ILICDD, Queen In Soo

ILICDD [120/170]


ILICDD oh ILICDD, I didn’t think you could get better, funnier, lovelier or more awesome-er than you already are. I’ve been watching for about 3 months now, still taking things slowly, an ep or 2 (at most 3) a day, savoring the goodness and loveliness of each episode, laughing over stupidity and silliness that count (as in RL they do happen but I so dun wanna admit to myself that I’m just as silly as others), crying and sobbing over small scenes that may not matter or seem to matter to others.

This drama is such a hoot I really cannot get enough of it. The love is never going to die, cannot be tainted, and yet I am not crazily addicted to the point I  want to watch an ep right away the minute one ends. I think it’s because I already know that this drama won’t disappoint, in any way. I can sit and expect something or nothing, and get something precious in return, lessons of life that I can never learn from watching other dramas.  There’s this breezy and telling notion about life, that no matter what happens, you just live on and move on. The characters continue to be quirky eccentric but down to earth in ways that you cannot even imagine (or predict in drama), the episodic plots, each so genuinely creative in its conveyance of messages.

Even the most typical of K-drama (romance) is presented in the most endearing and cutest of ways. It took me 120 episodes, and I didn’t even realize when it hit.  How beautiful and genuine the process it took for the OTP to make it. I felt I was living the dream flutters and swoons of Ji Eun, how real those swamped up feelings felt when it came to Hyun Woo. The dorky awkwardness, the shy cuteness, the cheesiness of it all, all those feels, ahhhh… so romantic! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I started drama favouring Sang Yeob, but now it’s Hyun Woo all the way! Until the very end. Tho I love my share of SY-JE and SY-HW-ness all the same, there is no way one can NOT love the OTP. They are the epitome of CUTENESS, unbeatable.


Queen In Soo [14/60]


Too early to say just 14 eps into drama, but I LOVE IT, I FREAKING LOVE THIS! I really have no words for Master Jung Ha Yeon, I cannot even say the right words, it’s so freaking daebak!

It’s not just about the actors, who may I say, are so fantastic in their portrayals of characters which are so layered and human you really are unable to love or hate them full on. It’s not just about the grounded direction and gorgeous production, the details put into the setting up the drama, the bigger picture. But the writing, it’s the WRITING. It’s seamless and tight, never over the top, never lil less than required either. And it has class, so much of it.

I usually get all dreary and sleepy when I watch sageuks, especially those relating to political furors and revolts, I don’t think I’ve even watched one fully. But Queen In Soo, which is so full of it, is in a totally different league, in its own. Characters are written with layers, some veiled with so much inside that I’m scared by the hidden. Story is direct and straightforward and yet has a sense of mystery clouding it, you never know what may happen, when it strikes or what it entails. The dialogues are lovely and extremely poignant though can be a lil blunt and curt, I can say I’ve teared up and cried from lines and words uttered by the characters. Even the more the quieter and lull moments manage to conjure a stream of emotions from me.

Like ILICDD, I love all the characters in here, regardless of how imperfect they are, how hateful they are. They’re all selfish and motivated by ambitions that burn, and yet they’re also human in ways that frighten you. Su Yang in particular, continues to make me love and hate him at the same time, his growing and yearning passion for the throne, for the better good of the nation, renders a tad empathy because of his inner affection he has for the people around him. Jung writes Su Yang with such a fascination shade of grey that it’s impossible to hate or resent him fully. It can only be a mix of both.

The rest of the characters, Jung Ah (future Queen In Soo), her mother in law, Do Won, Su Yang’s advisor Han Myung Hee, even down to the most trivial of characters, their servants, they all have moments in which they shine with seconds to spare. Every character has an individualistic “character” to show and do not fade into the background just like that without any importance. It’s such an amazing treat to see all these characters come to life no matter how big or small their roles are.

And you know what? I haven’t even seen the best yet (because apparently it’s yet to come – the Chae Si Ra, Jeon Hye Bin and Jin Tae Hyun trio as I have heard). 55 more episodes here I COME!

