Pictorial time: Lee Da Hae, Sung Joon and Kang Dong Won

Fashion pictorial time!

Lee Da Hae gracing INSTYLE for the first time in ages as I can remember. Doesn’t look very much like her in the pictures (due to make up and some photoshopping), but I LOVE em all the same. She looks sassy and chic without the glitzy overtone and the costumes are classy gorgeous. Plus she’s doing something different this time around (admittedly and TBH she isn’t a very good model on spreads), I can only smile in glee 😀



On the other hand, Sung Joon, a newfound love of mine, rawks being Dazed and Confused. I cannot imagine that I actually hated him to the max in Lie To Me (character problem and drama problem), now it’s all LOVE LOVE LOVE. I adore this boy to bits, may not be an actor with wide range, but puts tremendous effort to hone his skills as one (just look at his recent project picks you’ll know).

He looks exactly the same in every single picture, but who cares, he’s a hottiecutie and I LUB HIM! <333


Last but not least, my forever actor crush that will never ever die – Kang Dong Won. I don’t care much for the rest of the recent army discharges, but this one I do in the openest of hands. Welcome back oppa, I missed you so!  I don’t care if you’re donning a fugly bowl cut, cos you’re just awesome like that.

His recent ad picturial for ADIDAS Originals~


credits: adidasisallin @ youtube / naver / instyle / KDW baidu


5 thoughts on “Pictorial time: Lee Da Hae, Sung Joon and Kang Dong Won”

  1. Lee Da-hae always looks so pretty and swan-like. *jealo* Love the lipstick colour. I’ve been working up the courage to wear that shade out in public but then I smear it off soon as it goes on.
    Sung Joon is gorgeous but those clothes… high fashion or not, he looks like an Azerbaijani street hawker in his 3rd pic.
    And I’m loving the ad visuals for your KDW but what’s with his Park Bom inspired expression? xD

    1. Hahah, that’s a very apt description of Sung Joon LOL I didn’t even know how to put it in words.

      I have no idea how Park Bom’s expressions are like, but I’m up for anything related to opppaaa <33 Wish he could come back to drama world but it's so very unlikely..sighs.

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