Movies: Finding lovely and fun in predictable


You know I always complain about predictable and banal fare all the time, stuff devoid of originality and creativity I trash up down right and left? That’s me alright. But there’s also a part of me, who enjoys lovely and simplicity in formulaic genre, a part of me who loves to laugh over stupid silly jokes and swoon over hotties in typical and cliche romantic chic flics, a part of me who just wansta have crazy mad fun. As long as the acting doesn’t suck, the essence conveyed with genuine effort and heart, movie makes me laugh and cry, you’ve got me.

I’ve seen 3 movies this week, all of different genre but with a pretty much predictable from get go kind of concept, the kind that you’d be able to figure out in 3 seconds, no question there. But they made me a loon, got the romantic heart in me all fluttery and swoony, tugged at my heartstrings and moved with the simplest and the most genuine of heart. I may be over-critical and harsh at times (esp with my take on Korean dramas), but ultimately, I never know when love strikes, I end up eating words about my allergies and quibbles about the hackneyed and predictable.

Silverbook Linings Playbook


This movies is a package of everything. It has romance, comedy, humanity, realism at its most honest and heart. Sure, it does pander slightly to the ideals and commonplace of a rom-com chic flic, but what’s surprising is that it does so so seamlessly without telling the viewers flagrantly right on, “Hey, I’m a chic flic, you don’t have to take me seriously!” Because TBH, who takes rom coms seriously nowadays?

I watched this movie having known of its credits of awards and accolades, and I definitely had some expectations prior. Truthfully I didn’t think it was that great and mindblowing of a surprise to have gotten so many awards and appraisals, but on the other hand, I can say it’s one of the most heartfelt and enjoyable chic flics I’ve seen in a very very long time. It has genuineness and honesty splashed all over, its characters, the dialogues down to the performances. Characters have issues that are real and emotionally scathing but the movie takes those issues and handles them with a dash of humor and fun. It approaches the issue of interaction and communication creatively and delves into problems arising from such bluntly and honestly. But you know what, it’s all laughs and smiles still, the director’s trick to making a somewhat mental issue into something that easier to relate to. It’s something like 50/50 (which I’d reviewed a tad earlier last year), a movie that doesn’t try too hard to convince you that it’s deep or intelligent, but instead, a movie that taps into the everyday emotions that we humans go thru.

The brilliance and essence of the movie, apart from David O. Russell‘s masterful take on such a commonplace rom com formula, lie in its actors who give charming and emotional gripping performances. I’ve always loved the concept of 2 individuals, especially from vastly different backgrounds, coming together to understand each other, explore each other and fall in love. Pat and Tiffany have such an honest connection from the get go albeit their starting off on the wrong foot, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by their rapport. They throw each other problems, make fun of each other, occasionally tease and pick on their self-issues, but they see and make the best in each other. Bradley Cooper is charmingly annoying as the temperamental Pat, but it’s when he clicks with Jennifer Lawrence‘s Tiffany, you feel the love of the show. Jennifer is WONDERFUL, take my word for it. She is such a scene commander you really cannot turn away from her. It doesn’t matter when she curses, jokes, laughs, smiles or gets into pensive emotional mode, she commands and she commands with conviction. It’s no wonder she’s being called the IT actress of today, I think she totally deserves it.

Do not be fooled into thinking it’s just a movie about a guy and girl falling in love. It’s also about family and friendship, about warmth and forgiveness. Pat’s relationship with his father (played so awesomely by Robert De Niro) is also a plus point, highlighted with such realism sometimes I laugh at how true it reflects to RL. A estranged relationship usually begins from hay-wired communication, and this movie perfectly highlights that.

One needs to work out something, find the good in the bad, and you get a shot at a silver lining. A must watch if you’re into lighthearted funny and endearing.

Pitch Perfect


This movie is typical chic flic fare from top to bottom, new girl (Anna Kendrick) in school meets new friends, tries to blend in, joins underdog team, strives to beat more popular team, it’s so predictable it’s not even funny. But wait until you hear them sing!

Movies about underdogs always get to me, but they don’t work if the story and actors don’t mesh up well and work together like a team. The girls in here, they are all perfectly cast (especially the lovable Rebel Wilson), hilarious, witty and silly together. With chemistry and rapport so lovely and crackstatic you’d also want to be part of them. They’re all good singers on their own accord I presume, but when they come together I am entranced and mesmerized. They harmonise so beautifully, like the angels singing in heaven. The remixes of the songs also get you into a lighthearted and chirpy mood, assured to make you sing and hum along. It’s a movie about having fun, taking chances and going all out. There is no particularly deep or entrenched meaning within, but you feel happy, and you get a whole lot of kickass fun from it.

It’s not gonna win awards or anything, but if you need a movie to sing along with or laugh over during the weekend, you don’t want to miss this.