One of my fav OST tracks of Queen In Soo: –

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10 thoughts on “ILICDD, Queen In Soo”

  1. Wow. I can’t wait to dig in deeper in ILICDD!! I’ve a soft spot for Hyun Woo from the beginning of the show, but it’s soooo tantalizing to know that it gets better and better!!! 😀

    I’m intrigued by your rave of Queen In Soo! I rarely watch full-blown sageuks with lots of political intrigue, but now I am wondering what I’m missing out on, by not watching this! Maybe I WILL check this out – sometime! ^^

    1. Mark my words about HW and JE, you will come to a point whereby you’ll even feel like you’re invading their privacy. They are SHO CUTE!

      And YESYESYES on Queen In Soo, if you have time to spare. I was bit turned off by the length in the beginning, but the more I watched, the more engrossed and fascinated I became with the characters and their stories. Romance is pretty scarce, but it’s good all the same, you can feel it in the writing. It’s class.

      1. OMG, I can’t wait! They are already so adorable where I am in the show, which is many eps behind you! 😀

        Wow. Quality writing sounds awesome. Some dramas have the craziest, most lazy writing (I’m looking at you, Lie To Me!) so a well-written drama is something to be treasured!

    1. Nope unfortunately not, I dun think it’s even subbed after the first 10+ eps? Really hope one day it will be, some kind group of ppl 😉 will drop the news here if it’s picked up for subbing.

  2. This post is omnomnomm… ❤
    I'm still in the wee episodes off ILiCDD, I'm still reeling from the second-hand embarrassment of the caviar scene. *hides face in mortification*

    QI: ''Story is direct and straightforward and yet has a sense of mystery clouding it, you never know what may happen.''
    Yes, it's volatile, it isn't afraid to take you to some dark, dark places. And yet gentle and humane at the same time, how?

    1. Hahaha, the caviar scene LMAO! There are so many more hilarious embarrassing scenes for you to savour in coming eps (but yet you get them because do happen in RL!), mark my words LOL

      QI: Drama isn’t for the faintest of hearts, it can be light, funny and it can be so touching I’m drawn to tears. But it’s the looming darkness and mystery (of the story and characters) that intrigue me and make me want to come back for more. Can you believe I’m actually crying for Su Yang? There is no way back for him but my heart weeps for him inside..T_T

  3. I watched ILICDD while the series aired, all 170 episodes without subs. Even with very little translations available, I enjoyed the series immensely and very much envy those who watched and could understand the dialogues. It’s nice to see you still post your thoughts on this, hoping you will continue to do so until the end of the series. Watching the YouTube clip that you posted, and just finished watching King of Dramas, I couldn’t believe how young Ji Eun look in ILCDD as compared to KoD. I adored Sang Yeob, but agree with you, Ji Eun and Hyun Woo is the ultimate OTP.

    On a separate note, I also very much enjoy your posts reviewing other movies and films, like Les Miserables, Argo, and Silver Lining Playbooks.

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, I’m happy to hear ppl are enjoying my long-winded ramblings. 🙂

      ILICDD: You are unbelievable WHOA! You watched the drama without subs?! Tho I can understand about 30% of the dialogues, it’d kill me to not full get what they’re really saying. Cos the gem and brilliance do lie in their words and actions combined. One day if I quit my day job I’ll go back to subbing or translating, and this is the one I’ll be picking up for sure. hehe..

      I wasn’t as impressed with Ji Eun in KOD as much as in ILICDD, but her character didn’t have much importance in it. But Ji Eun and pretty much everyone else in ILICDD, can I say PERFECTION? 😀

      1. “…Long-winded ramblings..” no, not at all, au contraire, I believe that if you have something to say, say it well and say it all or don’t give your readers only half of your thoughts.

        On KoD, me too I was disappointed with her role as Anthony’s ex (though the flaws were in the writing not her acting), but I thought she paired well with Choi Si Won. And yes, agree, the entire cast of ILICDD is perfect.

        Thanks for the reviews.

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