YES it’s coming, this 2nd Feb!


Kang Ji Hwan‘s drama comeback, Incarnation of Money‘s first official teaser!


It looks pretty intriguing albeit a tad conventional, but more than anything, it’s KANG.JI.HWAN! Now if PD-writer team could just do their magic once more, surprise me (again). Be awesome. Be crackstatic. I have nothing more to ask.

credits: rmfladmf1 @ youtube


7 thoughts on “YES it’s coming, this 2nd Feb!”

  1. “Be awesome. Be crackstatic. I have nothing more to ask.”

    Haha! Wish I watched drama previews! I just want decent story, great acting. I’m ok with not loving. I just want to like it enough to watch it. But I’m thinking since I’ve truly enjoyed all I’ve seen from these creators so far, I don’t think there will be disappointment on that side. I just hope my allergies don’t flare up too much 😉

  2. Eek. Only two weeks away from premiering and yet they started filming very late into the game. Let’s hope it’s a solid offering regardless.
    Like unnichan I won’t watch the teaser either. Hehe. Not sure what tone and style to expect from this team this time around so, should be a surprise. ^^

    1. Teaser’s all about money and the characters, but nothing too telling. I sense a more solemn and sombre mood, but again, too early to tell.

  3. Kang Ji Hwan back on screen? Awesome! His new hair cut? Not so awesome. The trailer? Hmm. Not very awesome either. Still, coz it’s Kang Ji Hwan, I sure hope it turns out to be something great!

      1. I know, right?!! I wish they’d given Jang Hyuk a better cut!! And then to my horror, I saw a pic of Yoo Chun with it too 😛 What is going on in the drama-verse??!! Is this the new IT hair cut for all our leading men?! >.<

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