Su Yang, the King, and the rest of his ministers right now. It’s so freaking tense! Love it!

        And yes, glad to have you to squee along with, thanks chinggu 😀

      3. Yes, Su-yang was fascinating. Such a layered character, I never knew whether to root for him or to hate him with a burning passion. Bit of both really. And his advisor Han Myung-hoe was awesome. (Son Byeong-ho!)

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