Have a glimpse of a short cut from movie (and this is not the best yet!):



Barfi oh Barfi, how lovely and kind a heart you have? Would love to have a friend like you! 🙂
You must think this is a weird movie pick, as I’ve never ever reviewed a Bollywood flic before. But if I must speak the truth, my relationship with Hindi flics dates back to a long long time ago, about 10 plus years ago, when I was just a young curious girl, entering high school with ideas about boys and girls, crushes and first love. Ahhh, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, my very first and still till now, favourite ever Bollywood flic. About friendship and love, a part and parcel of growing up.

Barfi is lovely like KKHH, a movie about a speech and hearing impaired Barfi’s relationship and friendship with 2 ladies he loved at different times of his life. One a seemingly perfect girl, the pretty and kind Shruti, the other, an autism struck Jhimil who couldn’t communicate properly like himself. The general idea of this movie is as typical and common as you think, also a regurgitated about guy girl friendship and what it entails. The thing is, albeit its familiarity, movie impresses with its mesmerizing cinematography and score and with an all around solid performance from its ensemble cast.

The relationship of Barfi and Shruti is executed with a sense of purity amidst the mindset and perceptions of the norm towards the impaired, their affection towards each other further highlighted by the fun and adventures they have with each other. Barfi may not be able to communicate properly, but he sees so much in the littlest and simplest of things, tries to pry for light in the dark, and brings the best out of everyone and everything. He’s a lovely and kindred spirit, it’s no surprise that anyone would harbor an affection for him, impaired or not.

His relationship with Jhimil is even more moving and endearing. 2 people who cannot even speak an understandable word or sentence to each other, but you feel their growing attachment with each other thru the expressions they show, their gestures, mannerisms. The beauty of their relationship stems from the essence of their friendship, in that they expect nothing from each other but grow naturally inseparable as time passes. I do think movie could have benefited from more character development (I find some of the sub-plots to be a tad loose and disjointed), but in essence it’s Barfi, his thoughts and actions which drive the movie, how he affects the 2 women in his life.

The movie is beautifully directed, with colors so vibrant and iridescent you cannot possibly not fall in love with it. The director manages to highlight the several places in India with a breezy and happening atmosphere, making the movie a fantastic cinematic experience to all. And the score is fantastic, lovely and soothing, moodlifting and has a somewhat spiritual zen-like tone, capable of making you drown in trance.

But of all, I have to command the actors for the tremendous effort put into channeling the characters with so much heart and endearment. Ileana Dcruz appears first, and is so gorgeous you’d forgive her even if she doesn’t do well, which she does fortunately. Ranbir Kapoor is such a hottie I sometimes find it hard to look straight into his eye, but his performance as Barfi takes the cake a tad more. So charismatically played, with an amusing touch of Charlie Chap-like quirk and with a genuine and heartfelt kindness that kills. He plays Barfi with a mix of innocence and naivete but also adds a touch of manlihood to his actions. You would not feel he’s anything lesser than anyone around him. The same goes to Priyanka Chopra who stands out the most playing the autistic girl who falls in love with Barfi. There cannot be a more convincing and heart-moving performance than given in the movie, a performance which requires an actor to strip away the technicalities and skills learned, a performance which requires an interpretation that comes from within. Priyaka nails Jhimil perfectly, as I’d expected from such a character. I am impressed.

This movie has minimal dialogue, focuses more on the expressions and emotions of the characters and taps into one’s yearning for friendship and love. No matter how unoriginal the concept is, what matters is that you enjoy and you feel the love. If a movie has a barrier-breaking idea but cannot connect, there is nothing.

Barfi may be done before, but you don’t know what to expect until you watch and feel it for yourself.

Have the trailer:

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6 thoughts on “Movies: Finding lovely and fun in predictable”

    1. Barfi is gorgeous, and has a very lovely and heartfelt message about appreciation and understanding between individuals. I think it’s already out with English subs in case you’re interested. 😉

    1. The tone is a tad similar but i dun think they are story wise. Amelie’s concept’s far more unique in film standards. Barfi’s more like a sentimentalised & nostalgic version of the typical Bollywood romance flick. Like kyesara, predictable journey with hearfelt story that matters.

  1. I definitely think you have a point about creativity and originality. Especially given these films. It’s odd how a rewashed concept is fine if a) you like the concept b) never see it in action c) someone/thing about the project makes you want to give it a chance.

    Playbook and Perfect I’ve seen over and over (the (80s and 90s produced 20 a piece I’m sure) so, not even Bobby D induced me to think twice about passing on those.

    My sister likes Pitch Perfect too. She ff to get me to watch the music mashups, no way I was watching any other way, lol. It took about 15 mins, and that I enjoyed. The riff off scene or whatever was the best part, considering the game concept. Overall, the guys always stole the show though. Didn’t really care about the girls, but then again, I didn’t really “see” the movie did I?

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