Lee Je Hoon and Han Suk Kyu’s “My Pavarotti” Poster+ Trailer


Lee Je Hoon surely has done his dues before MS, having left without forgetting to remind us of his presence. He may not be physically around to make us go gaga swoony over, but his acting is, his voice is.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing (for me at least), because though I get to see him act all creepy around a lady (played by Moon So Ri in Ethics of Wrath) and indulge in his “swear-singing” antics in My Pavarotti, there is a possibility that I might miss him EVEN MORE than I already do. And that is bad >.<

My Pavarotti is about a gangster cum troublemaker Jang Ho (LJH) who has a gifted talent in singing but is forced to keep it all in due to his shady background. He meets his singing mentor played by Han Suk Kyu, a previously known vocal performer but now without all fame and glory, who initially dismisses Jang Ho as a wannabe who cannot sing. They forge a teacher-student relationship and slowly find passion in something that has been not explored before, the burning love for song that is buried deep inside their hearts.

I already love the premise from the get go. Again, a typical on your face underdog story, about a seemingly unachievable task and dream. But ordinary on paper as it may seem, it has good potential to dry your eye glands and rip your eyes out. It is also loosely based on a true story of a man called Kim Ho Joong, a former gang member who startled people with his singing and life story in pursuit of his singing dreams, so the more for realism there.

Check out the trailer, which really showcases how versatile Lee Je Hoon is as an actor. Forget Fashion King and dramas, this guy should just stick to Chungmuro.

Working with Han Suk Kyu doesn’t harm either because it’s Han! Suk! Kyu!.

Film premiers this coming March 2013.

credits: youtube / poster as tagged / Soompi


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